Witch Crafting with Mirrors

I love mirrors.

There’s something about the way their shiny reflective surfaces play with light that has always called to me. I love glass as well, finding that I’m drawn to it almost as much as natural stone or crystals.

Today I wanted to create something in the realm of energy magick. I wanted a way to reflect negativity away from the home, and I knew immediately that mirrors were the way to go about it.

Why mirrors?

In science, mirrors are reflective surfaces that bounce light back in the same direction and angle in which it arrives. In magick, energy directed toward the mirror is then reflected back to the owner- this works with both positive and negative energies.

When I’m using mirrors on my altar, they’re usually amplifiers. They sit under my spell work, reflecting the energy upward- creating an almost doubled effect. When they’re upside down, it means I’m directing energy elsewhere- usually for healing or rebounding.

In this particular craft, I wanted mirrors facing outward, to direct the negativity away from our home and back toward any senders, but I also wanted mirrors facing inward to radiate the positivity we all feel when we’re together. Therefor, I knew it would need to have mirrors on each side to make it most effective.

This project was relatively simple, and my son and I were able to get it completed in a single afternoon, as we created this together!

What you’ll need:

Fishing Line
Mirrors (I used 10 large, and 22 smaller)
Glue Gun or E3000 Glue

Step 1: Measure your line

I wanted my mirrors to sit in my kitchen window- from that area it can see both the living room, the garage- where we spend a lot of our time, and the kitchen. I measured the window, added a few inches for crafting a hanging hook, and cut the line accordingly.

Step 2: Mirrors

I set out my mirrors first, moving them around until I got an idea of where I wanted them to go, then I glued them down. First I glued them to the line, and then I glued the second mirror to the fishing line and the first mirror. This helps reinforce them so they won’t come tumbling down once I hang it up.

Step 3: Hang and enjoy!

I love the way it looks, and it moves about when my fan is on, or the windows are open- and dances light all around the kitchen. It’s a simple craft that didn’t take me long at all, but I really love the outcome. Once I hung it up, I smoke cleansed it with Palo Santo, and I can already feel it amplifying the positive energy in the house!

Easy and effective? I’ll take it!

Until next time, my friends…