How to Freeze and Bind the Actions of Another

Have you ever seen The Craft?

I remember being obsessed with it in 5th Grade, as I knew- even then, that I was meant to be a witch. In it, there’s a scene where Sarah is trying to bind Nancy- a witch drunk with power- from doing her harm.

That was the first time I’d ever learned of a binding spell. For years, I thought it was a form of “bad” magick, strapping someone into a constrictive curse of forever following your will.

It’s nothing at all like that.

In fact, in my opinion, it’s a stellar form of protection magick that can save you a lot of trouble and heartache. I created a powerful combination of a binding spell with a freezing spell that is iron-clad in protecting your energy and your well-being from the harm and intentions of others.

It’s almost like the spell that was placed on The Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter. You remember how muggles couldn’t see it, or would skip right over it because they were too busy with their lives to pay attention to the magic right in front of them?

This spell works the same way. It won’t curse the person, it won’t destroy them, or harm them. Instead, it acts as a buffer, between you and their actions. They may still talk about you, may still even think about you in a negative fashion, but it will never reach you or your ears. It will cease them being able to cause you harm, whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally, simply because their actions will never affect you. It will also remove them from your vision, if you want it to, making it easier for you to heal from their abuse.

Unlike a Removal Spell, however, it won’t completely remove them from your life. It will just allow you to glance over them like muggles did with The Leaky Cauldron. They might always be in your periphery, but never in your way- and certainly not in direct contact.

Therefore, it’s best when used for those situations when you cannot remove the person without venturing into harming them. A coworker, perhaps, or even an ex.

As with anything magick, it’s all about intention- and whenever I’ve needed this spell, I simply just want to stop being harmed by the actions and ill-thoughts of certain people. I’ve never asked for more than that, because if it doesn’t make it to me, it’s an “out of sight out of mind” problem. I want them to be able to continue living as they see fit, but I don’t want their toxicity ruining good things for me any longer.

Freeze and Bind the Actions of Another:

As always, cast your circle, light your candles- whatever it is you do to get into the right space to preform your magick. You probably already know by now that I light a black and white candle, and usually smoke cleanse to do this for myself.

Materials You’ll Need:

Black Candle*
White Candle*
Black Ribbon
White Ribbon
Index Card
Ziplock Bag
Large Piece of Smokey Quartz (or other black stone)

*Even though I already have a black and white candle lit, I purposely use two different ones for this spell as the intention is different.

Begin by writing the names or name of the people that are causing you harm on the index paper. While you’re writing, imagine the pain they’ve caused you sinking into the ink. Their names represent all of the ill-will, bad juju, and toxic behaviors they’ve used against you.

Light your black candle with the intention of removing their negativity from your vision. Light the white candle with the intention of cleansing your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances that that person (or persons) has affected.

Take the index card, and begin wrapping horizontally from top to bottom with the white ribbon. While wrapping, make sure the edge of your next wrap covers the edge of the previous wrap- leaving no space on the index card visible. When you get to the bottom, turn the card vertically and wrap it again.

During your wrapping, envision the actions of this person being purified, their thoughts and ill-will no longer passing through the white ribbon to reach you.

I chanted, with each pass of the ribbon. You may choose to skip that, but I feel it adds to my intention.

With the white ribbon: “I bind you from doing harm to myself, or my family. I cleanse my mind of your negativity so that your actions can no longer affect me.”

When you get to the final wrap, burn the ribbon with the white candle. Then, tuck it into itself so it doesn’t move. Place a bit of white wax onto the seam so it stays in place. This connects the candle’s intentions with the ribbons.

Now, taking your black ribbon, do the same as before. Start horizontally until it’s completely covered with no white ribbon showing through, then move to the vertical wrap.

As with this the white ribbon, I chant with each pass.

Black Ribbon: “I bind you from doing harm to myself, or my family. I remove your negativity from my sight, and will no longer be affected by your presence.”

For me, that meant I wouldn’t see them any more, hear about them any more, or be bothered by them any more. You may want to alter that as you see fit.

When you’ve finished the black ribbon, burn it with the black candle and tuck it into itself. Drip a bit of black wax onto the seam, so again, you can connect the candle’s purpose with the ribbons.

Now that you’ve bound the persons, you want to freeze their actions- meaning stop them immediately.

Taking your bound index card, place it into your Ziplock bag. Place your stones over top of it for weight. In my case, I used Smokey Quartz and Indigo Gabbro as negativity filters, and literally drowning the toxicity from those on the card.

Pour water over the stones and card, and then stick into the freezer.

Allow your candles to burn down as your spell freezes, in turn freezing the actions of those you’ve bound.

For each name on the card, you’ll want the spell to remain frozen from anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. Therefore, with multiple names, the spell will need to stay frozen for quite a long time- depending on how effective you’d like it to be.

At one point, the door to our freezer was left open, and the spell melted before it was time. That very same day, one of the names on my list was in direct contact with me. I refroze the spell, and everything went back to the way I’d wanted. Therefore, if this happens to you, there’s no need to freak out- just refreeze it and the spell will become efficient once more.

On my last spell, I had 7 names of individuals that were grouping together to cause me harm- since I like to keep things like this sitting for the maximum amount of time, that’s 21 months in the freezer. Sounds like a lot, but going that long without any contact from any of those 7 individuals has been amazing for me. They’re still out living their lives, in their own way, and I’m not brought down by their negativity toward me. With the spell in place, I don’t even hear whispers of their names, even though we have mutual friends in common.

Once the spell has lived its time in the freezer, you may continue to keep it there- with no harm to the spell or its efficacy- or you may destroy it.

To destroy it, you will take the frozen spell away from your home and/or property. I do this in the street- and break it. Once it is broken and the index card is revealed, burn it in a large fire, with the intention that its effects will continue but your need to “dwell” on it has passed.

The magick you’ve created will keep the person or persons from affecting you permanently.

Just a reminder, this spell is a protection spell, and will not do harm to the intended- nor will it effect their free will! My son calls it the Ear Muffs Spell because it just means you can’t hear what they’re saying about you.

Do you have anyone in your life that you need to use this for? Let me know below what you think!

Until next time, my friends…

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