The Stones of Protection

Crystals, Rocks, Stones, Gemstones, and shinies.

The beauties of the Earth are known by many names, and each witch has his or her own favorite. I laugh about it now, but I definitely used to be that girl who would scorch the air if someone called her pretty crystals “rocks”. Now, I use all of them interchangeably.

Whatever you choose to call them, there’s no doubting that they play a very significant role in most modern practices.

It can be very difficult for a newbie witch, or the practical minded cynic, to wrap their head around the fact that inanimate rocks have mystical powers. It’s almost like a leap of faith to see that a stone can have certain vibrations.

However, even science backs this up (at least partly). Quartz (and many other crystals), the most abundant stone on the planet, has a neat little property of piezoelectricity. This means that when cut a certain way and squeezed, it emanates a tiny electric charge along its surface. This flow can also be reversed, causing the crystal to vibrate ad infinitum at certain frequencies.

Sounds hooey-phooey, I’m sure, but it’s actually the science behind watches and microphones!

Therefore, if we look at magickal properties as tuned frequencies, or vibrations of crystals then it’s not hard to use the scientific properties as a logical step into the belief that certain stones can have certain natural energetic powers.

And, if we look further, with a wider mind, it’s possible that all stones and crystals could be “programmed” to have certain energies.

That last part is very important, yet, often underappreciated bit of witchery. All of these books marketing properties of stones and crystals to witches aren’t the all-knowing end-all manual to magick (even if they try to appear as such). The only difference between their reasoning of metaphysical properties and your own is the breadth of their audience. That’s it. They sat in a room, looked at a stone, and created a property for it just the same as any of us could. And while it’s completely acceptable to use their properties as your own, it’s not necessary!

With that being said, there will be a few stones that I list that have certain properties for me that won’t resonate with you- and that’s the beauty of individual magicks! You might even have crystals that you use for certain things that I haven’t thought of, or would never use in that way- and that’s just as amazing! Stones, just like our selves, are not cookie cutters of magick- and we shouldn’t accept the idea that they have to be.

If you want to check out other ingredients I use in protection magicks, read this post!

Stones of Protection

Stones I use the most for Protection:

AmberGuardian of Time, protects against lost moments, negative energy, and promotes the balancing of emotions and healing
AmethystWards against psychic attacks, promotes perspective and intuition 
Apache Tear (Obsidian)Grounds against negativity and ill-will; promotes connection with ancient Earth
Black AgateWards against stress and strife in the home, promotes peace and calm
Black TourmalineGrounds against negative energies and people, wards against hostile people and those wishing to do you harm
Blue ApatiteWards against imbalances in energy and motivation, promotes mental wellfare and psychic intuition
Blue CalciteProtects against anxiety, stress, and situations and people who would cause either. Promotes healing and peace
Botswana AgateWards against loss (physical and emotional), promotes love and strength 
CarnelianGrounds against lethargy and procrastination, promotes action and energy, along with strength and healing
Fire AgateGrounds against Spiritual attacks and negative spiritual energies, promotes health, progress, and awareness
FluoriteWards against negativity, cleanses energies of surroundings and people who may enter your home
LabradoriteProtects against negativity, self-hatred, psychic attacks, and ill-will. Promotes intuition, healing, and self-confidence
MalachiteWards against stagnation and strife, promotes peaceful transformations for the betterment of the person and home
Moonstone Grounds against irrational fears, promotes intuition, acceptance, and wisdom 
OnyxWards against negativity and emotional vampires along with stress and strife, promotes strength and barriers
PrehniteProtects against energy drains and negativity, Promotes healing and connection to positive energies
PyriteGrounds against financial losses, Protects financial resources and material possessions, promoting abundance and good fortune
QuartzAmplifies and Grounds all other stones; Wards against all negativity 
SeleniteCleanses energies of visitors, guests, and wards against those who would do you, your property, or your family harm
Tiger IronGrounds all energies, promotes healing and balance in all things

Any stone, in my opinion, that has a positive attribute can be used to ward, ground, or protect against the negative of that attribute. Labradorite, not usually considered a stone of protection, promotes intuition and psychic tendencies- yet, I’ve used to protect against negativity from strangers for as long as I’ve been in to stones (over a decade and a half now). I, being an introvert and an empath, am extremely susceptible to others’ energies, and Labradorite grounds me in a beautiful chatoyant bubble of wonderfulness that no other stone does. Even though many people don’t see it as protective, for me, by not feeling other people’s negativity, I am protected.

so shiny!!

Therefore, by relation, all stones can be used in protection magick. In fact, the list above is just the stones I use most often, but I’ve been known to pick up any stone in my collection that calls to me during protection work. Lepidolite, for example, is my go-to when meditating, to ward against astral traveling or negative energies entering my sacred space!

What are you favorite stones for protection? What do you carry with you most often?

If you’d like, take a picture and tag me on facebook (CultivateMagick), so I can see what you’re holding! You can follow me on pinterest for even more stone ideas and loves.

Until next time, my friends…

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