Four Thieves Oil Recipe

I love a good legend, don’t you?

Centuries ago, during the Black Plague in Europe, it is said that four men traveled far and wide burglarizing the homes and property of those who had died the Black Death. They grew rich off the treasures of their victims, however, unlike those around them, these four men never got sick and never contracted the plague.

When they were finally caught, they were forced under the threat of death to reveal their secret. How did these four men survive the accursed plague when they came in direct contact with it constantly?

Their answer? A mixture of herbs and oils used to protect and heal them. This concoction became known as Four Thieves Oil (or Four Thieves Vinegar if you choose to use vinegar as your carrier), and is vital in a witch’s herbal cabinet for warding off sickness and disease, protection, healing, and pretty much anything else you want to throw at it.

Four Thieves Oil is a must-have in your witchy arsenal and can be used in many ways. Mixed with your floor wash, it can rid your floors of bacteria as well as protecting your home from sickness; add a few drops to an air spray to clean the air in your home, releasing negative and “stuck” energies. Anoint candles used in health and protection spells for an extra oomph of energy. The uses are as endless as your own imagination.

How do we make this wonderful concoction? Unlike a few other oils I know of, this one uses simple ingredients that can be easily found (and usually in your grocery store)! Use a carrier oil that you prefer, but I always tend to use coconut oil as it lasts a long time and can be used on the skin in case it’s needed.

If you’d prefer, you can create an essential oil blend using the ingredients below as a guide. I’ve crafted my own Four Thieves EO before using a simple 1:1 ratio and it’s much easier to use for floor washes and anointment.

Instead of crafting with an oil, use instead with a vinegar or alcohol base to create a tincture that can be drank, or used for cleaning. Or if strictly used for cleaning and not consumption, use with Isopropyl Alcohol for even more of a disinfectant.



Just as the ingredients are simple, so too is the recipe. Crush each individual herb to release the oils, and then place into the carrier. Hide away in a dark place for several weeks- I like to wait from New Moon to New Moon- and it’s ready to use!

What will you use your potion for?

Until next time, my friends…