Ensuring a Safe Trip Spell

Traveling is huge part of many of our lives.

Friends and family are constantly on the go, whether it be to far away destinations or just back and forth to work, the people I care about are about steadily, and it can be a dangerous place out there.

For me, taking every precaution to make sure those I care about are safe keeps my anxiety from going into overdrive. I have a few different spells that I maintain for everyday travel, but when someone is taking a trip I like to amp up the magick and protection to make sure they get where they are going safe and sound.

If you’ve read my post on Color Magick, you know that I love mixing and matching energies instead of relying on a simple color. This spell is a very good example of that post and uses many different candles to create a powerful and resonating energy that carries to the person in question.

Combined with my Black and White candles, which I use to open and cast a circle, I also use a yellow and brown candle. Yellow, for me always represents health- creating and maintaining a healthy condition of the body. Brown represents the return of lost items, as seen in my Finding What is Lost spell, and will return the person the person the spell is lit for. Combined with the yellow, they will return in the same healthy state in which they left.

I carve into the brown candle the words “SAFE TRAVELS”, and keep it lit until the person has safely touched down in their intended destination.

To align the spell with someone not in my immediate family, I write their name on a piece of paper and store it beneath the yellow candle. While the candle burns, the energy is being sent directly to them. When they’ve reached their destination, I blow out the candle and store it away to be used another time.

I generally use a brown pillar candle for this, as it gets used often. Unlike other spells, I will reuse the candle several times until it’s completely burned down. I do this because it’s essentially the same spell over and over, just directed at someone new each time. Most recently, I needed to get a new brown candle, as my best friend Sara was traveling by car four hours away from home. The entire time it burned the wick kept traveling to the edge of the candle. It burned long enough for her to get there, and then again for her to get home, before it fell apart.

It’s signs like that that prove to me to continue with my magick.

Another spell I like to do is one on a Bay Leaf- which is great for protection. I will write “SAFE TRAVELS” on the leaf and give it to the person who is traveling. This is especially potent for those traveling by air, as Bay Leaves are a natural anxiety reducer (and many of us have fears of flying).

How do you protect your loved one when they’re traveling? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Until next time, my friends…