How to Mend a Broken Heart Spell

*Please note: this is a two part series! Stay tuned later this week for Part II!

Our hearts are incredible. When full they have the power to take down nations while simultaneously being fragile enough to shatter into a thousand pieces at the slightest of words.

A broken heart is an emotion as close to death as us living beings can experience. Physically unbearable, our emotional pain overwhelms our senses and causes tangible pain throughout our bodies; it is also mentally harrowing, and can feel as if we will not survive such an awful ordeal.

It is, in both a metaphorical and literal sense, a death of sorts. Emotions we once held, that gave us hope and joy, are now extinguished in a flood of tears. The person we once were has died, and we- our spiritual and physical selves- must learn to continue living in this new world. It’s one of the most excruciating events, in my opinion, a human can go through- and not unlike Dante’s Inferno, this hell has many levels.

For us witches, no matter how proactive we are about our protection spells and our energy, if we allow ourselves to love we cannot always avoid the collision course destiny has set us on; there will be times when our hearts will crumble to dust in our magickal hands.

Fortunately, we do not have to resort to desperate tactics, like the infamous Romeo and Juliet, to mend our sorrow. Magick, the manipulation of energy, fills our being and in times of great need, we can even use it as a crutch until our soul is healthy enough to stand on its own.

This spell is powerful, but must not be used- in my opinion, unless it’s truly needed. The efficacy can wane if overused, and you’ll want it to be as potent as possible during those times when you know you won’t survive another minute in this state.

It involves a bit of sewing, but don’t freak out- it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even though I’m sure Martha Stewart can feel heartbreak as deep as the rest of us, she’s not here to judge our crafting skills.

The ingredients for the first part of this spell is simple- it’s a poppet, but instead of shaping it to be a person, you will be shaping it to represent your heart. You need something to make the heart out of, something to bind it together, and something to cut it out. The medium of your heart is far less important than the intention going into it. However, if you want to know what I use, I’ll list it below. Also, know that these hearts can be premade before the spell is needed, so they don’t have to be made at the time of the rest of the spell. I usually make them with the spell, but that’s because I’ve always done it that way.

Ingredients for Part I of Mending a Broken Heart Spell


-Red Felt (for me, the thicker the better).
-Gold Tinted Thread

Materials for a Heart Poppet

First step is making the heart. Before I get started here, I light my opening candles. For me, it’s always a black candle and a white candle. I also light a red candle, to signify love- that which I’ve lost, and that which I wish to gain. I’m both crafting and witch crafting here, so candles- for me- are a must.

Now, You’ll want to cut out two equal sized halves- as shown below- make them as big or as small as you like. I like mine to be a bit bigger, because, well- go big or go home.

Cut out your heart halves

Next, you’ll want to cut a slit, right into the middle of one of the halves (I fold the top piece in half and cut- making a v like shape). Make sure not to cut the heart in half, the slit should be just enough to make a tiny pocket once the two halves are placed together.

Cut a “hole” or slit into one of your heart halves

During this time, you’ll want to be feeling your pain. Sink it into the felt hearts- make them feel what your own heart feels. Fill it with your sadness, sorrow, and self-pity. Fill it up, because unlike your own heart, it can take it.

Then, you’ll take whatever medium you’re using to bind the two halves, and bind them. For me, the thread is not only a great medium- it’s symbolic. I am sewing my heart together- it is cathartic for the tedious nature of sewing, but it also represents my own heart being put back together. I use gold thread due to the Japanese practice of Kintsugi– which is the idea that broken pottery, when repaired with Gold, makes a prettier and more unique piece than when it was whole. My heart is scarred, but it is more empathetic and loving because of the pain it has suffered.

While I’m binding my heart together I recite a short spell. It’s personal and to the point, but you should make it your own, or recite something else- or recite nothing. This is your craft, and, well…your craft.

I repeat over and over:

“As this thread binds this heart, take away my pain.
Close this wound, and hear my rage, so I won’t hurt in vain.
Fill this heart, this symbol of mine, with all my sorrow, And let it feel, what I feel now, so I breathe free tomorrow.”

When I’m finished binding the two hearts together, I’m left with a heart with a pocket.

Sew the halves together, leaving pocket in your poppet

Here’s where this spell gets intimately unique. That pocket is where you stuff your grief. This may be a picture and an old piece of jewelry for some, a locket of hair, or a diary page- this grief is yours and will look uniquely like you.

For me, it depends on my heartache- as I have stuffed many things into these hearts (as many feeling and memories have been stuffed into my own heart). In this particular case, I wrote why my heart is broken on a piece of parchment paper, tossed in some roses (symbolic of love), and a picture of the person who broke my heart.

Ideas to stuff into the Heart Poppet (the list is only limited by your imagination):

-Pictures of things, people, or events that have broken your heart
-Letter to the cause of your pain
-Words or phrases that remind you of your hurt
-Drawings or artistic representations of your hurt
-Dried Flowers
-A piece of an ex-lovers hair, or clothing
-Needles (to symbolize the pain you’ve suffered)
-And so much more; think of your Poppet as the U.S. Postal Service- if it fits, it ships.

No matter what it is, when you put it into the heart, imagine all your pain associated with the reason you chose that item sinking into it- and leaving you. That item, or thing, or note- whatever it is you’ve chosen to represent your grief- now carries your burden so you don’t have to. Add more items to the heart, or hold the few you’ve chosen, until you can feel the grief fleeing your own into the one you’ve made. This can take a few seconds, or a few minutes. Depending on the depth of the wound, it might take all day. You’ll know when it’s time to move on to the next step. For me, my signal is always that involuntary sigh that comes from a deep cry- the one that comes in two short breaths and then the long one. That’s grief leaving the body.

Next, when you’re ready, you want to close up the wound (read: pocket). Repeating the same spell as before, I seal the pocket with thread until the heart is whole and the heartache is locked away inside. Those feelings are no longer yours to carry, even if you can still feel phantom lingerings- they belong inside the felt heart, not yours.

“As this thread binds this heart, take away my pain.
Close this wound, and hear my rage, so I won’t hurt in vain.
Fill this heart, this symbol of mine, with all my sorrow, And let it feel, what I feel now, so I breathe free tomorrow.”

Pocket sewn, and ready for wax seal!

Finally, you’ll take a drip of red wax from your candle and seal the threads on the pocket. Sometimes I seal the whole heart, but usually- just the wound will do me.

When I’ve done that, this part of the spell is done, and for those who feel refreshed and renewed by this cathartic craft- you may not feel you need to go further. Close your circle, and snuff your candles- and know that your heartache is sealed and your wound can no longer hurt you

For others, you’ll need a bit more. Since I only do this spell when I’m at a point, emotionally, that I feel I won’t recover from, I always continue on with the second part of the spell, but as with all magick- it is grown and cultivated by the witch, not by the words!

Heart Poppet imbued with all my heartbreak, and sealed with wax

Stay tuned for part 2!

Until next time, my friends…

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