Have You Been Hexed???

Curses are nasty little things.

Kind of like a cold that someone wishes on you, they can ruin your day- not just through the intended actions of the hex, but the very thought that someone wanted to do you harm.

A lot of the time, however, our bad luck is simply just that; but there are a few definitive ways to tell if your shitty mojo is due to someone else’s will.

“There’s evil in the air…”

I’d like to remind everyone that I, personally, do not practice cursing, but I’m not going to pretend that they don’t exist. Protecting yourself from harm is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, and may sometimes appear a bit like Rocky after he beat Apollo Creed. It’s going to be bloody, but totally worth it in the end.

But, let’s figure out if it’s actually a hex, or if perhaps you need to work on your mindset a bit.

The first way is the simplest, but least effective- in my opinion. I’ll tell you why in a minute. Light a bundle of Sage, or whatever smoke cleanser you prefer (it’s always an incense or Palo Santo for me), and watch the smoke for a bit. If it travels towards you, it’s likely you have negative energies following you- and this could very well be from the intent of others. However, again, I feel this is the least effective method for a few reasons:

  1. Smoke will move where the wind moves. Even if you don’t have a fan on in your house, if the AC is running, or there is airflow- your smoke will be affected by this.
  2. Negativity doesn’t automatically translate to a curse. Sometimes just the fact that we think we are hexed can be enough to warrant a cleansing.
  3. In the same token, just because it doesn’t move toward you (see number 1) doesn’t mean you aren’t cursed.

The second is one of my most favorite ways to tell if there’s been ill-will perpetuated toward me. It’s called The Reveal. Unlike a Revealing Spell, which I’ll talk about in a minute, The Reveal uses playing cards to assess the energies surrounding you. In this case, it is meant to determine whether outside influences are triggering your bad luck.

A Reveal Spell tells who has sent this negativity your way. Often times, unless you have a lot of dealings with people who wish to do you harm, you’ll likely already have an idea- so I rarely use this spell. However, I do plan to post one later on- and when I do, I’ll link it here for you.

You’ll need a deck of playing cards, without the Jokers. Shuffle and cut them as you would if you were playing poker. From this point, you’ll start flipping the cards over one at a time, in a single pile, until you get an Ace or until you’ve flipped ten cards in a row. Once finished with those ten (or found the Ace) you’ll move to another pile and do the same. You’ll do this three times, in three separate piles- flipping the cards until you either find an Ace or you get to ten consecutive draws.

10 cards in the first pile, then an ace, then another ace…

You’ve flipped them, now what? If you didn’t draw any Aces, congratulations- you’ve not been hexed, you’re just having a bad run of things.

  1. If you pulled one Ace: Someone has thought ill of you.
  2. If you pulled two Aces: Someone has thought ill of you and has plans to act on it.
  3. If you pulled three Aces: Someone has thought ill of you and enacted plans to harm you (hexing).

You can usually determine how many people by how many cards were pulled before the last Ace appeared, or even the card right before the Ace was drawn. If you pulled 5 or less cards before the Ace was drawn, you use the even/odd scale to determine your hexers. Even means two or more people are in cohoots to cause you harm, odd means 1 or more. 1 or more usually means that you have an instigator who is being followed by someone else; two or more means you’ve pissed off a group of people equally. If you pulled more than 6 cards before the last (or third) Ace was drawn, check the card before the Ace. The number on the card determines how many people are wishing you ill will.

Here’s a staged example of each below:

I’ve staged three aces, with the last Ace having three cards behind it

I’ve drawn three cards before the Ace on this pull; that means I’ve got 1 or more people wishing me harm.

I’ve staged three aces, with 8 cards below

I’ve drawn 8 cards before the Ace on this pull; the card before it was a six; at least 6 people have conspired to do me ill.

The last method of figuring out if your hexed is with your Tarot, or Oracle Stones. I use the Oracle stones most often when I’m unsure if I simply need a reality check, and a Chakra balancing, or if I really have made an enemy out there.

For the Oracle Stones, a simple ask of “Has someone placed an ill-intended curse onto me?” will yield a result of yes or no. Black means no, White means yes.

Nope, no curses here!

For the Tarot, think on the question: “Am I hexed?” Shuffle and cut your deck until you’re satisfied, then, find the Death card. Pay attention to the cards on either side of it. If it is surrounded by one sword, someone has wished you ill-will. Two swords, someone has acted on sending or causing you ill-will. No Swords means you’re in the clear, and your bad mojo is simply an imbalance in your mindset.

Again, no curses!

After you’ve found out whether you’ve been cursed you can take steps to either protecting yourself, returning it to sender, revealing who’s cursed you, harnessing the energy for positive, and/or many other magickal measures. I’ll be posting about several of these over the next couple of weeks so you can figure out the best way for you to remove that negative energy sent your way!

Until next time, my friends…

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