Tarot Readings

I have been reading Tarot for several years, and I thoroughly enjoy it! I’ve received great feedback, and have been asked several times by many people if I’d be willing to give professional reads. In the spirit of this site, I’ve decided to open myself up and do so! If you’d like a tarot reading, please contact me at CultivateMagick@gmail.com.

Prices are as follows:

$5: One Question, Three Card Read

$8: One question, Five Card read; or Two Questions, Three Card Read for each

$25: One Question, Ten Card Celtic Cross Spread (or a spread of your choosing); or Three Questions, Three Card Read for each

$50: Interactive Live-Chat Read for 30 minutes (begins with one question and a five card read, but may ask as many as you’d like during the 30 minute chat).

Querent (that’s you) tips:

  1. The more specific you are (with the more background information, if necessary) the better read you’ll get. Vague questions lead to vague answers and can leave the querent, again that’s you, feeling as if they didn’t get their monies worth. An example of a vague question would be: “What do I need to know about my love life?” The answer to a question like this is usually broad and expansive, open to many interpretations, and can leave someone feeling confused or like the read didn’t apply to them personally. Feel free to ask questions like this, if you so choose, but know that the more specific you are, the more specific I can be.
  2. I go very in depth for each read, and not only answer your question to the best of my ability, but I give you my explanation as to why (what do the cards tell us)- so you may see how I came to that conclusion and fit it best in to your life! Explanations of the cards, how they interact with each other, and what they mean are just the tip of what I provide.
  3. Tarot Readers are not necessarily psychics/mediums. I cannot know what the cards or you do not tell me. If you ask about a relationship, I cannot tell if The Lovers indicates a potential attraction or a good partnership if I do not know the circumstance of that relationship beforehand. Therefor, referring to number 1, the more specific you are- the better your read will be. In that same vein- I cannot speak to the dead, and I cannot tell you “when” something is going to happen.
  4. I read what’s called “intuitively” which means that though I know the meanings of the cards, and have studied them at length, I apply them to your individual situation uniquely. I get “feelings” about things, and so your answers (especially during live-chats) may have aspects that aren’t necessarily shown in the cards. However, I make a point to let my clients know when I’m providing an intuition based interpretation (it may not have anything to do with your question). This will be included WITH a traditional read, so you can expect a great read no matter what.
  5. I do not answer health questions (including pregnancy or death questions) and time-related questions (this includes when something will happen), as I personally feel there are too many factors at play for a simple human to understand. The cards are never wrong, but they see more than we do- and therefor I would not want to risk my reputation as a reader by getting something as important as either wrong.
  6. Remember to have fun! I will not judge you, or fault you for any question asked- so please, feel safe to ask what you’d like!