Extremely Potent Justice in Court Spell

Court is never fun.

No matter which side of the table you’re on, court can seem frightening and often times simply infuriating. However, us witches have an upper-hand, even if we’ve never been to law school.

Borrowed from the roots of Voodoo and old wives tales, this magick remedy for court cases can bring about Justice in your favor without ever needing to open a law book. Powerfully potent, these ingredients can bring you luck in your court battles and ease in your mind.

Carried in a mojo bag, a small glass vial, burned as a candle anointing of incense, or even used as a self-anointing oil, all of the ingredients listed in this spell are known to help those in need in all legal matters.

Some of these ingredients might be a little more difficult to find, especially on short notice, so it’s my suggestion that you mix up this remedy before needing it and keep some on hand. However, if that’s not possible, using any of the below ingredients will be better than none at all. Remember, it’s all about intention!

What you’ll need:

High John the Conqueror Root
Galanga Root
Solomon’s Seal
Black Mustard Seeds
Deertongue Leaf
Bay Leaves
Glass Vial

*Leave out if creating a satchel or mojo bag!*

Why these herbs?

High John the Conqueror Root- Removes Obstacles
Galanga Root- Gives Luck in Legal Matters
Solomon’s Seal- Aids the Judge in Making Wise and Just Rulings
Nutmeg- Aids Jupiter in Legal Matters
Marigold- Brings Justice in Court
Black Mustard Seed- Brings Confusion to the Other Side
Deertongue Leaf- Grants Eloquent Epeech, or a Silver Tongue, to Get Out of Legal Battles
Bay Leaves- Brings Luck in Court
Honey- Sweetens the Outcome of Court Cases

Imbuing your ingredients with their purpose, add each one to your vial, mojo bag, or oil. Wear on the day you’re to appear in court for Justice in your favor.

I used this spell some years ago when dealing with an unfair landlord- not only was the case against us dismissed, but we’ve never had another legal issue after that!

I hope it brings you just as much good fortune!

Until next time, my friends…

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