Auspicious Days for Your Best Witching

As witches we often follow the cycle of the moon, however, did you know that each day has its own metaphysical properties as well?

I work a lot of my magick this way!

In my living room alone I have four altars. One is the main altar, with my “circle” candles and the health candle for the house, there’s a household or family energy altar, a prosperity altar, and a “guest” altar.I’m often asked how I tend so many altars, and how I can keep them all going without burning out. The answer is that I don’t tend them all at once, but only on certain days of the week, which seems to shock a lot of people.

For example, my prosperity altar is only lit every Thursday; I do this because Thursdays are auspicious days for working money magick- that means that my spell is being amplified by the day of the week- and the lore and legend that goes with that day. In today’s post I won’t go into all the lores and legends, simply because there are too many, but I will outline what magicks tend to work better on what days!


Colors: Silver and Blue

Named after the moon itself, Monday is a day of introspection. Spells dealing with Shadow Work, emotions, intuition, and self-discovery are perfect for Monday. Setting the tone for the rest of the week, this is also a good day to set goals and allow the Law of Attraction to find you. Other auspicious magicks to be worked on Monday: fertility, Female Rituals, Divination, Beauty, and Dream Work.


Colors: Red and Orange

Named for the Norse God Tyr, Tuesdays are great for gearing up for battle. A day for breaking negative bonds, cutting ties, and severing toxic relationships, this day is also auspicious for new outlooks, marriages, and rekindling healthy friendships. Other magicks that can be worked on Tuesday: Herbalism, Sex, Protection spells, Defensive magick, and Romance.


Colors: Purple and Silver

Wednesday is named for Wodin, or Odin, and is a great day for opening up communication- especially in the job world. Spells dealing with oration (or writing), speaking from the heart, Road Openers, Divination, and Block Busters are all perfect for the Norse God’s day. Other auspicious magicks for Wednesday: Spirit Work, Debt, Education, Fear and Mental Health, and Traveling.


Colors: Green and Blue

Also known as the Thor’s Day, Thursday is auspicious for prosperity magick, abundance, and success. Spells dealing with Employment, Loans, Money, Financial Resources, Increased Energy, and Business Dealings are especially powerful on Thursday. Other Magicks to be preformed on Thor’s Day: Honor, Family Loyalty, Happiness, Growth, Material Opportunities, and Leadership Roles.


Colors: Teal and Copper

Named for the Norse God Freya, Friday’s are all about Beauty and War. Spells regarding Spiritual Healing, Outward Beauty, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Shadow Work, and Love are all going to be amplified on this day. Other auspicious Magicks to be worked on Friday: Family Life, Fertility, Sex, Passion, and Lust.


Colors: Black and Deep Purple

Saturday is named for Saturn, and is the day to banish that which no longer serves you. Cleansing, Binding, Cutting Ties, and Protection Spells are especially powerful preformed on this day. Other Magicks to be amplified: Boundaries, Meditation, Destruction, and Exorcisms.


Colors: Gold and Yellow

Also known as Bridgid’s day in Celtic culture, Sunday is the day of hearth and home. Spells relating to the health and energy of your home, family, or self is best preformed on this day. For me, I light my health candle as well as my family energy altar! Other influential magicks for Sunday are Masculine rituals, agriculture, art and creativity, and spiritual connections.

Of course all of the above is just a general guide, and any magick with powerful intention can be preformed on any day.

Do you follow the days of the week?

Until next time, my friends…

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