64 Power Words for Your Practice

“I got the powah!” -Snap


Power words are one of those things that are completely unique to the witch, but that I feel everyone should have in their arsenal.

Like the word “no”, the shortest sentence in the English Language, power words are emphatic and compelling. Meant to bring about resonating change, or feelings, these words can be used in spells instead of chants or rhymes.

If the concept of power words is strange to you, realize that you see them every where. If you pick up a paper, read a blog post (my own headlines sometimes use them), watch a click bait video, or follow the news, journalists and English Majors are taught the value of emotional words to hook their audiences.

It’s my theory, however, that instead of having them used against you, it’s almost cathartic to begin using them for you. Once you begin recognizing these words, the most used any way, you begin to lose the urge to constantly click or pick up that paper. You also begin to see how manipulative words can be, and how much power we’ve given over without consent.

Start taking it back and watch your witchcraft grow.

Power Words are emotional triggers, words that invoke strong subconscious reactions, and used in our magick, we can propel our mundane rituals to epic proportions. When used for ourselves, these words bring about power and authority. They transcend our physical forms, our egos, seducing the senses into vibrational harmony with the concept.

Hate is one such word, and when read for me, creates a physically responsive thickening around the heart- a violent involuntary reaction in which the body begins resonating with the pulsations of the phrase itself.

Love is another, and though in our times we’ve grown desensitized to this lexeme, it can quicken the heart beat and fill the chest with a bright glow- allowing the reader to absorb the vibrations of this high inducing emotional reaction.

How many power words are there? Millions, probably. In all different languages. You need not stick to your native tongue, or any one language, to gain an entire arsenal of Power Words- instead seek them by the way they make you feel, not by what they’re crafted.

I’ll give you over 50, relating to our craft, that you can use however you see fit. There are infinitely more words to find, and some will seduce you differently than others- making us all emotionally unique.

My personal favorite is sonder, which means the sudden realization that everyone around you is living a life just as vivid as your own.

Find your own words and use them to cast your spells, create your sigils, and carve your candles. Use them as mantras, or meditative expressions. Seek them out in writings, headlines, and articles- watching the scientifically proven nature of our emotional connection to these words, and lessen your reliance on others use of your power.

Find it and use it for yourself. Take it back, and grow.

Here’s a pdf format so you can print them out and use them for yourself!

Until next time, my friends…