How to Make Your Own Protection Candles and Sand

I love making my own witchy supplies.

I’ll buy tools, stones, and herbs, from most anyone with a good energy, but in all my years of being a witch, I’ve always adored making my own spells and witchy concoctions.

There’s something supremely magickal about creating a spell from the ground up. It’s a natural and magnificent amplifier that money simply can’t buy, and it tunes the spell to your intent from the very beginning. Though I don’t doubt the power of others, I feel that if I have to ability to create it myself- it’s all the more efficient if I do.

Since protection magick is so important to me, it’s definitely one area of my practice that I make sure to craft everything for.

Two particular supplies I use are a Home Protection Candle and Protection Sand. I’ll be showing you how I use them both in a heavy duty protection spell next week, but for now, I thought I’d better show you how I make them!

If you’ve checked out my post on some of the protection ingredients I use in my magick (here) then some of this will look familiar to you.

Home Protection Candle

Firstly, it must be said that you don’t have to have any special candle making equipment to make this candle. It makes things easier, but I started off with an old thrift store pot and have only recently upgraded. To keep things simple, I’ll be including simple instructions that can be done by anyone with a stove, a pot, and some candle wax. Most of the time I make a large pillar candle, but this time, I’ve only made small tea lights.

Like with all my magick practices, I have a black candle and a white candle lit near me while making this candle.

Practical Materials Needed:

  • 1 Big Old Pot and 1 Smaller Old Pot (Thrift Stores are your friend when it comes to stuff like this!)
  • Heating Source (Stove, hot plate, etc)
  • Water
  • Candle Wax (you can even use a premade candle!)
  • Wick (I use premade wicks but string dipped in wet wax can also work in a pinch)
  • Candle Container (can be an old jar, or even an old candle holder)

Magick Materials:
(Imbue each with their magickal purpose before placing them into the candle)

Frankinscense Resin* – Protection and Healing
Myrhh Resin*Protection and Spiritual Cleansing
Benzoin Resin* -Protection of Material and Financial Resources
Copal Resin* -Protection of Financial Abundance
Eggshells* -Protection of Home and Family
Palo Santo Powder –Protection of Positive Energy
Rosemary- Protection against All Negativity
*Crushed into powder*

Place your smaller pot into the bigger one. Fill the big pot with water until half the smaller pot is submerged, and place on the stove on high. Place your wax into the smaller pot, and carefully watch as the water begins to boil and melt it. You’ll want to stir it occasionally to keep it from sticking to the pan and cooling.

**If you’re using a jar candle as your wax base, you can carefully place it into the water directly without the smaller pot. However, it will be hot and depending on the type of glass, it could break. Be diligent, and extremely cautious!**

As the wax melts, crush your resins and eggshells to a fine powder in a mortar and pestle. The amount you use is variable to your particular magick. As Lady GraveDancer says “it’s a spell, not a recipe”.

When the wax has melted, and you’re ready to craft the candle, place your wick into your container. If you’re using string, dip it into the wax first- making sure to soak the string as best as possible. I like to dip the bottom of the premade wicks into the wax and secure it to the bottom of the jar (or container) to keep them from moving about.

There’s two options for adding your spell ingredients to this candle. You can add them to the wax and stir- or you can add them during your pour. I like to do a bit of both.

For me, I add the resins and eggshells to the wax and stir in the pot. The Rosemary and Palo Santo get added during the pour. There’s no particular reason for this, other than that’s what I’ve always done.

Fill your candle container about halfway and let sit about two hours. Reheat the wax in your pot the same way as before, and top off the cooled wax. Make sure not to cover the whole wick if you’re using one smaller than your container. Top with more Rosemary and Palo Santo.

Let your candle sit from anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before burning.

Protection Sand

I make big batches of this at a time that last me a long while, but you can always make smaller ones!

Materials needed:

Sand (I use two types, one from the hardware store and one resourced during memorialized moments)
Red Brick Dust
Frankinscense Resin*
Myrrh Resin*
*Crushed to powder*

I usually make this on my working altar, so I open my circle as I usually do (one black candle, one white) and light an incense.

I start with the sand, mixing the store bought sand with the sand I’ve picked up during “happy” times. In this case, I have sand taken from a foreign coast during our first cruise. It was a wonderful trip with my husband and son, and the closeness we felt on that trip is something we like to foster in our ordinary life.

I then take the charcoal and crush it in my mortar and pestle. Like with the candle above, there’s no measurement. I know when there’s enough, and it’s probably different each time. I mix this, too, into the sand. Charcoal is a powerful sponge used to absorb toxins in the medicinal world, and its purpose is the same in the spiritual one. It absorbs negativity and ill-will so you don’t have to.

I then mix the salt. Salt is a purifier and acts as a cleaner after the charcoal. It also protects against unwanted spirits, energies, and people. Again, no measurement, just add until it feels right.

From there, I slowly add in each of the rest of the ingredients. The first three are the only ones I do in a particular order, and the rest are added in according to what’s closest to me in the moment. I use very little red brick dust, as a lot goes a long way, but I’ve been known to add enough Tobacco to leave a spicy scent in the air once the sand is used.

Mix all the ingredients, and imbue them with energy until you feel it’s done. This spell, for some reason, generally leaves me shaky when it’s ready. I also feel safe, and incredibly warm, when all of it is activated. So, I stir and add my energy until it’s to that point.

When it’s done, I add a drop of blood, hair, breath, or spit from each member of the house. Since my son has a fear of needles, I don’t even ask for his blood- I just let him breathe and spit into the sand. For myself, I always give a drop of blood, and my husband varies depending on his mood- but he usually gives blood as well. This step is vital in my practice as it ties the spell not only to my magick- but to my family as well. I think of it as programming the energy to know who it’s looking out for.

Store the sand away until ready to use in spells.

What will you use your sand for? Do you craft other witchy supplies?

Until next time, my friends…