Creating a Protection Satchel for Your Home

This is part two of my Elements of Protection class that I got to teach at our local library! If you haven’t already, head over to the first post to read all about why I think protection magick is important! *Note: I apologize for not having pictures, I was out of town due to a funeral, and didn’t have time. I hope you can visualize it anyway!*

Today, we’ll be creating protection satchels for our homes using an ingredient from each of the five elements. Protection satchels are spells that are unique to not only the witch, but to the intent of the witch. For you, you might not want to create a blanket of protection, but instead have a specific idea or desire in mind. You might completely disagree with everything I’ve said in my previous post and just want to protect your domicile from intruders. There is absolutely, and positively, no right or wrong in magick. Even after explaining to you why I do what I do, I will never say I am right or that my way is the only way. And, you, should never accept or perpetuate that idea from others or yourselves!

Therefore, even though your satchels will contain the same ingredients as everyone else, your magick will influence these elements- creating a spell that is entirely connected to YOU as an individual who is purposely manipulating energy with an intent.

Firstly, however, I’d like to go over imbuing your ingredients. Everyone will do this differently, and some of you may feel it’s best to skip it all together.

For me, I do it differently depending on my mood and the spell. Sometimes, I feel the ingredients (usually herbs and crystals) are already well programmed in their natural states, that I don’t do anything special.

As with all my spellwork, I begin by lighting a black and white candle. I don’t cast circles, but instead use the balance of black and white to create a circle of energy for me. I then light whatever incense or other candles that fit my intent. Usually, when I’m creating a satchel for the home, there is a green candle, a blue candle, a purple, and a yellow candle, going. Green for prosperity, blue for peace, purple for insight, and yellow for health!

Then, I add my ingredients.

For each one, I take my hands and rub them together, creating heat while concentrating on the intention of either that particular ingredient or the spell in its entirety. I then imagine the heat forming a ball of energy that grows between my palms. When I can feel resistance in my palms, I begin to push that energy into the ingredient until I feel it’s ready. Some people call this activating, others call it transference of energy. I simply call it imbuing. I am connecting my own micrcosmal energy to that of the macrocosmic elements. Like holding hands with a tree.

In most spells, I don’t need to rub my hands together, as I’ve been doing this for so long I can just feel the energy around me, but I don’t like taking chances with my protection magicks.

For your satchels you’ll need:

A satchel of your choosing
Sand (or dirt)
Dried Whole Chili Peppers
Moonwater (or shells)
Piece of Paper
Writing Utensil

We’ll start with our sand. Sand is representative of Earth. Our grounding force that connects our lofty intentions with reality- binding them together to begin creating a balanced spell that will guard our greatest desires. Earth is the steadiness, the calm, the solidity, that we desire. It’s the rock that tethers our dreamy aspirations to the possibility of fruition. Without Earth, our dreams or desires would never come to tangible means. Earth is also the physical force which protects against physical harm. In this instance, it is the element that blocks intruders from breaking into your house, or that will keep your home standing during a storm. It connects your desire for a happy home to that of one that will not become infested with termites. Earth protects against damages, of the large and detrimental sort, that would disrupt your ability to be happy. It also maintains the physical health of everyone in the home.

Imbue your element in whatever way you choose. This can take as little time or as long a time as you choose.

” I imbue my sand with the guidance of Earth, element of grounding, to always balance that which I desire in the moment against that which I want in the long term- protecting my ultimate contentment. “

Then we’ll move on to our feathers. Feathers, of course, represent Air. This element is that of knowledge. A force of creativity, clear communication, and understanding that connects our desire to be heard with our desire to hear. It is the element that embodies ideas and resourcefulness, as well as the ability to see past fluff to the realness underneath. Air is key in maintaining clear goals, staying on track mentally, and communicating effectively. This is especially important in a home that is shared with others, as communication and understanding is necessary to creating harmony. Air also helps us make better decisions. Instead of spending money on that frivolous thing we won’t want in a month, it might guide us to put that cash into savings instead- or to buy that other thing that we’ve really had our heart set on for a while. It clears out the cobwebs of life and allows us to see things for what they are instead of what we wish them to be. It also protects our mental states from psychic attacks, allowing our intuition to prevail- keeping us from entering into compromising contracts, situations, or friendships. Like a breeze on a cloudy day, it can clear the skies for the sun.

Imbue your feathers with the intentions you wish.

“I imbue my feather with the guidance of Air, element of knowledge, to always balance that which I may see in the moment with that which is true at all times- protecting my ultimate contentment.”

Next, we’ll use our pepper, representing fire! It might be strange to think of a pepper representing a flame, but the heat of a pepper is very much like a fire in the mouth. Fire is the element of motivation, energy, and passion. A force of temperament, movement, and vigor that connects our desire to move and feel with our desire to be moved and felt. Fire is a powerful element that harnesses strength and desire with a balance of motivation and energy. It is an explosion that maintains our spirited states of energy and devotion. It keeps us active, both physically and mentally- while providing the energy to maintain not only our physical forms, but our physical surroundings. Fire also creates the passion we desire in not only our relationships, but our hobbies and our lives. It keeps us from stagnating, or falling into apathy, while also protecting us from lethargy and depression. It also protects our home’s energy, allowing only those who would seek to contribute near- burning those who would wish us ill-will. It protects our energies, in all forms, keeping us from being dragged down by others, situations, or circumstance. This is especially important for financial resources, and emotional relationships.

Imbue your pepper with your intentions in the way that resonates with you.

“I imbue my pepper with the guidance of Fire, element of energy, to always balance that which I flows from me in the moment with that which will flow to me at all times- protecting my ultimate contentment.”

As the last of our physical elements, we’ll take a single drop of moon water to represent the element Water. Water is the element of emotions, and change. A force of intuition, mysteriousness, and inner beliefs that connects our desire to be who we ultimate wish to be with who we are. Water is a calming element, that smooths as much as it changes. Unlike the other elements, water is not a forceful change, but one that takes place over many many moons. It keeps us stable in our emotions, allowing us to see past our feelings of the moment to gain empathy for others. It provides the privacy to be ourselves, while allowing us to feel without restraint. This is especially important, like the element Air, in houses that are shared with more than one occupant. Water allows for empathy, creating a home of equals that feels not only understood but loved and cared for. It protects against damage to these bonds, and seeks to allow the expression of our emotions to come freely. It also protects against rapid change, but instead maintains a steady and flowing force that constantly pushes us toward greatness. It protects the occupants’ emotional well-beings, creating a long-lasting harmony and feeling of appreciation for the relationships created and fostered in that home. This element is patience, and encourages it in all occupants as well as guests. It soothes hurt feelings, allowing disagreements to pass by without damaging relationships, as well as protecting against abuse (from the outside or the inside of the home). It is also important in protecting the trust gained between the inhabitants and their surroundings- maintaining a safe and desirable home, both inside and out.

Imbue your drop of water any way you see fit.

“I imbue my drop with the guidance of water, element of emotion, to always balance that which I feel in the moment with the patience of love at all time- protecting my ultimate contentment.”

Lastly, we’ll add our Spirit Element. This element is representative of our individuality, as well as our inner selves. It is as unique as we are, and cannot be replaced with any other element. At times, this element is our intent- that “thing” which we wish to create. At other times it is our breath, or our hair, the physical parts of us that make us tangible. Even still, it is our creativity, ideas, or even the thoughts that make us who we are. It can also be the greater spirit of the universe, our deities, our energies, or our beliefs. This element is our experience of the other four, and combines them into the sculpture that is you.

On your piece of paper, write your intentions for this spell. It can be as simple as: Protection. It can be a thesis of everything you wish for this spell to do. It is your individual representation of spirit that connects your spell to yourself and your home.

For me, I’ve written “Protect my ultimate desires and inner most wishes from interference or negativity.”

When you’re done writing, imbue your paper with your magick.

“I imbue my paper with the guidance of Spirit- represented by Earth and The Universe, to always balance that which I wish to create with that which I most desire- protecting my ultimate contentment.”

And the physical part of your satchel is done.

For me, I hang my satchels above the doors or windows to my home. They are not only physical barriers or entrances, they are also spiritual ones. I like to protect the energy coming and going from my home, as well as the occupants, therefore placing the satchel above the door just makes sense to me. You may feel it’s better somewhere else. Put it wherever you see fit.

The 3 biggest lessons I hope you learned from this series: 1) You are magick. 2) Any spell that guards your ultimate happiness can be considered a protection spell. 3) There is no such thing as a right or wrong way to do things when it comes to magick.

Thank you so much for joining me today, and may your truest happiness come to fruition!

Until next time, my friends…

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