5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Witchcraft Journal

I’m a journal hoarder- don’t be like me.

Instead, use your journals and don’t just stare at their gloriously blank pages with the intent to fill them, while never actually doing so.

However, there is one journal, or set of journals, really, that I do dedicate quite of bit of time to using and that’s my Witchcraft Journals. Kind of like a grimoire, book of shadows, and a diary all in one, my Witchcraft Journal is where I store all the pertinent tidbits related to my practice.

Do you have one? If not, let me convince you why this little tool will not only be your greatest asset, it will quickly become your most coveted form of self-guidance on your journey to being the biggest baddest witch ever.

It Is a Great Record Keeper

Who knew that Witchcraft needed a secretary?! I’m here to tell you that it just might!

I’m constantly creating new spells and because I’m ADHD like a Mofo, I often forget what the hell I did. For some, this isn’t a problem at all, either because they don’t have the memory of an ant, or because they’re not into creating their own spells. However, if you preform spellwork at all, I’d say a journal is necessary; knowing the date, time, moon phase, intention, and even mindset, can help you a long way into recognizing what works and what doesn’t.

For me, I keep ingredient lists for spells, quick notes on how it was preformed, when, where (as I have several places I work), my frame of mind, my intent for the spell, what sparked its creation (dreams, inspiration, etc) and how it turned out. Not only has that helped me to be able to share with you spells I created eons ago, it keeps a diary for posterity or myself when I might be in need of that spell again.

If you use divination tools, such as Tarot, Runes, or even my Oracle Stones, keeping a record of your questions, and the answers, is almost as important as the answers themselves. Seeing things with the knowledge of hindsight has clarified a lot of mysterious reads for me in the past. It can also be a great way to store keyword information on your tools. I keep a quick reference for Tarot in the front of my journals in case I ever lose my entire brain and need it.

In all honesty, that guide has been a great way to go back to basics, a few times, when I was stuck or not feeling particularly connected to my gifts.

It Helps With Your Intuition

Do you ever get Deja Vu? What about thoughts of things or feelings of things to come but constantly question whether you actually knew it beforehand?

I used to be terribly self-deprecating in that department. I would constantly second guess myself, even knowing that I knew things.

Writing it down into tangible form has helped me move past that insecurity, and proven to boost my connection with my gut. I write down feelings about certain people or situations, generally those that are without founding, yet- but feel strong anyway.

I write down dreams, and thoughts that come out of nowhere, that stick with me- seeming to tell me something important that I can’t yet know. I also write down my Tarot reads and the intuition based thoughts that beg to be heard during them.

Not everything comes to pass, not every feeling is legit, and not every thought is a premonition, but since writing things down in my journal, I’ve come to realize that I’m extremely talented in that area- whereas, before, I wouldn’t have said that with any confidence.

I’m an extremely sensitive empath and am gifted at understanding people- which has helped me to better understand what I feel when I feel it. A bad feeling in my stomach usually means that person can’t be trusted; however, before, I’d often ignore it as silly. Now, given that I have verifiable proof that that feeling has always turned out to mean something, I don’t feel ludicrous in accepting it as real.

It Chronicles Your Journey

Along my path, I’ve changed, dramatically. When I first purposely began walking along this journey about 17 years ago, I considered myself Wiccan. I read all the books, practiced all the rites, and committed the religion to heart.

For a long time after that, however, I wasn’t sure of what I was. It took a lot of soul searching to finally set foot on a new path, uncertain of what I wanted or where I was going. I still haven’t figured it out, but I won’t stop any time soon.

After my father passed, and we were cleaning out things getting ready for the funeral- I found diaries from my middle-school years. In them, I had written about what I described as “feelings of energy and nature inside me”. I was shocked to tears, seeing my future in my past. Even though my religion has changed many times, my ideologies have changed many times, my ultimate and inner feelings haven’t since I was a child.

Now, I jot down notes of what I think is important. How I feel toward certain aspects of witchcraft, The Universe, my ideology about deities, etc. That’s changed many times as well.

But more importantly than that, it’s shown me how much I’ve grown. When I first started, I wanted someone to show me what to do. I wanted to be told what to think, how to feel, what was right and what wasn’t. I couldn’t fathom creating my own spells, because I didn’t believe I had that power, nor could I imagine that I would carve my own path instead of following others along theirs. I’m so much stronger now, and seeing that clearly has lifted my spirits and given me pause more times than I can count.

It’s also taught me that I can keep going, no matter what I think in the moment.

It Connects You to Your Craft

Quite like the intuition part, having a tangible record of the things I’ve created is an amazing gift to myself.

Whenever I’m feeling less than as a witch, I can pull out my journal and see how much magick I’ve created in my life. From manifesting a loving and true relationship, to having our son, to the house we now live in- all of these things (and more) were helped along with my magick.

I’ve brought home lost items, destroyed bad dreams, fostered divining gifts, cultivated a tarot obsession, crafted magickal recipes, and those are just the tip of the iceberg you already know about. There’s so much more I have to show you.

And, I’ve been able to keep it all in my little journal so one day my son, or maybe his children, can look at it and know just how much power they themselves have.

When you use a spell, and then you see it work right before your eyes, and you write about it in your journal- you’re forging another unbreakable connection to your faith in yourself. To your power. Which, in reality, makes you more powerful.

It’s great to know you’ve made magick, without a journal, but seeing it on those pages is just an entirely different level of awesome.

It Can Heal You

Is it weird to think a journal can heal you?

Maybe not physically; although, I’ve considered throwing mine at a few people- and that sounds pretty cathartic at times!

Writing out our pain allows us to release it. It seems strange, but when our brains know it doesn’t have to store the information any more- because it’s been recorded elsewhere- it lets go.

I’ve written Shadow Letters to people who’ve hurt me, I’ve written about experiences I’ve either suffered or enjoyed, I’ve kept memories in my journal, and I’ve kept the terrible thoughts that I will never share with anyone until long after I’m gone.

Both the good and the bad exist in my journals.

By releasing the bad, I no longer have to carry it with me- but having it written down means I’ll never forget it either. For me, that’s important, because forgetting doesn’t help- it just buries the issues even deeper.

By remembering the good, I see how much I’ve moved past the traumas I’ve lived through. I can easily see, in writing, how much better my life is now and how much I’ve gained in all areas of my life.

And, magickally, I’ve been healed because of it. I’ve progressed in not only my magick, but my mental health, my physical health, and my emotional well-being. It’s tangible proof that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for, and it also allows me to relive things on my own terms- allowing me to still carry empathy for others in similar situations.

So, will you keep a journal now?! I thought so!

Let me know why you chose to keep a journal, and what aspects of it are most important to you. Do you write down everything, or do you have specific things you keep a record of?

Until next time, my friends…

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