Finding What is Lost Spell

Losing something is never fun.

Whether it’s the remote, your glasses, or something even more valuable- the sense of dread that comes when something is not where you remember putting it is damn near tangible.

I lose things all the time. I could blame it on my recently memory issues, but the fact is- I’m absentminded. If it can be lost, chance are I’ve misplaced it a few times. There are a plethora of stories I could tell you that would prove the efficacy of this spell, but I won’t bore you with my horrible track record. It’s embarrassing the amount of shit I lose on a weekly basis…

Just know it works.

One particular story, that I tell everyone I give this spell to, is one that inspired this spell into being. My mother-in-law had borrowed several hundred dollars from us, and had gotten the money to pay us back. On her way to us, she realized her wallet had gone missing- along with the $500 we hadn’t really been in a good place to loan.

As I sat there, wondering how we were going to survive the next week without our money, I turned to magick. I concocted a little spell based on desperation and the true desire to locate the lost item. About two hours later, right after the candle had burned out- my mother-in-law called us with great news. She’d left her wallet on a gas pump, and someone had not only returned it- they’d returned it with the money in it.

From that moment on, I’ve used this spell when anything of importance goes missing. Sometimes the items come to us immediately, other times, they take a while- but they’re always found. I preformed this spell to find my husband’s misplaced heirloom pocket knife that went missing. It took 6 months for it to work, but one day we found it on top of the vacuum cleaner- an item I use almost daily.

Just recently, I’d lost my house key. How it fell off my keychain I don’t know- but it was gone. I preformed the spell, and found it the next day in a pair of shoes. I put them on, and something poked my foot- inside was my key. The fact that I hadn’t worn these shoes since we moved, and that they were packed away when my key went missing, doesn’t surprise me. It’s almost as if this spell has a sense of humor- but as long as it does what I ask of it, I don’t mind.

It’s definitely strange, but hasn’t let us down once.

The greatest bit about this spell, other than it being powerful, is that it’s super simple. All you need is a mirror, a brown candle, some Aragonite, a quartz crystal, and a little chant.

I know, incredibly light on the ingredients, right?

Surround the brown candle on the mirror with the Aragonite and the Quartz, light it and chant the spell:

“What was lost is now found, intact and without harm”

Sometimes I alter the chant to the specific item, but for the most part, I leave it as is. I will repeat this chant over and over again until I feel that I’ve connected my intention with the spell. Depending on the value of the item (to me) I will chant until the candle has burned out, sometimes I’ll whisper this chant three to nine times and be done. It all depends on the moment and what I feel.

There’s no one-size-fits all method of chanting, so do as you please. I don’t generally get loud with my spellwork, as I feel it’s a very personal thing, so if a spell calls for chanting, it’s usually whispered or mouthed silently. For me, the thought is what matters, not the volume.

That being said, you can skip the chant all together if you like. I usually don’t include spoken words in my spells because I concentrate on the intention- concentrating on the lost item in this case can be just as effective as the chant if you feel it to be so.

If you’re absentminded like me, this is one of those “keep-on-hand” spells. I’ve used it more times than I’d like to admit. Maybe I’ll create a spell that helps with that, but then again, I’d probably forget that too.

Oh well, I guess there’s worse flaws to have!

Until next time, my friends…

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