Birthstones for Modern Witches

Birthdays in our house are a huge deal.

We don’t just celebrate on the day of and call it, we celebrate them all week long- sometimes all month long!

For us birthdays are not only special because it was the day our favorite people came to be, they’re special because they remind us that time is fleeting. It never feels like a year has passed, but somehow the calendar and solar orbit always disagrees.

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In fact, this year is one of those “wow- has it really been that long?” years. My son will be 9, which is the last year he’ll be a single digit; yet, I can still close my eyes and remember him being placed on my chest for the first time as if it were yesterday. I don’t know what happened- I blinked and he’s no longer a baby.

My husband, the love of my life, turned 35 this week. For some reason the 5’s and 0’s always get me. I’m not far behind him, but knowing he’s looking at 40 just makes me wonder where the time went. I met him when I was 19, and he had just turned 23- and now, we’re both in our 30s!

Just the other day a song was playing in the truck, and though I wasn’t paying attention to most of it, there was one lyric that struck me: “The years go fast and the days go so slow”. It stayed in my head for weeks, as my brain realized how profound that was. The days do always seem to go slow, but then, you look up and 13 years have passed- and you’re not a teenager any more; you’re a married woman in your early thirties with a child, three dogs, and a mortgage.

I think that’s why The Doctor can’t overlap his own timeline on the show Doctor Who, because it’s almost depressing when you think back at how much time has been wasted on the small things that didn’t mean anything more than being responsible in the moment, isn’t it?

However, that’s why it’s so damn important to take advantage of every moment we can! And take advantage we do!

The Month of May belongs to my hubby in our house, but there are many other special people in my life born this month, and I really wanted to honor them all in some way. Then I got to thinking that I have special people born in every month, and I really wanted to do something to honor them to. Which lead me to:


The history behind birthstones is actually quite fascinating. Different cultures had different stones that were attached to either months, seasons, or even planets, representing the special connection with the stone and those born during those times.

Historians believe the practice dates all the way back to the 8th or 9th century when they were called “foundation stones”. Unlike today, they weren’t generic to the month, but instead were based on your birth location, time of year, and celestial influences.

In the 1800’s, it was believed that those of certain affiliations were the only ones meant to receive or wear birthstones, as the practice had taken on religious overtones. However, it grew in popularity with all types of people and in 1912 or so, the American Jewelers Association created a list of stones representing the 12 months to promote unity in sales. The list was revamped in the late 50’s to add secondary stones to many months, and has been revised a few times since then. Britain has their own list, very similar to the American one, that was enacted in the early 1950’s as well.

But, what if we looked at the metaphysical attributes of well-known crystals, and used those properties to align with astrological signs of the modern era? Could we witches create our own list of birthstones that wasn’t made with consumerism in mind?

So, my gift to all my loves is just that. A mixed list of “generic” gemstones by month for those curious, and a self-made witchy list by Sun sign to create a broader and more tailored interpretation of birthstones. Worn with your month birthstone or individually, each stone I’ve chosen will enhance the wonderful qualities of your sun sign, as I see them! Of course, I have many more I could add for each sign, but wanted to keep it to two per zodiac for simplicity! I hope you like it, and would love to hear from you if you have any you’d add or change!

Birthstones by Month

January : Garnet

February: Amethyst

March: Aquarmarine, Bloodstone

April: Diamond

May: Emerald

June: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite

July: Ruby

August: Peridot, Spinel

September: Sapphire

October: Opal, Tourmaline

November: Topaz, Citrine

December: Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite

Birthstones by Sun Sign

(Capricorn): Pyrite, Green Aventurine
Like both of these stones, Capricorns are very strong people, usually taking on responsibilities that aren’t necessarily theirs in order to maintain harmony in their relationships. They’re disciplined and usually good with self-control. They’re also an Earth Sign, which both of these stones represent as well.

(Aquarius): Blue Kyanite, Arfvedsonite
Aquarians are the humanitarians of the Zodiac, relying on their Crown Chakra to guide them through life. Blue Kyanite, like many Aquarians, is a natural healer, as well as a stone of action. Arfvedsonite, a beautiful stone of inner fireworks, is a stone of extraordinary insightfulness- allowing Aquarians to tap into their originality and independence even more.

(Pisces): Azurite, Sunstone
Pisces are compassionate people with artistic talents and gentle spirits; Azurite is a calming stone- called the “Stone of Heaven” for it’s gentle guidance of your spiritual self, making it perfect for a pisces because it’s energy won’t overpower their genial nature. Sunstone, however, is the stone of motivation- pushing the pisces to complete projects and take on adventure that they might not go for on their own.

(Aries): Carnelian, Ocean Jasper
Carnelian is one of my favorite energy stones, as it radiates a smooth but consistent power- balancing an Aries need to run into everything head first. Combined with an Aries own intense energy, Carnelian will give them the push to continue projects once that initial burst has worn to boredeom. Ocean Jasper is a wonderful soothing stone, detoxifying ones life of stress and negativity- much like the ocean itself. Since Aries are known to leap before looking, this can also help balance the consequences they might find themselves in.

(Taurus): Tiger Iron (or Tiger’s Eye), Picture Jasper
Taurus is, in my opinion, one of the most stable signs of the Zodiac- and like the Bull, tiger-iron is deep and steady grounding stone. It enhances a Taurian’s natural ability to remain calm under pressure, while balancing other aspects like stubbornness with the ever-changing nature of the Earth itself. Picture Jasper helps the Taurian to see past their own nose to a larger picture, enabling them to better understand what their own logic may dismiss.

(Gemini): Labradorite, Lepidolite
The duality of Gemini is exposed with both of these stones. Labradorite, the stone of magic and curiosity, enhances a Gemini’s want for exploration; this stone also feeds their thirst for knowledge, but allows them to seek deeper connections with the wisdom they attain- instead of the superficial. The most understood sign, in my opinion, of the Zodiac, Lepidolite helps to balance the constant changing nature of a Gemini- allowing them to be more themselves and less the chameleon they believe they must be in all situations.

(Cancer): Red Jasper, Obsidian
Spiritual Grounding is what the Red Jasper gives to the Cancer, who is constantly looking out for everyone else- often feeling disconnected from themselves in the process. Obsidian not only grounds, but allows the Cancer to become a bit more selfish in their endeavors- forcing them to look at their own shortcomings instead of trying to fix everyone else’s. Combined, the two stones provide a calm energy that maintains a Cancer’s loving nature, but allows them to turn it more inward- becoming a better self in the process.

(Leo): Apatite, Bronzite
Leo’s love life- their Sun ruled sign thrives on the experience of just living, and Apatite further enhances this. Much like its name, Apatite brings an insatiable appetite for living- which is great for Leo’s, as they often wear their hearts on their sleeves and can often let their hurt feelings (or insecurities) keep them from pursuing what makes them so special. Bronzite, is the stone that allows Leos the ability to guard their energy, one they wish to share with everyone, from negativity- allowing their personable nature to shine through.

(Virgo): Dumoriterite, Malachite
Virgos are hardworking, and very analytical- however, since they often take on more than they can chew in order to have it done right, Dumortierite helps to keep them true to themselves. Being honest with their abilities vs their wants, this stone forces the Virgo to realize it cannot do everything alone- but, it does so with a soft guiding hand, allowing the Virgo to feel good about letting go. Malachite, on the other hand, is the stone of getting stuff done- it allows the Virgo to stop dreaming about doing the things, and moves them to actually do them.

(Libra): Chrysopase, Celestite
Libras are well known for vanity, but they’re so much more than outward appearances. For Libras, beauty is a sign of compassion, a way to put their best foot forward into a world of chaos- and Chrysopase helps them accomplish this. A stone of compassion itself, it allows the Libra to bring about more love and beauty to a world filled with chaos; though some see Libras adoration for beauty as fanciful, it’s actually a form of love that is misunderstood by many other signs. Celestite, a personal favorite of mine, relieves the stresses felt by Libras in their attempts to make others understand them. It also creates a heavenly aura for the wearer, perpetuating the balance between inner beauty and outer beauty that Libras adore.

(Scorpio): Prehnite, Hemitite
Scorpios are resourceful, but mistrusting people- often seeing through the lenses of their experience with human nature, they tend to hold on to the idea that everyone has a dark side. Prehnite, the Healer’s stone, balances a Scorpios natural suspicion with healing- allowing them to heal from past traumas in a way that keeps them open to innocence. Hemitite, a grounding stone that sees things for what they really are, allows Scorpios to lift the veil on their suspicions to gain truth- which is all they’re ever really after!

(Sagittarius): Kambaba Jasper, Mookaite
Kambaba Jasper is the stone of confidence, allowing Sagittarius to become the bold explorers their hearts wish them to be. This particular Jasper is great for allowing the idealistic Sag to find hidden talents and new mental outlooks that will keep their generous nature intact. Mookaite, the wanderer’s stone, feeds their need for adventure and wanderlust while keeping their spiritual compasses grounded in their ideal morality. Worn together, Sagittarians will be even more humorous, free-spirited, and wholly generous- allowing them to become fast friends with anyone on their path of adventure.

What do you think? Are theses stones an accurate reflection of Sun signs? Would you wear your Birthstone on this list?

I know I would!

Until next time, my friends…