Making Your Own Oracle Stones

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You ever have an idea come to you in a dream, and you just know that it’s going to be amazing?

Oracle Stones

That’s how these Oracle Stones came to be. I dreamt of them for over two weeks before finally creating them- and now they’re several years old and a very beloved tool of mine.

I’ve been practicing Tarot for a long time, but even now, there are times when the answer is too muddled for me to feel I have an accurate read on things. This is usually true when I’m conflicted about certain events, or when I can’t focus on the question at hand without my mind drifting toward possibilities and “what-ifs”.

Tarot picks up on the energy of the reader as well as the question, and though the cards are always accurate- they are sometimes not able to be seen without hindsight.

These Oracle Stones eliminate that roadblock, as they only answer yes or no. However, they are not caveat-free. These stones are literal- therefore, the question must be thought through and asked without interpretive means.

For example, if you choose to use these stones for romantic queries, you must phrase the question in the exact way you wish to receive the answer. “Does ____ desire ____ romantically?” works much better than “Does ___ like ___?” The reason for this is that the person may like you, but not in the way you’re implying. The stones do not pick up on implications.

I often use these stones when I’m stuck or when I need reassurance that a gut feeling is actually intuition- because even this seasoned witch can second guess herself quite often.

To say they’re accurate is an understatement. They’ve yet to be wrong, when asked the correct question. However, that can also be a terrible thing- so I warn you not to ask questions that you are not comfortable knowing the answer to. I do not ask about death or medical for this reason.

I also suggest that with these stones, or any Oracle tool, you treat them with reverence. They are sourcing energy from beyond yourself to bring you accurate and concise answers- therefore, asking silly questions that you can easily figure out for yourself is like asking the Sun to be a flashlight. It’s disrespectful and can harm the relationship between you and your stones.

And, never ask the same question twice once the stones have given you an answer. Believe the answer you’re given, or don’t use the stones. They are a tool of power, and either you trust them- or you don’t. Just because it’s not the answer you like doesn’t mean it’s not the right one.

What you’ll need:

35 Black stones
White Paint
Paint Brush
Box or Bag for storage
*I also keep a journal that I use for Tarot, Oracle Stones, and Runes with questions asked and the answers. I highly suggest you do the same!

As with all my magickal crafts, I have a black and white candle lit before beginning.

Taking your stones, paint one side of them white, leaving the other side black.

Let dry and then seal them. I use Modge Podge, as my stones are never near water, but if you’d like to make them waterproof an acrylic sealer is best.

Decorate your bag or box in a way that represents the Oracle Stones’ purpose. I chose to decorate it as an abstract universe, but this is strictly personal. This is how I saw it in my dream, and so I chose to create it as close to what I saw as possible.

Once the Oracle Stones have been created and are completely dry, you need to connect with them before you can use them. For me, I chose to meditate with them, but you may have a different way you connect with your tools.

Using the stones:

It’s quite simple, but again, only works if you ask the right question. Make sure your inquiry is as literal as possible, leaving no room for mistaken misinterpretation.

Ask your question and on a smooth flat surface, throw your stones as you would dice. Since there is an odd amount of stones, you will always have a yes or no. White means yes, black means no.

For me, however, the amount of either is just as important as the color. Mostly white means a definite yes. Mostly black is a definite no. If I have to count them to ascertain an answer, it means it is only a slight yes or no- which in my mind, means things are easily changeable or swayed. Or that there’s movement coming that I’m not seeing yet. (It can also mean I didn’t ask the right question, and that it’s too broad to answer properly)

This is important, because when asking the stones about financial resources or deals, it’s kept me abreast of possible issues that may arise. I then know to be extra careful in my investments, or to be open to things happening differently than I planned for.

In those cases, I will often use Tarot to help me understand what I’m not seeing- knowing that I have a better idea of what is taking place. It’s boosted my confidence in many areas of my life that I was once lacking in, and has helped create a better connection with my intuition. Things I’ve often felt are echoed in the stones and then solidified by future events.

Again, it’s important to reiterate that you not ask the same question over and over again simply because you’re dissatisfied with the answer. However, it is okay to make sure you’re still on the right path- as long as you’re open to the answer given.

An example from our past:

Q: “Will we move to __ within the next five years?” (Asked November 2017)
A: “Definite Yes” – 27 White, 8 Black

After dealing with financial setbacks at both of our jobs:
Q: “Is my intuition correct in feeling that we should move to ___ now?” (Asked January 2018)
A: “Definite Yes”- 31 White, 4 Black

Though the questions deal with the same topic, they are not the same- nor are they even based on the same feelings. The first was a general consensus, asking if we were going to ever follow our dream; the second was asking for clarification that my intuition was correct in telling us the time was now.

Clarification is perfectly acceptable, but stubbornness isn’t. Same as with any Oracle tool!

I hope these stones are as helpful to you as they have been to me, and that you find them as accurate as I have.

Until next time, my friends…

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