How to Create Positivity in Your Home

My home is my sanctuary. In ten short months, this little three bedroom ranch has become etched into my soul and a part of me in a way unlike any other house we’ve ever lived. When I walk through the door, I feel as if the house is hugging me tight, wrapping me in a cocoon of love and safety I haven’t had ever from sticks and stones.

It feels alive, this house. Pulsing with an energy all on its own, it feels as if it’s been waiting for me to reawaken and renew it. Most of the places I’ve lived have felt hollow, as if they’ve been sucked dry of all their spirit by inhabitants that didn’t know or didn’t care. I’ve never felt as if I belonged in them, and up until now, spent as much of my time as possible out and away from these buildings. But this house, this home, it’s different. It’s protective, and welcoming- and I love it. I love it like I love my family- as if it were made just for me by the Universe.

Though cleaning is a part of honoring my house’s spirit, preserving this feeling of home is what’s most important to me. Our home is well lived in; you’ll find dust behind the bookshelves and dog hair on the couches- there’s almost always a dirty plate or two in the sink- and our kitchen table is a loving display of family projects, ideas, dinners, and crafts. It won’t ever win any prizes for organization, and I’ll never be able to come on here and spout about passing any white glove tests- but if you’re invited in, you feel as if you belong here.

Our door is always open to friends and family

You’ll feel a warmed welcome, and a sense of homey-ness that has been grown and cultivated by the family that lives here.

With help from witchcraft, of course. As much as I would like to say my family gets along so well that our house just soaks in all that positive goodness, I’d be lying. I’m a Gemini Sun, my husband is a Triple-Taurus (Sun, Asc, and Moon), and our kiddo is a Leo Sun- not to mention our three dogs, and the recent, but temporary, addition of my husband’s brother (another Leo Sun)- believe me when I say that it’s a constant bombardment of energetic assaults taking place at any given moment.

But wanting to preserve our house’s spirit, and that feeling of home, I’m diligent about its atmosphere’s cleansing. I preform this spell about twice a month or whenever I feel the energy is getting thick. Even if you’re not empathic, or energy-sensitive, I believe everyone can feel a thickening of energy (negativity build-up). My husband describes it as something “hanging in the air”, others describe it as “something in the water”- but they’re all euphemisms for what us empaths can sense constantly (energy) and signals that a cleansing is needed.

I first start with a physical cleaning, or straightening. It’s not necessary, but for me, it’s a way to honor my home by taking care of it. Then I start the actual spellwork.

Black and White candles on my living room altar are lit. As I’ve said before, I do this for every spell I do as a self-made way of opening a circle or pre-cleansing the spell area.

Then, new tea-lights are placed into my favorite candle holder, as I drip a drop of Frankincense on each one. This sits on a table next to my front door, holds three apache tears at the far end and three pyrite crystals at the other, while crystals of each of the 7 main Chakras sit under the glasses. The apache tears represent the cleansing of energy before coming into the home, while the pyrite represents the good fortune and prosperity we wish to bring into the home.

My favorite candle holder, at the bottom of this photo, holds 7 glass votive holders- under which are different and embellished stones representing the main Chakras.

I light the tealights and a yellow health candle on the living room altar, and the blue candle on my family altar. It’s a large blue pillar that has been inscribed with the words Calmness, Tranquility, and Family. Its altar is filled with stones and trinkets which mean something to the members of our family, connecting us to its energy as it burns.

The Tealights had burnt out before I remembered to snap a picture, but you get the idea!

Next, I smoke cleanse. A lot of people use sage, but I love burning resins, or Palo Santo. In a small cast-iron pan, I have placed special sand and burn a charcoal round that I walk around the house with- focusing on the entry points and the rooms we spend the most time in (like the living room and kitchen). I normally burn a mixture of Frankincense and Myrrh for cleansing, Benzoin and Copal for prosperity, and Palo Santo shavings for purifying. The smell is a delicious aroma of magick and sweetness that makes the energy immediately lighter.

If, for some reason, the energy isn’t responding (it did this when we first moved in), I will walk the house again with a Sage Bundle and a Palo Santo stick, concentrating on any area that seems “stuck”.

My Prosperity and Family Energy Altars near the front door. Each has spells, activated by the candles, and are lit at different times. The door is opened during the cleanse, allowing fresh new energy to enter the house.

Finally, I open the front door. I don’t know where I read it, or if it came to me in a dream, but years ago I learned that opening the front door every so often (we use the garage as our entry) allows positive energy and prosperity to flow into your home. Sometimes, depending on how I feel when I open the door, I’ll line the threshold with salt. Most of the time, however, I believe just letting the door stay open for a few minutes is adequate.

After smoke cleansing and opening the door, my physical work is done. I sit on the couch with a favorite cup of tea, or other warm liquid, and enjoy the flickering of the tealights on my living room altar. When they burn out, I extinguish the other candles with a snuffer- preserving their magick for the next time- and consider my home cleansed.

All in all, the spell takes a lot longer to write about than it does to actually preform. Other than the cleaning, I’m done in about ten minutes and the energy always feels radically different (lighter, calmer) once I’m done. I’m sure there are more involved spells, but for me, if I do it often- I don’t want complicated, I want effective and simple.

Is your house alive? What do you do to restore its homely energy?

Until tomorrow, my friends…