The Eyes of Horror Spell: (Protecting Your Karma with Shadow Work)

This is part two of a two part series! Find the first post here!

Do you believe in Karma?

Karma seems to have two varying definitions depending on who you are speaking to, and what you’re speaking about. Existentially, it’s the summation of one soul’s journey through many lives- learning lessons until it has reached spiritual perfection. Modernly, it’s the comeuppance of one’s actions in equal measure.

In the former, it is believed in some cultures that every living being on Earth is one soul in varying forms at once. Combining Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who all in one, if you think of the world as one giant experiment and time as being wibbly-wobbly, it sort of makes sense. Each person is a single soul, traveling through lives, in order to learn the many many many lessons it needs to gain the perfection of godliness. I am you, you are me, and that guy over there is us, too.

It begs the question, given the current state of our world and the many divides we’ve created with ourselves, if our soul isn’t devolving into madness instead of evolving into greatness at this point.

The latter definition, a more modern and appropriated version, denotes that everyone is individually responsibly for their own Karma through action and choice. Like a spiritual version of Newton’s Third Law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Though this seems to be the more popular of the two definitions, I feel like it’s selectively sought and constantly manipulated. The general consensus tends to rely on the intention of the person being the interpreting factor of deserving Karma’s Wrath, negating the principle of the very idea in a complex paradox. It’s a narcissistic venture to believe that harm is only perpetrated purposely, and that one’s suffering is only validated when the one causing said suffering is intentionally inflicting it.

It’s also a damaging concept in a world that perpetuates -isms and shaming.

We cause harm. Intentionally and unintentionally. We destroy forests in order to build homes, damage lives in order to fund greed, ruin relationships to perpetuate status- and those are not always done intentionally. With all our potential for greatness, the Human Race has become a parasite- not only to our planet, but to each other.

Yet, we have the ability within ourselves to fix as many wrongs as possible- and we can begin doing this with Shadow Work.

But what if we’ve become stuck, or there are areas we’re just not seeing? What if what what we think is true is just lies we’ve cast upon ourselves to deceive our Egos into remaining in control?

When I posted about The Eyes of Horror Incense, I purposely kept it focused on the other person, the one we believe is doing us wrong, so that way when I posted the actual spell, we had time to really reflect on why we wanted to use it in the first place.

There are some people who will never see past their own noses, and for those people, this spell is perfect to allow them to see the horror of their actions. It keeps Dannika from gossiping because she’s come to see the affect her words have on people; it keeps Greg from being disloyal, because he’s come to see how lonely his life will be if he continues.

Think of it as A Christmas Carol all wrapped up in one lovely spell.

However, there are times when we think others need their eyes opened, when in fact it is ourselves that do. Did the cashier at the grocery store offend you because they were having a bad day? Did the woman who carelessly cut you off in traffic rile you because you’ve been known to do the same thing? Did the man at work, who ruined your day, purposely set out to trigger you? Or was it something else? Perhaps something internally firing behind the scenes that needs to be seen.

That’s where this spell comes into play. It has a wicked name, and for good reason, as it will not shield the recipient from seeing the devastation laid in their wake. However, when used for ourselves, it is more an Eye Opener spell than a Horror Spell, for it’s when we acknowledge we are not perfect that our wrong doings become not horror but instead lessons to be learned.

If using the spell for yourself, simply burn the incense and a purple candle while meditating on certain issues. Ask yourself the deep questions, like why is it that you get angry over little things? Or why are you shy when it comes to confrontation? Record your answers in a journal.

To use for someone else, follow the spell below:

Eyes of Horror Spell

What you’ll need:

Eyes of Horror Incense or powder

Picture of person spell is intended for (may substitute with first and last name on a piece of paper)

Red Chime Candle

Black Candle


Obsidian or other grounding stone

To being cast your circle. I always do this by lighting a separate black and white candle. Hold the grounding stone while you begin your spell. This will keep your emotions in check so you only distribute the karmic lesson, not a curse.

Light your Eyes of Horror Incense with the chant:

“I wish you to see the full horror of your actions, and nothing more.”

Light your Red Candle and chant:

“Red is for the cuts you’ve left behind, see them and nothing more.”

As the Red Candle burns, drip it over the black Candle and the picture. Chant:

“Bleed while others bleed, and see the horrors you’ve left in your wake- and nothing more.”

Once the Red Candle has significantly dripped over both let it continue burning undisturbed. Ignite the black candle and chant:

“Absorb that which you’ve given. See the horrors you’ve bestowed. And nothing more.”

Drip the mixed wax over the picture until it is covered. Let the candle burn down undisturbed.

Craft a fire. This can be as small or as large as you wish. Take the picture and discard it into the fire. Chant:

“I wish you no ill. Let this spell be complete and teach you the lessons you’re meant to learn. And nothing more.”

Let the fire and picture burn out.

The spell is now complete.

If using on yourself, your karmic lessons will become more prominent over the upcoming days, so be sure to journal and keep record of strange happenings.

It’s important to repeat “and nothing more” during this spell because we do not want to inflict any harm onto the person intended. We only wish them, or ourselves, to see what they’ve rued.

I’ve used this spell many times, and a few of those times on myself. It is not a happy-go-lucky spell and will smack you upside the face with a few lessons; however it is harmless in the karmic balance. It will not prey on those who have not preyed on others, and will only give lessons that The Universe and Karma believe are deserved. It WILL NOT cause harm and will not curse the intended.

Is there anyone you’d like to use this spell on? Who and why?

Until next time, my friends…

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