Color Magick for the Modern Witch

Do you ever just admire a rainbow and think to yourself how splendid it is that we get to live in a world with such color?

Rainbows, flowers, crystals- you name it, there is a beautiful spectrum in nature that calls to the deep recesses of my soul. From the dark greens of a forest, to the bright blues of the beach, to the sandy reds and yellows of the canyons, I am fascinated with Mother Nature’s ability to paint her canvas with such depth.

When I think of color in magick, I don’t see simple blocks of keyword tones- but instead fluid lines of paint that can be mixed and immersed with others to create infinite possibilities.

Our colored tools, from stones to candles, are like an artists’ paintbrush, their vibrational energy coloring our spells with amplified purpose- and therefore, like those brushes- they can be manipulated and mixed to paint the canvases of our lives and our magick in most any way that suits us.

Today, I’ll go over how I use color in my own practice, in the hopes that we can move away from this “one color fits this purpose” to instead seeing that there is a spectrum of potential in all the hues of the rainbow.

To begin, I do have a set of parameters that certain colors represent. This has formed over time for me, and can be quite different than what other’s use. You’ll notice some colors are missing- but I’ll go over why that is in a minute

RED- Passion, lust, love
YELLOW- Health
GREEN- Money
BLUE- Calm, Family
VIOLET- Psychic, or Mental, amplification
BLACK- Negativity removal
WHITE- Purification

As you can see it’s a very simple list of parameters, and I love it that way. It’s easy to remember and feels perfect for the way I practice.

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t include shades and tones, such as dark green or light blue; I also didn’t include Orange, or tertiary colors- such as blue green and red violet.

This is where the fun of color theory, and my many years of Art School begin to take shape in my magick.

Tone: A lighter version of a color; in painting this is achieved by taking white and adding drops of color until the desired hue is formed.

Shade: A darker version of a color; in painting this is created by mixing a color with a few drops of black until the desired hue is formed.

In magick, I see lighter colors as a mix between the above parameters and white.

For example, a light blue would be purification mixed with calm and family.

This is different than a regular blue candle because I’m mixing in the magick of purification into my magick. I would use light blue after an argument, to help still the rough waters churned by anger, or after a particularly tough day- to help clear the air and allow us to get back to being a happy family again.

Another example would be light yellow, a mix between purification and health.

I would use a light yellow candle after a cold has entered the home, to purify our bodies against the germs, whereas a regular yellow candle is burned all the time to maintain our greater health.

On the flip side, I see darker colors as a mix between the above parameters for the color and black.

An example would be dark violet, a blend of negativity removal and psychic amplification.

If I’m preforming a cutting ties spell, or a binding spell, I’d use dark purple- to remove the negativity and to amplify my own mental powers.

This is different than purifying, because it absorbs the negativity vs purifying the space. A dark blue would remove the negativity surrounding the calm of my family, whereas the light blue purifies the energy. Because I like to do both simultaneously, I’ll skip using light or dark colored candles and just burn black, white, and blue together. This mixes the energy of the candles without having to search for a particular color.

Which brings me to the tertiary colors and Orange.

Like tones and shades, for me, tertiary colors can be created by mixing the energy of two separate colors- instead of having to search the stores for a blue-green.

I do this for a couple reasons. 1) I’m partially colorblind. That means if I believe that only a certain candle or stone color will do, I’m unlikely to find it on my own- which negates the practicality in my magick. 2) It easier to buy candles, stones, or tools, in certain colors and combine them than searching for the perfect shade of yellow to fit a single spell. 3) Reducing waste is a big part of my life, so buying sets of things for only a single purpose seems wasteful to me.

For Orange, I combine the energy of red and yellow. Orange is great for memory and love healing, so combined with red- love, and yellow- health, I’ve already got the basic components to create that energy.

If I need a blue green, which I might need to calm some rough waters in my financial resources, I’ll just burn blue and green together. If I don’t have both, I’ll use a blue candle and a green stone, tool, candle holder, etc. Anything that combines to two colors to create the energy I’m wishing to use.

Brown is the only color that I will specifically buy a candle or tool in, and to me it’s a combination of all colors. It’s love mixed with health, family mixed with mental clarity, and financial abundance mixed with removing negativity and purifying the space. I use brown for finding lost items, or safe travel spells- because it represents all the energy in a single candle, stone, or tool.

What do you think? How do you see color in your practice? Is it a definite, or do you prefer using the energy like an artist on the magickal canvas of your life?

Until next time, my friends…

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