How to Reverse a Hex

So you’ve been hexed, now what?

There are many different ways you can go about using the energy of a hex, and not a single one I’m going to discuss today will bring harm to anyone.

If you think of a hex, or curse, as negative energy sent your way- it’s easy to remember that we can cleanse and remove it the same way we would bad mojo or simply a shitty day: light a candle, sage yourself, and sip some wine in a bathtub of salt and hot water.

We can also reverse it, use the energy for something else- adding their energy to our own. However, with cursing unlike a shitty day, the difference lies in that someone has and/or will continue sending this energy your way.

If you’d rather not reverse the energy, or you’d rather just end it all for good, I’ve already posted a freeze and bind spell that works wonders. Unlike a curse, that spell allows the person to continue living their life in the toxic way they choose to, but they will no longer affect you. They’re removed without ever wanting to contact you, allowing their free will to remain in tact.

Reversing, however, is using their negativity as an amplifier. Providing boosts to protection magick and even certain other spells, that allows them to become stronger- as you’re using more energy.

This is different than returning to sender spells, in that instead of using the energy, you’re deflecting it- returning it back to the person who wished you ill will so they may see the horror of their actions.

I’ve done that, and will post about it another time, but this particular spell isn’t quite so karmic.

Say you’ve got a co-worker who is always up your ass, and though you can’t get rid of them, you can use their energy to boost your productivity (perhaps even elevating you to a position in the company that would make you their superior). You can use their negativity as curtain to shield against bad moods, poor sales, etc. Think of it as the saying “let haters hate”; because essentially that’s what we’re doing. With a little bit of magick, we use their own hatred and malice against them, making us all the better for it.

So, now that you understand what this spell does, how do we do it?

Mirrors and a grounding stone.

Were you expecting something long and drawn out? Welcome to The Spiritual Garden, where we make potent magick without all the unnecessary Pinterest flair! Ha!

What you’ll need to do is create a totem, charm, or even pendant to be worn or held while you’re around such people. If the person isn’t near you, using this spell at home will boost your intentions just as well.

Mirrors are excellent tools to use in magick, and in this case, we want it pointed toward ourselves. This reflects our own intention, using the grounding stone and the back of the mirror to absorb their negativity and combine it with the good intention being reflected toward you.

How do we use this simple spell to boost other spells?

It’s just as simple. If you’re using a protection spell for your home, bury a mirror facing your house with a grounding stone behind it. If you’re using it for a love spell, place it (along with your other love spell ingredients) in a satchel that will face your bed, with a grounding stone behind it. If you’re using it to boost productivity, burn a green candle next to a mirror with a grounding stone behind it.

It’s truly that easy, and I’ve used it countless times myself.

The biggest caveat with this spell is your intention when casting it. If you’re in the mind of revenge, and not positivity, remember that’s what will be amplified. Revenge is another form of hatred, or ill-will, and it will be brought back to you amplified by the mirror.

It’s important to forgive others their trespasses, but not to forget them. Forgiving releases us of the burden of having to carry or amplify their hatred and ill-intent. Remembering makes us intelligent about their intentions, allowing us to protect ourselves from further hurt and abuse.

So, how will you use this spell?

Until next time, my friends…

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