How to Mend a Broken Heart Spell (Part II)

Please note this is a two part series! Find Mending a Broken Heart Spell Part I here!

When we imagine broken hearts it is usually over a lover. We imagine break-ups and empty promises of the future shredded to bits by the loss of their presence.

However, there are many forms of heartbreak. A friend moving, a beloved pet or familiar dying, a child leaving the nest, or even the heartache of learning someone’s true nature betrays our impossibly high expectations, can all be examples of things that cause a broken heart.

We cannot know what will hurt us deeply until we’ve experienced such pain, and we all experience them differently.

The common reality of each heartbreak, no matter the cause, is that it murders a piece of us that existed in vibrant wonder before; the pain we feel is a death without dying- a tumultuous and unforgiving path of change we must walk unexpectedly.

But, walk it we will, and with enough love we will once again learn to survive- carving out another life for ourselves from the stone-cold pain of the life before. And, perhaps, given enough time- our lives will be better for having suffered as deeply as we have.

In Part I of this spell, I showed you how to make a heart poppet. For some, that cathartic crafting is enough to power through into the new life- allowing the pain to seep from them so they may thrive. For others, like me, more is needed to let go of our torture.

That’s where Part II comes in.

For me, releasing the pain isn’t all that’s needed to live through it. I have to learn to accept it. Accept not only the excruciating sorrow as part of my journey, but the circumstances that led to that pain, the inability to control or change them, and- in all fairness- my responsibility in any of it.

Simply releasing the pain is perfect for someone who doesn’t rehash, relive, or obsess over the past. However, if you find that you’re like me, it’s acceptance that keeps the mind from staying put in the past.

Guard and Ground the Heart Spell


Heart Poppet
Charm of a Guardian (Spirit Animal, Angelic, Symbolic, etc)
Optional: Red Ribbon

Carry the Heart Poppet next to your skin for 24 to 72 hours. Whenever the pain of your heartache rears, press the poppet against your skin and let it soak up your pain. Sleeping with this poppet under your pillow during this time will help remove the heartbreak at a subconscious level as well.

After the hours have passed and you feel it’s time, sew your charm onto the pillow. This Guardian is now responsible for watching over your heart, protecting it from pain and guiding it to feel love again. It is a physical representation of the spiritual connection you have with the Universe, knowing that this pain you’ve been given is temporary in the grand scheme. It is part of the human experience and is necessary to grow.

I’d use a Turtle, as this is my most used spiritual symbol- representing my Spirit Animal. Use whatever calls to you and makes you feel protected.

Now, you have two choices, but both are symbolic of the same thing- grounding your pain. When we live in our heads, instead of our bodies, we allow our pain to recirculate through us like the blood our hearts pump. We hold on to it, afraid to feel it completely, and our egos desperately try to find ways of fixing it (to no avail). Therefore, it is only through feeling the pain, deep in our bodies- the physical along with the mental and spiritual- that we can accept it.

Grounding the Heart takes you outside, no matter which of the following methods you use. Connecting with Nature allows us to connect with ourselves.

Method 1) Tying the heart to a tree. Trees are Guardians themselves, watching over our air and providing shade from the blistering light of the sun. In many cultures, and in many paths, certain trees have certain meanings- much like herbs and flowers. Find a tree that speaks to you, and tie your pain to it. The tree, grounded physically to the Earth, can accept your pain for not only does it live longer than we do, it is literally one with Mother Nature. Trees are wiser than we are, and know many secrets about the Universe that we can only guess at. By grounding our heart to them, we connect ourselves to them, allowing them to breathe new life into us.

Trees are Magick…

Method 2) Burying the heart. This method is my least preferred, as burying pain is a form of denial, but as long as it comes with the promise to ground and not bury- it can be just as powerful as the tree method. Find a place that calls to you, somewhere that you feel safe, and ground yourself first. Sit against the grass, feeling the Earth breathe around you, and plant yourself into the ground. When you know you are one with Mother Nature, dig a small hole and bury your heart. The Earth will accept your burden as her own, as she can take on far more than we can individually (she is home to our entire species after all), and allow you to shed it.

Dirt heals.

In both instances, it is important to give gratitude to either one (or both) for not only accepting your pain, but living despite it. In knowing that they are, you will find that you can also be. Living past the pain, as strong as a tree and as loving as the earth, we honor our Guardians and their sacrifice in loving us. Seeing that the Earth still turns, and the Tree still grows, is symbolic of our own continued life. We will survive this heartbreak and it will not end us.

The Charm of our Guardians connects our spiritual selves with our emotional selves, which combined with the Grounding further connects our physical selves. We are uniquely whole in this moment, and by being whole we recognize that the pain we’ve suffered is temporary.

Death is only painful for the living, for those who have passed gain the knowledge of how extraordinarily temporary death is on the path of our existence.


Pain is a death, and even death is temporary. You will not only survive, you will thrive. Believe it.

I hope this spell helps you. It has seen me through the death of my father, the ending of more than one relationship.

And, no matter what, remember this: You are loved; and in your brokenness, you- like Kintsugi, become even more beautiful for having been put back together so uniquely.

Until next time, my friends…

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