The Eyes of Horror Incense

This is part one of a two-part post! Please find the second half, where I show you how to use the incense, here when it’s posted!

Have you ever dealt with a narcissist?

Or even someone who borderlines the psychological definition, whereby they never seem to understand their actions cause others pain?

As an empath, I seem to attract those who are willing to inflict damage in their wake; those completely unable (or unwilling) to see the ramifications of their actions.

A long time ago I would have casually thought to hex them. I was a scared young girl with very little control over her life, and when faced with pain- I immediately shrouded myself in the guise of anger. Anger was a better fuel, even if it meant I burned along with it.

Luckily, I can say that I never set out to intentionally harm someone, even if I wanted to. A voice inside my head, the one I now know to be my Shadow, always asked a simple question that no matter how intelligently I wiggled my logical mind, I could never come up with a good enough answer:

“What if their presence in your life is your own karma?”

It’s hard to admit to my younger self that the abuse I suffered was a part of a greater design, but as I look at where I am now, and who I am now, I can’t help but believe it was.

You see, we like to think of Karma as this self-serving wheel of justice, when in fact, it’s more like a snowball of choices made over lifetimes that serve to teach lessons. Some believe in it, some don’t. I do, and always have.

That’s where this spell comes in. Instead of hexing someone, which is a direct action on my part, I allow their actions to dictate what they see before them. Their choices become boxes of lessons that must be fully seen in order to overcome- a karmic box, if you will.

Say John is a womanizer. He lies to get women to sleep with him, and then blames the woman when she becomes irate over his lack of respect for her. With this spell, John begins to see what he’s done in that it becomes portrayed unto him. Perhaps women start using him, perhaps he finds “the one” and she cheats on him. Maybe still, a man treats his baby sister the way he has treated so many other women and her pain wrecks him. It becomes clear to him that his past behaviors are now bringing about a definite and karmic noose that unless dealt with will eventually be his undoing. John then decides to stop being a womanizer, and begins respecting women.

It sounds ridiculously far fetched, but it has worked in just that way before.

You see, most of those who deny their karma are often running from it. They don’t want to see it, let alone be confronted with it, and when given the choice, they’ll continue in the same patterns that allow them to pretend they’ve done nothing wrong.

With this incense, there is no more pretending. Their eyes open to the horrors they’ve committed and the lessons they’ve been avoiding.

You may also use this spell on yourself, as a way to further your shadow work- seeing those areas of your life that you’ve been denying for far too long. Beware, however, that the outcome of this spell can be intense for those deep in denial. Preparing to see the horrors of your actions takes a necessary commitment to ones self to honor the path that is shown before you. Unlike preforming this spell for or on someone else, Karma will not spare you any reprieves simply because you’re a willing victim.

This spell takes some preparations as we’ll be burning a certain incense during. If you choose, you can simply crush these herbs together and burn on a charcoal disk, but I feel shaping them adds more intent.

Making the Incense:

What you’ll need:

Eyebright Powder
Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Why these herbs?

Eyebright: Opens the eyes to that which they have been closed to
Rue: Cleanses and heals the bridge between victim and abuser (allowing Karmic lessons to unfold)
Saffron: Cleanses and exorcises stuck Karmic lessons
Rose: Creates and maintains a balanced and calm spell- so as to not harm the intended recipient
Jasmine: Opens the mind up to alternate experiences (allowing the lessons Karma has in store to be seen for what they are)
Eucalyptus Oil: Reduces Mental Anguish- causing blockages in receiving karmic lessons (allowing them to be worked through and learned)

To begin this incense, create your circle. As always, I use my black and white candles to do this.

Crush your herbs together, imbuing each with the above intention. You don’t need to crush them to a powder, as we’ll be making incense cones with this mixture- just enough that the oils from the herbs release and the ingredients are finely mixed together.

Mix in the Eucalyptus Oil until fragrant and strong.

Using your water, take a few drops into your palm and start working your herbs into balls. The water and oil will help the herbs stick together. Begin forming the balls into cones, or whatever shape you desire. Cones are my preference because they burn cleaner.

Once you’ve created your incense, leave on your altar for up to 24 hours or until they’ve dried. When dry, cast your circle again and continue the spell. Save the rest for later spells so you may skip this step.

From here you can create your own Eyes of Horror spell, or follow mine which I’ll post for you later this week!

Until next time, my friends…