Good Vibrations: Gratitude for Ourselves

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Synchronicity is a real thing, folks. There are times when you will be feeling an idea form, and suddenly, the Universe will start sending glaring neon signs telling you to go for it.

Science chalks up this experience up to simple coincidence- usually referred to as the New Car phenomenon (or the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon). To the people who refuse to believe in anything else, these sightings are an illusion based on our newfound excitement for said thing.

New Car or Synchronicity?! Why not BOTH?! Image credit: CAR Magazine

Yet, we witches know that it is far more complex than simply seeing what we’ve suddenly become aware of. We know that synchronicity can begin far before we’re even aware of what it is we’re seeing, let alone what it is we’re thinking!

Recently, the Universe has been beating me over the head with synchronicity. The “in your face, if you explained it to anyone else they’d think you were crazy” kind of synchronicity. It’s getting hard to ignore, though, I’m very open to listening- I might not have been putting forth my best effort to actively pursue things. I’m stubborn, and I have a very fragile ego, but even I know when it’s time to shut up and listen.

I’m reading a book that tells me to release my Wild Woman, I’m watching a video series that tells me to live in The Tens, a friend a few weeks ago introduced me to EMDR therapy‘s existence, and I’ve found the Hal Erod’s Level 10 life.

Life Changing-! The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 

The Universe is pushing me towards a better life, healing, manifestation of my dreams, and it’s telling me that I’ve had the power this whole time.

We hold on to these false beliefs about ourselves, and taunt them as fact, forcing them to be true without ever stopping to think that we are the ones making them so. “I’m not a morning person”, “I couldn’t give up sugar!”, “I can’t do that”, “I don’t have willpower”.

How limiting are those statements?! If my son were to say “I can’t do that” my Momma-heart would scream out loud and demand that he see himself in the infinite capacity that I see him. Yet, I allow myself to speak to me that way. Every single one of those phrases above are ones I’ve used consistently over the years.

“Speak to yourself as if you were speaking to someone you love”

Me to me

Even though every single one of those thoughts goes against how I feel in my soul about myself. They’re overthought limitations that I’ve imposed on who I am in fear that I’m incapable of being who I want to be.

I went to a Pagan Meet at my local library this week, for the first time ever, and I went knowing it was something I wouldn’t normally do. I’ve held on to this belief that I am not a social person. However, I had a blast while there. The conversation was stimulating, and it was further synchronous to another portion of my path (deities). The people were engaging, and I even found a few new woman who wanted to partake in our Witchy Book Club.

Yet, a few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend this same meeting and my excuse was: “I’m not good at socializing. I talk too much. People won’t like me.”

Firstly, I’m a Gemini Sun. If I’m good at anything, it’s socializing. I like to recharge afterwards, but I know how to work a crowd. Second, I talk too much for whom? Who are these invisible people I’ve made up in my head, and how much does their opinion matter? Do I talk too much for certain people? Probably. Is that my concern? Not one single iota. I am bubbly, and stimulated by intelligent conversation and debate- I want to know people when I meet them, and I want to connect with them. I do this by engaging them, relating to them, and conversing with them. Why have I turned that into a bad thing? Who in my past put that in my head, and why have I believed it as fact until now?

See, it’s common knowledge that we love to talk…

Thirdly, people won’t like me? Again with these invisible people! They don’t exist but in my head, as excuses to not do what I want to do. A limitation I’ve placed on myself to keep me from going after what I want. Not everyone will like me, but if I am who I am- a genuine person with good intentions and an unconditional love for people- I will attract people who do like me. The rest are dealing with their own demons, and perhaps I trigger them. But I have to realize it’s not my burden to carry- just as me not caring for certain people is not their problem! I do not have to live my life trying to make everyone happy to get them to like me, because that makes me unhappy. And, in the end, everyone else being happy is immaterial if I’m miserable.

So, I went. And, do you know what? I didn’t worry whether or not people liked me. I was myself through and through. I talked, I engaged, I gave my opinions, I asked questions, I listened intently, and I learned new things. Were there people there who didn’t like me? I don’t know. I wasn’t concerned. I was having too much fun being myself.

When I got home, I realized that all the synchronicity in the world would not carry me where I need to go if I didn’t do the work. I am everything I want to be, already, if I just allow myself to be.

And so, today, I wanted to take a moment to unlock the chains on on the limitations I’ve placed onto myself and create a “Grateful for Me” list.

This may sound a bit arrogant, to some, but think about it! Who told you that appreciating yourself was arrogant, and when did you start believing that as fact? Are you not a unique and individual expression of The Universe (or divine source, however you name it)? How then, can we not be grateful to be us? If someone else thinks it’s arrogant, that’s on them, not on you. Gently show them their own conditioning, and perhaps they’ll see that they, too, are worthy and deserving of their own love.

Say it again, Titus, for those of us who need it repeated!

In all honesty, this list was difficult at first. It took me a while to push past who I wasn’t to find the gratitude for who I am. I did not limit myself to gratitude for only things I’ve accomplished in the present,but also things I would like to accomplish in the future.

If you’d like to create your own list, I’d suggest taking a look at who- in your soul- you’d like to be in 6 months, without limitations. Write down who you are in this visualization- as if you are already that person (because you are, deep down). Then, when you’ve seen who you wish to be, start listing gratitude for everything that brought you to being that person.

Here’s how I did it. It again, may seem arrogant to some, but when you remove the limitation of the fear of other’s judgement, it’s so freeing how powerful you feel about yourself. Write from your soul, and do not over think it. I free wrote mine, and am sharing it with you- knowing that some may judge it. Their feelings are not mine to carry.

Me in 6 months:

I am happy. My blog is super successful, I’ve developed a new Tarot Deck, and I’m writing a Spiritual Spell Book. I’m a better mom, more engaged. We spend so much time together, away from screens, as a family, that I look forward to shutting down the electronics and being present. I am a more loving wife. I’ve learned to move past insecurities to appreciate my relationship and it’s brought us closer. Sex and our level of intimacy has never been better. I actively engage in hobbies and tasks that move my mind, body, and soul. I am a morning person. I enjoy the outdoors, and get out into nature doing something physical as often as I like. I am a Spiritual Mentor for many people, actively engaging in the community and helping others see their truest potential. I am fulfilled. I eat to nourish this temple of mine, and I pursue activities which connect me to it in a deep and grounded way. I practice Yoga daily. I go to the gym three times a week. I make time for my friends, and we see each other on a regular and consistent basis. I enjoy abundance in finances, love, and happiness.

This helped me tremendously to move past my limitations. By visualizing who I would be in 6 months, I could already see that I’d broken down a few walls that I didn’t even know I has as limitations. I then, working from the place that I am me in 6 months, that woman who feels and enjoys all those things that came from my soul, starting writing a gratitude list. Some of those things are already in place, and are just amplified, which made it connect to the me I am now.

My Gratitude list- I am thankful for:

  • My family’s health, and their over all well-being.
  • My hard work and dedication to my blog
  • My creativity and muse
  • My inspiration that seems to come from outside of myself
  • My talents and gifts
  • The successful growth of my blog and creative endeavors
  • My time with my family
  • My relationship with my son, ever blooming into something beautiful
  • My son’s laughter
  • My son, in all his glory, talents, and intelligence- for being exactly who he is and exactly who he needs to be
  • My son’s unconditional love
  • My time engaging in real life and not screens
  • My husband’s patience
  • My own patience
  • My husband, in his ever stable and unconditional support of us, our family, and me
  • The support my husband accepts from me, giving my life purpose and worth
  • The love between my husband and I, and the growth we’ve both achieved together
  • The time we’ve cultivated, as a couple and as a family, by being more engaged with our lives
  • My personal growth and maturity
  • Healing old woulds, past stories, and false beliefs
  • Being an active participant in my life, instead of a glancing passerbyer
  • Finding hobbies that encourage my growth
  • Hiking, Camping, and Kayaking in the warmer months
  • The Travel that has grown our spiritual and mental selves
  • Rising to meet the sunrise with positivity
  • My Morning Routine (S.A.V.E.R.S) that has brought peace and organization into my daily life
  • The maturity I feel in managing my tasks, life, and obligations without fear
  • The peace I gain from cleaning my home, and maintain a sacred and treasured space
  • The opportunities and people who trust me to help them
  • The growth my business and creativity have seen
  • The amount of people in which I am now connected to, learning from, and teaching
  • For the classes and resources at my disposal to further increase my knowledge, and love of learning
  • The peace I enjoy with my life, and being myself
  • The physical strength and mental fortitude to resist temptation and pursue food and activities which benefit me abundantly
  • The ability to engage in physical activities to strengthen, tone, and honor this temple
  • The confidence I feel in my skin, and the accomplishment I feel for losing unnecessary weight
  • My Yoga Routine, and teachers, which has brought me clarity and peace of mind, as well as physical toning and breathing control
  • My gym routine, which has given me confidence in my physical form and strengthened my core and self
  • For the closeness of my friends, their ability to not only make me laugh, but the gift of allowing me to make them laugh
  • The time spent enjoying the company of good people
  • The abundant financial resources, which has allowed our dreams to become reality and has given us not only our home but a disposable income in which we pursue travel, leisure, and enjoyment
  • The stability of our abundance, in all things, that brings us gratitude for this life and all things in it
  • The peace my family now feels knowing that all things are unlimited and our potential is our own to control

It is a long list, and there’s a few things I omitted for the sake of a few people’s privacy, but after writing it- I felt so clear, at peace, and most importantly, completely without limitations. That life in 6 months is mine, imagined by me, and only limited by me. I will see it come to fruition.

The Universe is bringing me Synchrony, and I am showing it Gratitude. Our Frequencies will align, and I will be who I am meant to be- for myself, and no one else.

The next step to begin to create that person is making plans, taking leaps, and giving up on the limitations of who you believe you are. I have made a leap, and I’ve bought a drawing table- an addition to my art endeavors I’ve used as an excuse to not create. I pick it up tomorrow, and will begin the rewarding adventure of creating my own art once again. I’ve also made a commitment to go to the next Pagan Meet in February. 🙂

My Synchronous find that will be in my home by tomorrow night!

How about you? Who is your perfect self in 6 months if you were to erase all limitations, doubts, and fears? What would you be thankful for, in that moment? And, when you see all those things, what can you do right this minute to bring the two parts of you in sync?

Make a leap and ignore limitations. You are nothing but good vibrations.

I feel like that should be a lyric in a song…

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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