Return to Sender Spell

“Evil lurks in the shadows…” -Galadriel

It would be foolish of this witch to assume everyone out there is love and light.

Not everyone has our good intentions in their heart, and not everyone practices being kind with equal measure as we do. There are some, much like Sauron, who sit in the shadows waiting to inflict pain onto the world.

Though I would encourage anyone reading this blog to refrain from cursing, not for fear of three fold or any such laws, but simply for the fact that complicated emotions tend to support complicated results, I do highly recommend protecting oneself.

Sometimes that means rolling up our sleeves and getting a little muddy.

I love living in the gray areas of witchcraft and this spell certainly qualifies. Not a hex, in that you are not sending out your own energy for malice, but a powerful protection spell used to end one’s hateful actions toward us.

Unlike my previous spells on dealing with negative mojo, like binding and freezing, and reversing a hex, this spell does not play the defensive position but instead combats the evil of others head on.

What you’ll need:

Black Candle
Yellow Candle
Purple Candle
Two Mirrors
Dry Erase Marker (or paper and pencil)
Black Tourmaline
Black Hawthorne
Palo Santo

Cast your circle. As always I use a black and white candle to accomplish this.

Taking one of the mirrors, write the names of the persons whose hex you’d like to return to them in dry erase marker. If using a pencil and paper, simply write down the names and place it on top of the mirror.

Taking the first three herbs, imbue them with their purpose and place them on to the mirror.

Rue- Keeps evil spirits and intentions at bay
Sulfur- Removes negative emotions, thoughts and barriers
Black Hawthorne- Protects against negativity and curses

Sandwich the two mirrors together so that the reflective sides are facing each other and the herbs and names are crushed between them.

On to the top of the mirrors, place your Sage- to cleanse the energy coming toward you, and Palo Santo- to smooth the energy coming toward you. Then place the three candles and your stones.

Argonite- cleanses the stuck and negativity sent your way
Selenite- Cleanses and purifies the negativity
Quartz- Amplifies the entire spell

Black to remove negativity, Purple to gain insight into their actions and to be able to actively protect yourself from psychic attacks, and Yellow for you health.

Burn the candles, staring into the flames and chant the following:

“Remove from me what has been sent, and return it in kind. No longer will their evil hurt me, for now it’s them it finds.”

Continue this until the candles have burned down significantly or until you feel the spell is properly enchanted. Leave the candles to be burned down completely.

Once the spell is over, bury the contents; except the crystals but including the mirror with the names on it, facing away from your property. This will reflect any future hexes from said person[s] and return it to them with exactly as much malice as they sent it to you.

The spell is complete and you are now free of their hatred.

Until next time, my friends…

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