Protection Ingredients Every Witch Should Have

March celebrates an entire year in our new home, and that means it’s time to rebuff the protection spells around the house!

I also thought it’d be great to create a few posts about what I do, and why I do it, for anyone who was curious or looking for ideas of their own. Today, instead of focusing on the spellwork itself, I’d like to discuss the items, herbs, and elements, that I use in protection magick.

If you had to rank my practice, in terms of what spells I use most, you’d probably be surprised to know that protection is my number one. In my mind, protection is the preemptive metaphysical act against future negativity. When I used to think of protection, before having a family, it was mostly about my physical self- making sure I was safe and unharmed. Now, however, I see protection as all magick that maintains a certain status quo.

For example, protection spells don’t just work to make sure no one uninvited enters my home- it also guards my home’s habitable condition. Spells don’t just work to make sure we get from point A to point B safely on our drives, but also maintains the vehicles’ good condition. Healing spells, when used to prevent disease, or illness, are also- in my opinion, protection spells- as we’re maintaining a current disease-free condition of our bodies (or our loved ones’ bodies). Protection magick is even essential in my prosperity spells, for a few reasons; not only do I want to preserve the money and the resources I’ve already gained, but I want to protect from fated gain (like someone I love dying to provide me a windfall), and ill-luck gain (like being on the fortuitous end of a bad deal that will eventually bite us in the ass).

Since I can’t ever see all the strings being tugged, and I know that intentions can pave the road to hell, I like covering all my bases. Protection magick, for me, does that. It secures that I will receive what is best fit for my overall happiness instead of the immediate nature of right now, in all things.

That means that I have a lot of ingredients in my witchy arsenal to cover different aspects of security, and I’d love to share a few of my favorites in no particular order! I haven’t included stones or candles, as I plan to have an entire post about those two things respectively!

Brick Dust

Brick Dust is one of my favorite protection elements, but also one that I use the most sparingly. Though you could go to the hardware store and pick up a pallet of bricks, setting yourself up for an enternity of protection magick, I prefer mine to come with history. I have bricks, responsibly sourced, from buildings over a hundred years old- and to me, they always “feel” better than the brand new ones at Home Depot.

When I use brick dust, it’s usually to honor my home and its hospitable condition. It not only protects the structure- a necessity to living and enjoying our home, it protects the future history of the house. The older the brick, the more potent its vibration- allowing my own home to resonate with it, which preserves its ability to stand the test of time.


Eggshells are probably my most used protection ingredient, and the most easily sourced. My diet consists of a lot of eggs, which means I’m forever have eggshells drying on my counter. Though those from the store are adequate, especially in bulk the way I eat them, I much prefer eggs from a real farm (or your own hens)!

Not only does the golden goodness inside provide all the nutrients needed by the body, the shell is a magickal resource in protecting families, fertility, and pregnancy. The magick from these is very maternal, and so, it’s also great for protecting your home from anything that would cause harm to the loved ones inside (think Momma Bear protecting her cubs). They can be used whole, broken, or even crushed- the potency does not change.


Iron is extremely potent in protection because of its deep connection to the ground. It can be found in many forms (from nails and horseshoes, to railroad spikes and shavings) for different types of magick, but all are equally powerful and interchangeable depending on the witch’s preference.

Great against psychic attacks, it is also perfect to solidify the connection between the spell and Earth. When used around the house, it will not only keep unwanted tresspassers from entering the grounds, it will secure the witch’s connection with the home- providing all the protections necessary to make sure she always inhabits the home while willing to (that means it protects financial aspects, hospitable aspects, security aspects, etc). Iron is quite possibly the most abundant and potent workhorse of all things protective.


Sand is a generic, but often overlooked, element in protection spells. There’s two types of sand that I use- for different reasons. One is a generic bought sand, that is great for bulking up spells, and the other is sourced from different places that have brought happiness and memories.

They’re both used for protection, but each has a different purpose. The bulk sand is used to amplify spells- as it’s literally miniature quartz crystals. It reflects negativity away from the area it’s spread, while increasing the potency of any spellwork used in conjunction with it. The sourced sand is used in energy protection spells along with preserving the familial bond, as the memories and love act as vibrational guides for the magicks.


Tobacco leaves, in their purest form, are amazing ingredients for protection spells. Ironically when we think of Tobacco we think of big, looming, and hazardous cigarette companies bent to destroy our lungs, not necessarily of protection. However, Native Americans and Indonesians use this spicy plant as a connection with the Spirit World.

It’s great for spiritual cleansing and protection, and can be used in energy protection spells- or warding against psychic attacks. Whole, the leaves have wonderful magick properties, but this plant is best used as a smoke. When burned, its ethereal qualities are more profound.


Sage is a versatile herb that almost anyone with a witchy practice is quite familiar with. I’ve included it here because it’s a very generic protection element, and can be found easily and readily.

Used to clear away negativity, this plant is generally used as an incense or smoke cleanse. Since cleansing, or removing potential negativity, is a form of protection magick, it goes without saying that Sage can be a fundamental ingredient in any spell.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is by far my absolute favorite smoke cleansing ingredient. Sourced from a tree in South America, it has been used for centuries as a healing and protection element in many cultures. Researchers have even dated uses of Palo Santo back to the Ancient Incas.

This wood smooths energies, unlike sage which clears them out. It’s more subtle, but no less powerful. My favorite way to use it is in resin form, either burned or in spells, and it can be used in every form of protection magick you can think of. I like to think of it as the lubricant for the spells to work smoothly.


Pine is the “Tree of Peace” to the Iroquois Tribe, and is a well-known healing herb in witchy circles. Its smoke cleans the air against negativity and can help create positivity in a stagnate space. In protection magick, it’s the perfect ward against negativity that might affect the livelihood of the house.

For me, I collect needles and branches from the previous years’ Christmas tree. Not only does it have special happy energy associated with it, as Christmas and Yule is a very magickal time in our household, but it’s purposely making use of all parts of a tree that would otherwise be thrown away.


Rosemary is the one herb that I recommend every witch have plenty of. As with a lot of other elements on this list, it wards against negativity. It also wards against evil spirits, psychic attacks, illness, bad fortune, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Rosemary is a hardy plant that can be grown and harvested in a pot. It can be burned as an incense or used as a whole plant outside your door, and the efficacy doesn’t change! It even protects against certain bugs during the warmer months, so it’s not just magickally potent!


Mirrors have a very special place in my heart, as there’s something so wonderful about their shiny surfaces. Reflecting light energy, it is also believed that they have the power to reflect and repel spiritual energy.

Great for warding off negative energy, spirits, and psychic attacks, mirrors are also perfect for amplifying positive energy, magicks, and spells- which can be important in many protective practices. Depending on your intent, and how you place your mirrors, there is no end to their uses!

These, along with stones and candles, make up the bulk of my protection magick- though, like with all ingredients of a spell, it’s about the intent! I plan to post several ways I use each of these elements, and hope you’ll join me in rebuffing the spells around our home- and perhaps, share some of the ones you use in your own!

What are your favorite ingredients in protection magick?

Until next time, my friends…

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