Menstrual Magick

The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

For those of us who are still living with our feminine aspects in the Shadow, we may see the title and cringe. You might even think me disgusting for mentioning it, or believing my monthly has power. The patriarchy, or masculine overtones of our society, deems periods to be nasty and unclean; yet, in reality, it’s one of the most prolific and sacred abilities of our bodies.

When we’re not pregnant, or giving life, our body sheds its inner lining to prepare for the next opportunity for conception. It can be messy in a society that forces us to cover up any hint of having our cycle, but it is not unclean- nor is it dirty. It is the same biological process that brings milk to our breasts, lubrication to our vaginal canal during sex, and gives us the curves that are so often sought by others. It is only Man, who does not have periods, that claims we are dirty for something as utterly natural as breathing.

Perhaps that’s why blood in magick is often thought to be “black magick” because men do not have the ability to bleed freely once a month? Hmm, food for thought, maybe? But I’m here to tell you that your menstrual cycle is not only a gift- it’s a deep and powerful one.

Menstrual magick is about giving back to the earth, or creating a connection with her own magick and the cyclic nature of ours. Unlike regular blood in magick, this blood already has a specific intent, and should be used with that in mind. It should also be fresh and used during your cycle, when it’s collected, to keep the potency of the intent.

How do we collect period blood? Vaginal cups, tampons, pads, etc- all may work to help soak up the menstrual cycle. The method completely depends on your purpose, and how you plan to use it.

What magick can I do with my monthly?

  1. Bury it near the foundation of your home to protect your house from sickness, intruders, and to establish a loving and maternal bond with those who reside there.
  2. Drip blood into the soil of your magickal plants, such as rosemary. Most cycles contain minerals that will be beneficial to the soil- allowing a secret and divine connection between yourself and the plant.
  3. Craft pregnancy or fertility spells, using the blood as anointing for candles, or mixed with herbs.
  4. Use in protection spells for children and spouses. Since our periods are directly related to both, the intent to protect them with our motherly instincts and Momma Bear tendencies can bring your established protection spells to new heights.
  5. Create beauty spells, embracing your inner goddess, with your monthly flow.
  6. Honor the moon, or female deities, in a special ceremony of accepting and loving your period as the gift that it is- rejecting the societal norm of patriarchal conditioning to cringe and hate its bloody divinity.
  7. Honor the Earth by burying it amongst nature, forming a bond between her ability to create life, and yours.
  8. Craft sexual energy spells to amp up your sex life, or the feeling of being sexy.
  9. Protect ones self from unwanted pregnancy (for those of us who don’t want kids).
  10. Encourage womanly health and understanding, for yourself and others.

There are a lot more ways to use your monthly flow, but these are just some I’ve used myself. It’s also important to note right here that infertility effects us all, and our ability to create life is not limited to how functional our uteruses are. It’s not even limited to having a uterus, if we want to get technical.

If like me you struggle to conceive, but have a period, you can and should use your period for maternal magick. It’s still a gift.

If you do not have a period, for whatever reason, pricking your finger during the fullest moon with the intent that it stands in for your monthly is just as suitable.

Do not ever feel that you have to be perfectly functional, in all ways, to create powerful magick. You are exactly as you were meant to be, and your magick is just as powerful when you accept it and adapt than if you tried to conform.


Your period, in whatever fashion it appears, is magick.

Do not deny yourself these gifts any longer simple because the world cannot handle a woman who bleeds. We are fierce, and we are powerful.

Another note before closing, if using items such as tampons and pads to bury in the earth- please make sure they’re biodegradable before doing so. Plastics negate the offering and can harm our lovely Mother.

Until next time, my friends…

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