Bank of the Universe Spell

Money doesn’t grow on trees, right?

When I was little I didn’t understand why my parents couldn’t just write a check and get anything they wanted. My inexperienced mind had no concept of money and I believed that these magical pieces of paper granted you what ever you wanted.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve been taught that a bank account is only as good as the money in it- and checks are directly linked to that money. This creates a cycle of responsibility, for sure, but it can also lead to a negative association with money and abundance. Maybe even the belief of deserving either, as well.

But, what if there was a bank that had an infinite amount of cash, and all you had to do was ask for it?

Doubt plays a huge part in the downfall of any failed prosperity spell, and it comes from being taught that money is finite, the sources for its arrival are finite, and there’s always a bill demanding its payment.

But is that true?

What if there was an account, with your name on it, stacked with all the money you believe you deserved? How much would that be? Would you be rolling in the millions, or would your doubt keep you in the red?

For this spell, we must suspend all doubt. Our future financial position is not relevant to our bank accounts of today. It’s not relevant to our jobs, our hourly wages, or our current resources. We’re pulling from a bank that has ties to everything- and it will provide what we ask for. But the moment we start questioning its ways, we start doubting- and we lose the connection between ourselves and the abundance we feel we deserve.

Recently, I’ve been stressing. There’s a deadline sitting over my head, and no matter how much I try to move from under it- it follows, ticking away. I can hear it in my sleep, ticking and tocking, demanding that I pay up before the rug is swept from under my feet. Ironically, I know that even if I can’t meet this deadline, things will still work out somehow, but the anticipation of failing is enough to set my spine on edge.

Even though I keep a prosperity spell working constantly, it’s not enough. It’s not that it isn’t working as it should, or that it’s not powerful enough, I’ve created doubt in my mind and severed a connection between that spell and this particular financial burden. I’ve created a belief that it won’t work for this instance, and therefore, it won’t.

We attract what we believe.

So, I needed to do something different. I needed to make a withdrawal from my account with The Universe Bank, an abundant source of infinite possibilities.

That’s where this spell comes in.

The beauty with spells like this is that it’s entirely up to you how much or how little you want to ask for. The only requirement is that you believe you’re worthy of that amount, and that it will come to you. You could, in theory, ask for a million dollars- but if you don’t believe with all your being that it will come to you- you’re just wasting a perfectly good spell.

Since I wanted to not only create a doubt-free environment for myself, as well as enough magick to push past my stressing, this spell is heavy on the ingredients. If you’ve been following my blog for any particular time, you know I’m all about the simple and effective- however, there are times when intricate is needed.

When I’ve let my headspace become clouded with doubt, stress, and the irrational panic of a control freak wading into unknown waters- ritualized and complicated spells allow me to reconnect with my magick, my power, and my self in a way that simple just doesn’t accomplish.

As with all magick, you need not do what I’ve done if you wish to complete something similar. You make it yours by doing what you feel is right.

But, if you’d like the inside scoop of what I’ve done- keep reading!

I’ve created a set of three blank checks that you can use in this spell. Just print them out, cut them out, and then fill them out! Hope you like them!


1 Tall Green Tapered Candle
3 Gold Chime Candles*
7 Metal Pins
A plate or surface to hold items on ( I used a mirror)
1 Check from The Universe Bank
Orange Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Benzoin Resin
Gum Arabic Resin
Copal Resin
Frankinscense Resin
Myrhh Resin
Charcoal Disk
Bay Leaf
Blessed Thistle
Object to carve candle (I used a fairy knife)

Like always, I begin my spells with the lighting of a black and a white candle. This is my representation of balance, removing negativity while restoring purity, and my creation of a sacred space in which to best complete my spell work. I either Sage, or usually Palo Santo the area I’m working in to clean my energy as well as the space’s. I don’t use circles, but I usually call this casting my circle because then people know what I’m doing with the energy. Once my “circle” is cast (aka the candles are lit and I feel the space is clear), I start on the actual spell.

This spell is heavy on the ingredients and the results

Taking the green tapered candle, you want to write something about prosperity, receiving money, why you want to withdrawal, or just wealth on it. In this case, I wrote “Deed”.

Usually, if it’s something I want to attain, I write from top to bottom. This is different than I’ve seen many people do it, but my reasoning fits the way my brain sees spells. Words have power- they are created from a single letter at a time and are built from beginning to end. Placing the word, or words, from top to bottom allows the candle to harness the power of the word as it burns each letter. When I want to banish something (like a debt) I’d do the opposite, from bottom to top- as I’d want to word to be dissolved.

Setting the candle aside, I take the resins and crush them into a fine powder. All five that I have chosen are powerhouses for attracting wealth and prosperity. When that’s done, I add in the herbs, crushing and mixing them into the resins as well. All three of the herbs are magnets for money- therefore, when combined with the resins, this mixture pumps out some potent energy. I call this my money mix, and will make incense out of this same blend to burn on my prosperity altar when I feel it needs a boost.

I then take the green candle again, and rub both the cinnamon and the orange oil onto it. Like the herbs and resins, these both were chosen for their powerful financial magnetism. Once the candle is well coated in oil, I carefully “stamp” the mixture onto it. This is done by taking a small bit of the resin and herb grounds into my hand and purposely pressing it onto the candle.

Once I’m confident that the taper is supremely covered in oil and the money powder, I begin placing my 7 pins. Like with the word, this is done from top to bottom- building the energy of the spell into fruition. The pins are placed at equal distances and stuck into the candle about halfway. When that’s finished, it can be placed into a holder but not yet on the mirror (or plate).

Next, I anoint the gold candles in both the cinnamon and orange oils. If there’s any money mix left, I will coat the gold candles in it- but if not, I only use the oil. I do the same with the stones I’ve chosen as well- except the Epidote for personal reasons. I use wax paper on my altar to hold anointed items that aren’t immediately place into spell work; it doesn’t absorb the oil, nor does it disturb the coatings so it’s my go-to Witchy-hack for complicated spells like this one.

Now, it’s time to fill out the check. Before doing so, I need to revist my head space. If it’s not 100% committed to knowing that what I’m doing will come to be, I need to bring it there. If I’m still on the fence, I will take the time to light my charcoal disk now and burn a bit of the Benzoin and Copal. I’ll even add in Palo Santo powder to bring my energy back where it needs to be. Usually it’s just residual jitters, because stress has claws and will dig in- but if not, I will meditate silently in front of my altar until I’m completely confident I will attain what I’m asking for.

If I’m committed, and ready to partake in the magick of The Universe Bank, it’s time to fill out the check. Just like a check from any other bank, I’ve created this one to be the same. The numbers at the bottom, where the account and routing go, are binary for the symbols $$. The entire thing is created to inspire a connection with the Universe and the intention of gaining wealth.

You can fill this out in anyway you see fit. Since I have a particular goal in mind, I filled this specifically for that goal. I then anoint the check with the orange and cinnamon oils along the edges for extra oomph.

Once the check is filled out, it’s time to start putting the pieces of the spell together. On your mirror, or your plate, place the check face up. This sends the intention outward, creating an amplified effect.

While setting up the rest of the spell, I whisper the incantation “What I want will come to me, what I wish will come to be” over and over again. I place the green taper on top of the check in a candle holder. I then take the seven golden chimes and surround the check and the green candle.

Then, I use the garnet, pyrite, sapphire, and epidote and place them inside the circle of golden chimes. The arrangement is not as necessary as the presence, but I like to place the epidote directly on to the check and surround it with the rest of the crystals.

Once the candles and stones are set, I have a couple options. I can either burn my herbs and resin, place them with the candles, or do a bit of both. I choose to do a bit of both. I burn the resins with a bit of herbs, but spread most of the herbs onto the mirror. If you choose to burn, light your charcoal disk but do not place anything onto it yet. The burning will come after the candles have been lit.

Now that everything is set up, it’s time to activate and light the candles. I start with the gold candles and finish with the green candle. I want to build the momentum of the spell from the outside in, focusing on the check and the intention.

Next, you can burn your herbs and resins as you like. I waft the smoke into the candles as I chant my incantation: “What I want will come to me, What I wish will come to be.”

This spell can burn for 7 hours, or 7 days. Since I’m purposely creating an energy that removes doubt, I choose to do it for 7 days. Once the first pin drops, it’s time to snuff the candles (all of them). I begin with the green and work my way out, leaving my “circle” candles for last.

I come back the next day, during the same time (usually at night, as that’s when I feel most at peace and most powerful), and continue the spell.

If you choose to burn for 7 hours, you will not need to snuff anything. The pin drops are signals that your goal is changing from thought into tangible fruition. Seven is a magickal number, and in this spell is a blend of the ancient Kabbalah, along with the magick of Chakras, and Chi, which all uses the idea that thoughts become things when they’re passed through energy channels.

*At some point, your chimes will burn out before your taper does. I like to replace them, to keep the spell as powerful as possible. Since I come back day after day for 7 days, it usually takes three of four sets of chimes before the spell is complete. This is optional, obviously. It’s perfectly reasonable not to replace the chimes if you choose not to.

However, since I do replace the chimes, this means I need to anoint them every time. It’s a step that you can complete all at once, in the very beginning, or do as I do and use it as a way to purposely connect with my intention each time.

Once all the pins have dropped, your spell is done. I like to burn the candle all the way down, but I will not replace the chimes after the 7th pin has dropped.

At that time, I start giving thanks for the abundance which I will receive as if I’ve already received it. I say “thank you for bringing what I want, thank you for giving what I asked.” I even get very specific, thanking the Universe for providing the means to pay whatever it is I’ve needed to pay, and always alleviating my financial burdens.

Close the spell, and place the check onto your prosperity altar, where it should sit until the money has been granted. Once that happens, you may burn the check and give your thanks again in another ritual. I like to do it during the full moon, so I will hold on to the check (after its money has been provided) until the next full moon and burn it then.

The only time precaution I partake in during this spell is that I will not do this spell during Mercury Retrograde. If you’ve seen my post on the Elements of Protection, I’m very big on making sure that my contentment is maintained throughout all my spells (this is represented with my black and white candles, along with specific items on my working altar that are not mentioned here). I do not want the money I’ve asked for to come from the downfall of another, and unfortunately during Mercury Retrograde, I feel that there’s a lot of miscommunication between myself and the Universe. Myself and everyone, really! I will maintain my prosperity altar during MR, but I will not preform new wealth spells during that time. It’s a personal preference, but I thought I’d make mention of it- in case anyone else needed to hear it.

And, that’s how I withdraw money from The Universe Bank. It’s much more complicated than going to Bank of America with my debit card, but with The Universe Bank, I know there’s lots of strings being pulled and things being moved to bring me what I need- therefore, for me, it’s worth it.

How about you? Unlike many of my spells, this one is very involved- do you prefer spells like this, or are you like me most of the time and feel simple and effective is the way to go?

I’d love to see your spellwork and how you use the checks! Follow and tag me on Instagram or on Facebook.

Until next time, my friends…