The Amazing Little Sex Box, a Valentine’s Spell

“Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me…”

I miss the 90’s…

Okay, maybe not you and me, but you and whomever you choose!

Sex between two consenting adults can be one of the most powerful physical magicks you can engage in. A metaphysical mixing of energies, the exchange of power necessary in sexual encounters is one that requires, in the moment, the utmost of trusts. Even with a stranger, or one night stand, you give a part of yourself in those passionate moments that will never again return to you unchanged.

(And, that’s not to mention that an orgasm is one of the easiest, and most pleasurable, ways to realign and unblock Chakras, clear your Aura, and release stagnate negativity.)

The three letter word is sold everywhere, yet, in our culture, it’s a hidden taboo that everyone, at some point, engages in and no one is allowed to talk about. As a woman, there are unclear and biased rules about how much pleasure I’m allowed to take part in when it comes to sex, as too much can label me a whore and too little can label me a prude. Talking about it could give the impression to fools that I am loose and not talking about it denies a very natural and magickal part of myself. However, as one who likes to defy labels, I not only do I enjoy sex, I enjoy talking about sex. So, here we are!

It is empowering, feeling our bodies being worshiped by another respectfully. It is freeing to feel wanted, deserving, and devoured. It is also liberating to consume our partner’s body in the same desperate way. The after-glow of a good in-between the sheets session leaves you feeling boneless and allows your brain a necessary reboot that lets your body ground itself into the moment without feeling the pressure of overthinking everything.

That moment when we can’t do anything but melt into the surface closest to the floor…

The most important, and freeing, aspect of sex is the giving of ourselves and the taking of another. Done right, and responsibly (physically and emotionally) sex can be tantric experience.

In reality, that’s exactly why it sells so well. We all want to experience that feeling as often as possible! However, if it doesn’t come naturally, through the physical release or orgasm (even by yourself), it is only your brain that experiences the euphoria and not the entire body.

Therefore, as a liberated woman and a witch, sex is not only something I enjoy participating in, it’s something that I want to enhance, capture, and amplify while having it!

This spell is best enjoyed in anyway that suits your lifestyle. It is blind to unwanted judgement and only asks that you stay true to your best self, and enter into your sexual encounters with respect for yourself and your partner[s].

What is your best self? Only you can answer that. For me, sex comes with strings and baggage. Before meeting my husband I thought sex equaled love, and spent a long time selling my body to give my soul value. I packed my pain of past abuse and feeling unwanted into neat little boxes and hid them on the shelves of my psyche. Now, after finding real love and unpacking my crap, I realize how empty my experiences were, but it doesn’t change how much damage they caused. In order to get into the moment, I have to shut my brain down and let my body and soul enjoy what my heart knows to be true between my husband and I. So, for me, using this box to engage in frivolous and meaningless sex with strangers wouldn’t be staying true to my best self. Using this box to increase the trust I have with my partner, and enhancing my budding sensuality, however- would be.

That’s not to say if you want to engage in meaningless sex, you can’t use this spell. I can only speak for myself. Meaningless sex might be exactly what you need, and is a wholly different form of freedom when done for the right reasons. Like the spell, I don’t judge, and leave the scrutiny to you!

The Amazing Little Sex Box

While preforming this spell (it can be any time, not just for Valentine’s), it is best to take time to imagine a fantastic sexual encounter. It can be one you’ve experienced, or one you wish to experience. The more visual, realistic, and deep, you can imagine this- the more potent your spell. You should be turned on, heated to the core, and wanting to orgasm while preforming this spell. All of that energy, the unbridled want and the desire to seek release, will soak into your work and make it that much more powerful.

My box stays near my bed


A small box, satchel, or other pouch. I like boxes, for their metaphorical translations when it comes to sex.
Red Roses
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
*Red Candle anointed with Ylang Ylang

Gather your herbs and stones, and imbue them with purpose as you add each into the box while thinking of your fantasies or sexual experiences. You can give them whatever purpose you’d like, but the ones that I’ve given are below.

Red Rose: Passion, Romance, and Seduction
Jasmine: Sensuality, Attraction, and Aphrodisia
Sapphire: Spirituality (connection of souls through sex), Beauty, and Euphoria
Garnet: Potent Sexuality, Balance, and Protection
Pyrite: Attraction, Abundance, and Sexual Confidence

When your ingredients are placed into the box, and your blood is boiling with the heat of your visualizations, drip a bit of your oil onto your fingers. This is representative of the finish, the orgasm, and the intended release you wish to manifest with the sex this box will bring. Rub this oil onto the seal of this box, or the lid, then close.

Place the box somewhere near where you’d like to enjoy your visualization. If it’s in the bedroom, you can place it on your nightstand. If it’s in the kitchen, you can tape it to the bottom of the table. If it’s in your car, you can place it under your driver’s seat. It doesn’t matter how it gets stored, as long as its placement matches the intention and desire you’ve given it. If your imagination has led you away from your house, say to a public place or to someone else’s home, set the box on your front porch or in a convenient spot outside your home.

The sex will manifest and the release will be granted. If you want the sex to continue in the same way, keep the box where it is and rub more Ylang Ylang oil onto it after each experience. This symbol of release will recharge the spell without having to create it again. If you’d like to change the visualization, or the experience, simply imbue your ingredients with the different visual- they can be reused and reprogrammed. Just make sure your intent is as strong as it was the first time.

*If libido, or getting into the mood, is keeping you from engaging in your sexual appetites, you can light a red candle anointed with Ylang Ylang oil to amp this spell even more, or to activate the vision. For example, if you’re like me and have a hard time getting in the mood without shutting your brain down, you can light the candle to increase your libido to overrun your brain and allow you to want to accept the release the box promises. This, along with the intent behind the Garnet, is why it’s best to know whether or not it’s for your best self, because wanting what you don’t actually want is counterintuitive to the entire purpose of the spell!

Now, go out and get laid! Respectfully, of course 😉

Until next time, my friends…

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