How to Witch on a Tight Budget

I’d like to preface this post by saying that witchy supplies are not necessary to practicing one’s craft. The only items needed to preform witchcraft are your mind, your body, and your intention- don’t ever let anyone tell you differently!

I am a bargain hunter. Like Diana, with her bow and on the prowl, I am forever searching for a good deal. I have passed up many things I would have liked to own simply because the price on the tag seemed too stiff.

Because I’m frugal, I’ve gotten very creative at refurbishing and recycling old objects. Thrift stores are my favorite hang-outs and you will find me perusing the aisles for hours on end as often as my family will let me.

This past weekend, we took half a day and went around to a couple of shops. While I got a few things, I saw a whole bunch of items and deals that other witches might also love. With a little creativity, a trip to a few thrift stores could be exactly what you need to stock up on your crafting needs!

So, without further ado, I bring to you, a cauldron-ton of Budget Witchy Thrifts!


Always check the display cases of your Thrift Stores, Antique Malls, and Flea Markets! Some of that “costume jewelry” is actually semi-precious gemstones that can be cleansed and reused for their metaphysical purposes. Find a ring that’s too small? That’s okay, put it on a string and wear it like a necklace, use it as a charm on a satchel, or hang it from the review mirror of your car!

Miscellaneous Show-Case Goodies

My husband, with his eagle eyes, found this! It is a Three Wise Men Chest with Frankincense and Myrrh resins, it also had gold leaf! Witchy resins in goodwill equals a good day! Always check those cases, even if they’re jumbled and pathetic looking, because you never know what you might find that you could use in your practice!

Furniture and Shelving

If you have the room, a thrift store is the perfect place to buy your witchy furniture. Most of the furniture in my craft room is second hand, and all the more loved for it. Currently, I don’t need any new furniture for my room, but I found some great ideas for those who might be looking!

A pair of columns and a piece of wood make a great altar table!
Chests are great storage, and they make amazing altars! I have one just like this that I shabbied up and used for years as a living room altar in our old house!

Shelves are not only great for displaying, but they can be amazing storage options, or even a practical altar when your running low on space!

I love odd little standing shelves like this. I bought this one to use for my singing bowls!
This shelf was big enough to stand on its own, or hang on the wall. Perfect for an altar, or displaying things!
Shelves with drawers are perfect for holding herbs, incense, and little stones
I could imagine this holding satchels, incense cones, and other odds and ends of witchery
I see these Coca-Cola boxes everywhere, Hung up they’re great to hold chime candles with enough space to sort them by color!
How cute is this? I immediately imagined a home protection altar, with stones, herbs, and little trinkets!
These babies are called Printing Trays and they’re amazing for holding your stone collections! I have one that holds all my little random stones.
Such possibilities for witchy goodness here! Candles, stones, knick-knacks, or even an altar!
Technically not a shelf, more a plant holder, but it could be used as hanging storage bin for all kinds of goodies!
Window Panes are great way to add style to a small space- simply spray paint the backs with mirrored paint and you have an instant room opener
End tables make great little altars!
This little guy had wheels! Mobile altar, or even bookshelf??
When I get my patio built, I envision a set of these TV Tables outside representing each of the four physical elements as altars

Jars, Jars, and more Jars!

If there’s anything us witches have in common, it’s our love of jars in all shapes and sizes. Thrift stores are always packed with glass goodies that other people have lovingly discarded. No matter what your jarred need, there is a thrift store out there that has it!

I keep my collections of stones in jars just like this. Herbs would be great too!
So pretty! I imagine this to house a whole bunch of cone incense- making them easier and accessible!
How about a jar to hold those magickal oils? I love these types!
Spell work, or holding herbs, the uses for jars like this are endless!
Spell oils would look lovely in a jar like this!
I imagine Fire Water in this jar, as the label says Dragon’s Breath
I love the style of this! I have two of them I keep my Magickal Waters in!


From bowls to hold offerings, to cast-iron cauldrons and skillets to hold your charcoal disks to cleanse your space, thrift stores always have an abundance of dishes. They can be used for storage, display, and actual use- only your imagination is the limit!

This giant bowl was calling my name, but alas, I left it for another witch. It would be great for a witch who loves to create terrariums!
Bowls are fantastic for all sorts of fun things- from housing stones, to giving offerings on your altar; their uses are unlimited!
Plates like this are not only functional, they can be placed on seasonal altars, or used to represent elements on your sacred spaces
This beauty here is why I left the giant bowl! I’ve been dreaming of finding one of these plates for outside workings (representing the water element) for forever! She definitely came home with me!
My Great Grandmother used to keep bowls like this with potpouri in them. Every time I see one I think of her- but there’s plenty of non-sentimental uses for a dish like this, too!
The color of these dishes immediately reminded me of the sun! Great pieces for offerings, water charging, or elemental symbols
Cute little cups like this are perfect for offerings and sacred wines!
Coffee mugs are not only great for drinking out of, but perfect to hold extra candles, other tools, or even altar trash! I keep one on my altar to house spent matches
Big pots like this are great to catch paper burnings in. They’re made of thin steel, so I wouldn’t burn directly in the pot- but small paper fires during rites would probably work!
I almost bought this for myself, knowing I’d put stones in it, but I decided I already had eough similar items so I left it
I just loved the color of this cup- it immediately reminded me of Unicorns and Faeries
Stuff that looks like this usually silver or silver-plated. With a bit of elbow grease, a lemon, and some baking soda- these things really shine! This plate would be a wonderful offering dish or altar plate!
Another Silver or Silver-plated find! This time, a tea pot! Lovely!
Silver spoons! I had these in my cart for a while, as I loved the idea of using them to stir and measure my herbs but I ended up putting them back because I don’t need 12 of them
These are perfect little cauldrons for spell work, like my Cauldron of Prayers
Cast-iron skillets are great for burning things. I use a baby one to hold sand and a charcoal disk when I’m energy cleansing- they’re small enough to hold in one hand and I don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Art and Mirrors

Art is abundant in the thrift stores. Some makes you wonder what the person was thinking when it was originally bought, but others are great ways to add personality to your sacred spaces!

My son’s spirit animal is the Elephant, so artwork like this always makes me think of him
This was just so pretty, and I could imagine it hanging in someone’s space easily
These trays are not only great for display, they’re perfect for spell work as the mirror automatically amplifies and reflects the spell. I have quite a few of them and they play double duty all the time
Statues of animals are great representations of Gods, Goddesses, and Spirit Animals!
A pretty serving tray makes a great portable altar, shelf, or Butler’s Spell tray (I have one that I use to transport objects from The Craft Room to other areas of the house when needed).
Frames are perfect for housing your own art, cards, or if painted black could be used as scrying mirrors. Many uses for these old things!
Statues representing familiars are great ways to personalize sacred spaces
Figurines could be the perfect archetypal symbol for Gods and Goddesses, intentions, and interests. I’ve found several Amy Brown Statues in thrift stores and even if they wouldn’t represent a real object, I love that they’re mystical and faeries.
Stars are always in fashion in this witch’s house. I definitely scooped this one up as it was half off!
I have no idea what this things original purpose was, but I imagined it holding Rose Quartz and other love stones.
I immediately thought of Water when I saw this. Great representation of elemental magick with pieces like this! Plus, I have a thing for glass art, so win win.
This reminded me of Greek Tragedies which is great for anyone who follows that path or pantheon. I learned when I got home that it was part of a Romantic Poet’s collection from the 1970’s.
Another decorative plate from the same artist
Giant mirrors are always handy!
I love the style of this and could see it hanging in someone’s sacred space or the bedroom (to promote romance).
I have one of these that I hold all my rough stones in on my working altar- it keeps them organized and close so I can use them when needed

Candles and Miscellaneous

Candles, and candle holders can be found super cheap at thrift stores. I have been looking for a nice taper candle stick set, and was able to find one this last trip. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open for other items that are just as useful!

Star Candle holders are adorable and super witchy, if that’s your style
This one was a little rusty, but with a coat of paint it could be fixed up nicely. I love the moon and the height!
Cute luggage boxes like this are great for storage, and spell works!
Oil lamps always make me feel so ancient and wise. I have two in The Craft Room, but they’re more modern looking than this hurricane lamp.
There’s something about mis-matched tall taper holders that pull at my witchy heart. I didn’t buy these, but I almost did!
I imagined these on a Yule Altar.
Fake Candles are great for those who are unable or unwilling to burn real ones
Bags and bags of candles in all shapes, sizes, and colors!
Always check the bookshelves, you never know what you’ll find. This trip didn’t yield anything witchy, but other trips have!
I don’t know what this was originally used for, but I imagined Chakra Stones or Chakra Candles on this
Boxes are the next best thing to jars- great for storage or spells, their uses are endless
I use baskets for storage in The Craft Room and to transport spell crafting supplies to other places (like outside or the living room).
This felt very Paganish to me, reminded me of Stonehenge
Railroad spikes are great for protection magick! Next week I’m planning on showing you how to use these bad boys to protect your house from intruders, financial ruin, and natural disasters!
More cheap Taper holders!
Bells are great for sound cleansing, spirit invocation, certain spell works, and representing the element air
Stress balls are great for meditation, which is an essential part of my own spiritual practice
Hand carved walking sticks would make great staffs
Horseshoes hung right-side up over your door is good luck. I have one hanging over the door to the garage, our most used entrance
The perfect pair of taper candle holders. These two came home with me and are now sitting on my altar

My Bring Home Loves

Even though I wish I could have brought home many of my finds, the frugal part of me still likes to know I’m going to use what I buy- so here are some goodies I decided keep. I made a quick stop by the Asian Market near my house and picked up a few herbs too- figured I’d share so you, too, might want to check out your local markets!

I’ve wanted a tea set for a long while, and I found this brand new one for $9 at Goodwill. I love that it’s hand crafted in Japan
The shelf that I showed above now in it’s new home. In the chair are mirrors I picked up at the dollar tree that are going to get hung up in that corner
My husband found this beautiful little guy for me! He’s missing some wiring, by my handyman is going to make him into a lamp for me. His name is George
Another awesome find by my husband! Theses are neat little affirmation cards that are styled after oracle cards- brand new and unopened!
We went to Ross too, and I picked up this Detox tea for $2. I love the name!
I got a few glass bowls to hold more of my rocks and things. I love the flared ones for some reason- they remind me of flowers.
A better look at the Frankincense and Myrrh resins. I’m still super stoked about this find!
Beautiful Candle sticks!
I already have the place this is getting hung picked out, I just need to remember to grab nails- I’m all out!
I got these three, along with a jar of Jasmine and Roses from the local Asian Market near my house. That store will be a separate post, because it’s a witchy gold mine!
I’m still so excited that I got this beauty for $6 at Goodwill. They’re normally $40 or more at Home Goods. And this one is exactly my style- totally meant to be!

And that about sums up my shopping experience! Lots of fun ideas, this time around. Maybe I’ll make another post one day of all the things I’ve bought second hand that I use in my own practice, if that’s something you’d be interested in!

What did you think about my finds? Would you use any of these items in your own practice? What’s the best deal you’ve found at a thrift store?

Until next time, my friends…

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