How to Protect Your Commute

Driving these days is a dangerous affair.

Majority of accidents occur within a five mile radius of our homes, and though we’d like to say that we’re immune to these things, they’re called “accidents” for a reason.

Whether it be from idiot drivers, weather conditions, or even self-inflicted carelessness, we take our lives and those around us into our hands every time we sit behind that wheel. For a lot of us, it’s an every day occurance, and one we don’t give much thought to- however, for those of us who’ve lost someone in a collision, it’s hard to not feel panicked when our loved ones are out and about without us.

When my father passed in a single car casualty, my anxiety would sky-rocket any time someone I loved left the house. Since going to work is a necessary evil in our society, I was nervous almost every single day.

In my desperation, I created a few spells to protect my husband’s and my own commute, and have been using them for almost eight years now.

I figured I’d share them with you, so you, too, could help protect your every day travels.

A Satchel of Protection

My husband carries a Satchel of Protection with him in his car every where he goes. It entails a rose quartz, meant to carry my love for him, a black tourmaline, meant to ground him from negative forces, a piece of pyrite, for good luck, and a piece of mica quartz we mined together a few years ago, for protection. It also has nine pieces (three for each of us) of allspice, pine needles from our Christmas tree a few years ago, Sage, and a green bag for abundance in luck.

Rear View Mirror Hanger

I created this idea few years ago, and a fellow Witch crafted it for me! It’s a Tree of Life hanger with 3 Snowflake Obsidian grounding stones (one for each of us). Each stone was blessed and purposely put onto the Tree of Life to protect my vehicle. Notice my little turtle Guardian is chilling on my dash as well!

Bay Leaf Protection

Bay leaves are known to reduce anxiety and provide protection, so each one of our vehicles has a leaf under the driver’s seat. A simple blessing was chanted over the herb, and a new one is placed every year at Samhain (when the veil thins and we can call on our Spirit Guides to assist us).

How do you protect your commute from the inescapable conditions?

Until next time, my friends…