Finding Truth Spell

Truth is subjective.

However, trust isn’t. We give it freely every day, and yet, there are times when we need reassurance that it is not wasted.

A Finding Truth spell does just that. Whether you believe you’re being lied to, or you just need to challenge the veracity of someone who isn’t being honest, this spell is wonderful for getting to the root of truth.

However, it should be noted that this spell will not spare your feelings. The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow, and so I warn you to only use it when and where you’re able to accept what it shows you.

If love has painted your vision in a rose tint, and you’re unwilling to accept the truth discovered about a lover, do not use this spell; if you’re unwilling to see the truth about yourself during Shadow Work, do not use this spell-  because what it will show you will never again be covered up.

There are two ways to use a Finding Truth spell. The first is on yourself, and is helpful when we’ve created images of our beings that are false. We do this in many ways, with the foremost being negative self-talk.

That nasty little voice in our head can lie to us on a daily basis and yet, we often listen to it as fact. Using this spell on ourselves can diminish that voice’s power, bringing to light the truth of our selves.

It can also be used in Shadow Work to push past the lies society, our past, and our fears, have fed us. However, as I’ve said, it should not be used lightly as this truth may not be for the faint of heart.

The second way is on someone else. I’ll delve into both ways below.

Finding Truth Tea

To use on yourself, it is suggested that you brew the following ingredients in a tea and drink while meditating. Be sure to allow yourself at least an hour of uninterrupted space for any lingering truths to be revealed to you. If using on someone else, a willing participant, drinking the tea together before a deep heart to heart can bring about honesty that remains in the shadow.


Clary Sage

Why these herbs?

Eyebright- Opens the Eyes to the Truth
Rosemary- Cleanses the “Palate” and Allows the Truth to be Spoken
Clary Sage- Removes Negativity Surrounding the Will to Speak the Truth
Rosehips- Opens the Heart to Hearing the Truth
Lemon- Cleanses the Negativity of Lies

Speak the incantation over your herbs:

“I imbue you with the ability to see, bring about the truth to me.”

In a tea of your choice, I generally use black tea because it’s what I always have on hand, brew the ingredients with their intended purpose. This brew is not exactly the most tasty, but it is potent.

Meditate on the truth you want revealed, or enter into a conversation with your partner where the shadow has hidden the truth- and be open minded for what comes up.

To use on someone else:

For someone else, it’s not entirely ethical to have them drink a potion without their knowledge, but you can create a satchel with the above ingredients and hang it somewhere they pass frequently.

Or grind the ingredients into a fine powder and sprinkle where the person lives and/or works. If you don’t know where they live, sprinkling at your own door step will allow only the truth to enter your home.

Put the ingredients into a spell bottle with a carrier oil like coconut and carry it with you when you’re near them and they will be forced to tell you the truth.

Add a quartz to amplify the magick and a grounding stone to protect you from their negative energy (this keeps the truth from stinging quite so much), and your spell is complete.

How will you use this spell?

Until next time, my friends…

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