Creating Sigils for Your Magick

I love me a good sigil.

I use them quite often, and in a lot of different areas in my practice. I have them on the floor under the beds, on the door frames leading into the house, on the underside of my altar, on the light switches, on candles, on stones, in my makeup routine… sigils are everywhere!

There’s so many different ways to creating your own sigils, and we’ll get into those in just a minute, but first, let’s discuss what a sigil is and why you should be using them (or rather, why I do) and the different ways to use them.

Sigil are purposely created symbols that are inscribed with an intent. They are usually unreadable or indiscernible to anyone but the creator and they are used in varying ways depending on their “source”. Every witch has their own type or own variation of sigils. Some create sigils that are to be burned after creation, some use them by a strict format as described by books, while others, like me, are very intuitive with their creations.

The type of sigils I use are what my son calls “power stamps”. Like little blasts of magick, these bad boys are all about centering and amplifying their own purpose; a feedback loop, if you will. The intention put into a sigil continues to work while the sigil is up- without maintenance or attending to.

For me, I equate it to a candle in practice. The candle isn’t the magick, but a tool and amplifier for the intended nature of my own magick; while it’s burning it’s sending out my intention in the form of flame and energy. However, once it’s out, it’s done. The Sigil works in the same way, except it’s never extinguished- which means it’s never done, which means it’s always working.

There are those who burn sigils, and believe they should only be used once and then burned to send out the energy. I, personally, have never had any luck with that practice because seeing it or knowing it’s there is what gives it power for me. But, if you wish to use it that way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I use my sigils in places where I feel that energy will be constantly in flux and additional protection or amplification is needed. That’s why I have one under each of the beds since dreams can be both mediums for spirit and psychic communication, as well as inter-dimensional travel. Not to mention the psychological energy that we expel during sleep. Basically, there’s a lot of shit going on while we dream- and I want to make sure we all wake up in better shape than we went to bed: rested, safe, and happy.

How you create your sigils is up to you. I will show you a few ways that I create mine, but feel free to let your creativity sparkle here. The more personal you make your sigil, the more powerful and connected it will be.

The Wheel of Fortune

I have no idea what this method is actually called. I learned it a long time ago, and have since seen it replicated all over the internet. I believe it came from an old Wiccan book from either Llewellyn or Gardner himself. I can’t be sure though, as I said, it’s been eons since I actually learned this process.

In this process you create three circles, and then divvy up spaces to account for the 26 letters. You have two options here, to either create from the center or end at the center. To me, when and if I use this method, I choose depending on what I want the sigil to accomplish. If it’s attracting something, I create from the center. If it’s repelling something, I end in the center.

I’ve created a little pdf that you can print out the circles, so you don’t have to draw it out each time! If you have it accessible, creating your sigil on tracing paper means you can have a master copy of the circles and not have to even print them out more than once- saving trees and ink!!

Once you have your circles ready, it’s time to create the sigil. Again, even here there’s many ways to do this. I’ll give you three examples.

  1. Create a Power Word that describes the purpose of the sigil
  2. Write a Sentence and redact all duplicate letters
  3. Write a Power Word and redact all the vowels and duplicate letters

Whichever method you choose, you’ll then begin with the first letter and draw lines to each subsequent letter.

I’ve chosen method 1 in the example below, and gone with the word Courage.

Once the word has been formed on the circle, you have your sigil. It won’t be pretty, necessarily, but it will be powerful. You can add and detract lines at your will, and even add in creative flourishes to jazz it up if you like. The intent remains if you think of the purpose of the sigil every time you see it- so don’t worry about perfection, or even flair if you choose not to.

What’s It Mean

This method is my favorite. As an artist, I love creating new things. If I am creating a sigil, I have a reason for it. There’s an ultimate goal in mind, and I take that goal and signify it with a drawing.

I even created a sigil for my physical insecurities this way!

When creating these sigils, I always use their symbology to create something powerful. In the above case, I wanted something to represent beauty. In my bedroom, I have a small little sigil on the lightswitch which I created to mean happy bedtime.

They’re unique to me, and only me, and will never be reproduced by anyone else unless they’re seen. This to me is more magickal than any other method because it’s entirely my own creation. I can be as simple, or as dramatic, as I like- and it’s still extremely potent because it was not only created with my intention, it is symbolic of it.

The Starry Night Method

Even though I named this version after one my favorite painters, and painting, I rarely ever use it. However, for you, it might become your go-to, so that’s why I’ve included it.

Using astrological symbols, such as the planet signs or zodiac, and a power word, the two are combined on an abreviated Wheel of Fortune.

Centering the astrological symbol, you remove all vowels from your power and trace over top as you would in the above mentioned method. However, you try your best to incorporate the astrological meaning into not only your chosen word, but the symbol itself.

For example, if I were to want more communication, I’d choose mercury and the power word: Speak.

Of course, even if using the same word, everyone’s would look different because everyone will want different flair and such. As long as it resonates with you, it’s perfect.

Which method is your favorite? Would you like to see a post on all the places I use my sigils? Where do you use yours?

Until next time, my friends…