How to Attract Affection: a Valentine’s Love Elixir

To love is to burn, to be on fire.

Jane Austin

Love is such a volatile emotion. It is a storm of chemical responses, physical synapses, and emotional connections that even science dare not explain fully.

It’s such a simple four letter word, yet the idea sells movies, cosmetics, songs, flowers, and even an entire holiday! We love love, and when we’re in it- we’re happy-go-lucky fanatics seeing the world in bright and wonderful ways- cheering for every other lover of love with a joy that only lunatics appreciate.

Yet, when we aren’t in love, or we’ve fallen out of love- it can be difficult to see yourself ever being happy again. And, I don’t just mean relationships with other people, I also mean loving yourself. When we are missing love, it can be as if we are missing a piece of ourselves- and in a desperate attempt to become whole, we may often turn to the wrong temptation hoping to find a bit of salvation.

In our extremes, however, we often forget the in between needs spell work too; love is ever changing and in constant need of grooming and spark.

Those moments, when single, that we’ve grown like moss on a rock into the comfort of our singledom. We stop looking for love, not necessarily out of fear- but out of false hope. We’re told that if we stop looking it will find us, and in our silent desperation we stop looking entirely- believing that when it’s meant to be it’ll come to us. Our lives pass us by, in this everlasting state of waiting, and we resign that we’re happier this way- when in reality, we’ve just grown so accustomed to the loneliness that we treat it as an old friend.

Then, there is too- in every relationship, after the glow of the honeymoon fades into the embers of compassion- a time when we grow comfortable. And, comfortable, my friends, is nothing more than the killer of romance and the death of spontaneity. It’s why fairy-tales and Romcoms always end when the couple finally realizes they’re in love… and then cut- they live happily ever after! Because what the movies won’t tell you, and surely what Disney won’t ever admit, is that the moment you stop dating your lover, your relationship starts to wither and die without hard work and intent. It must be watered, nurtured, and purposely grown- otherwise, happily ever after starts looking like you schedule your once-a-month sexcapade around work and play-dates. The work is not nearly as easy to sell as hot passionate first kisses on city-stoops in the middle of the rain, but it’s no less important.

In all cases, we’re in need of love- whether it be sustaining it through a new relationship, finding love for ourselves after leaving an old one, looking for that special someone, or reigniting the flames of a passion we already have. Love spells do not just apply to those who wish to find love, but to every single one of us in all stages of love.

This elixir is for anyone who fit into any of the scenarios above, or in any shade of gray in between.


Image Credit goes to my amazing husband!

Cinnamon Tea
Rose Hips
Rose Petals

Firstly, brew the Cinnamon Tea in very hot water with the rubies. This is the base of your elixir; Cinnamon is the magnet of abundance in which your spell will brew and the Rubies house the power to create a strong and everlasting love (and sex life!). Steep Rose Hips, Rose Petals, and Oregano in the tea until you feel the elixir is imbued with their intent. Rose Hips draw in love, while Oregano is an often overlooked romance herb. Rose Petals, depending on their color, can signify anything from friendly love to sex and romance.

I’ve made a little reference for Rose Petals, so you can tweak this spell in exactly the way you wish.

Colors can help suffuse different magick into your spell depending on your intentions!

Next, imbue the elixir with Honey. This golden syrup is perfect for drawing in love in a gentle and sweet way. It enhances stale relationships, bonds new ones, sweetens the chances of romance, and attracts new lovers (like bears to honey!). Visualize the honey acting as either a magnet for your lover, or a sweet bond between you both. Stir into the hot water until fully dissolved.

Lastly, add sugar. It seems redundant to add sugar to a spell with honey, however not much is needed. Sugar is addictive, and when used properly, it can create a euphoric feeling- very much like being in love for the first time. It is important not to add too much here, as creating too “sweet” of a relationship may result in co-dependency or even cheating (it hides other flavors when it’s too sweet).

Say the following and then drink the Elixir. If you’re preforming this spell for a “stale” or comfortable relationship, it’s best if both partners drink at the same time.

I call to the lovers, future and past, bring me love that will always last. Romance abundant, forever be, may love that binds never abandon me.

Correspondences to amplify this spell:

Days of the week: Friday
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Time of day: 2 PM
Sun Signs: Aries- to bring in new love; Leo- to renew old love

Additions or Substitutions depending on your intentions:

Stale Romance:
Garnet: Amplifies sexual attraction
Cayenne: Intensifies passion

Loving Yourself:
Rose Quartz: Promotes Self-love
Calendula: Self-healing

Attracting a New Love:
Jade: Attracts love and passion
Peppermint: Attracts Luck in all areas

Keeping the Love:
Pearl*: Promotes Passion (*do not use real pearls, as they will perish!)
Apple: Amplifies love and attraction

I’d love to know how this spell works for you- and how you tweaked it to suit your needs! My husband and I will be enjoying a nice warm cup of Love Elixir during our date night this month to keep this marriage of ours healthy, passionate, and most of all, everlasting!

Until next time, my friends…

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