Spells and Magick for Beddy-bye

Sleep is a strange phenomenon when you think about it.

We can go for a month or more without food, the requirement most of us associate with health, yet, going without sleep for more than 3 days can lead detrimental risks to your well being. Deprivation past a week and you’re seriously playing with fate, as ten to eleven days is the max before you die.

Our precious shut-eye is often dismissed in lieu of busy-schedules and intrusive technology, bringing about an epidemic of groggy, underslept, and often grumpy people.

We can’t all be Buddy!

Sleep is also where dreams are held, and for anyone curious about magick, or their Divine Universal Connection, it can be the perfect place to tap into the subconscious. For me, I’m blessed with what’s termed as a sleep disorder. There’s a long fancy-sounding name for it, but basically, I never fully shut down during sleep; instead, my consciousness is always running in the background making it very easy to remember my dreams in vivid detail for hours after I wake up. There are some dreams that I remember for months, or even years, as if they’d happened the night before.

This often means that my source of ideas, or magick, comes from this hidden oasis; however, it can also mean that so, too, do my emotions. Bad dreams can quite literally ruin my entire day, because I’ve experienced these illusions as if they’re real. Because of the bridge between consciousnesses, I “live” in my dreams- I feel physical sensations, emotions, and circumstances while they’re happening, and even though upon waking I realize it’s a dream I cannot always shake their presence.

Before, I associated this with being “broken”. I’d been damaged enough during my formative years that my brain felt it necessary to keep a part of itself awake and alert while sleeping; the results of that belief led me to not seeing the gift I’d been given for a very long time.

My dreams are magickal places, and I have no doubt that yours are as well (you just don’t remember them as clearly)- it’s often why it’s a common practice to “sleep on it” when contemplating a decision, because our subconscious will rattle through the files and bring you an answer. My dreams bring me messages from the dead, beginning with my father in November of 2011, they bring me divine guidance from my spirit guides and The Universe. They bring me new ideas, solutions, inclinations, and healing; and they have even been known to predict the future for not only myself, but other people.

Because of these things, my sleep is not only important to me, it’s almost a spiritual practice in and of itself. I cherish my sleep, and so too, do those around me- for when I’m tired, I’m like Oscar the Grouch with less hair and more cursing.

Me, when I haven’t had enough sleep!

Therefore, protecting those hours when my body is at rest is impertinent. Not just mine either. When I’m asleep, those people I love- and willfully take responsibility for- are without me, walking along the halls of dreams and opening themselves to a lot of potential negative energy.

It’s not that dreaming itself can cause negative energy, but when we’re in our subconscious minds, we’re closer to the the ethereal plane- the world that exists on the other side of ours. Some believe when we sleep we leave our bodies entirely, allowing those who wish to gain life again a chance to sneak into our vessels and use them. A lot of possession myths begin with the person sleeping, and this is why.

I, however, don’t believe in that. I believe that there’s positive and negative energy- and our thoughts attract them both in kind; however, being closer to the plane they originate from means they can be more potent and longer-lingering. If you’ve ever woken up for a bad dream, or even a really good one, and those feelings carried you throughout your day- influencing your mood, actions, and thoughts for that period- you’ve experienced what I mean. When we’re sleeping, we have less control over our thoughts- they run on instinct; like a drunkard who tells everyone off after a pint of vodka, our inhibitions are lowered and our truest feelings can (and often do) manifest. If we’re a habitually negative person, or we constantly run through lists of unfinished projects, past mistakes, or awkward moments of our lives- right before drifting off to sleep- we’re going to send those vibrations out into the Universe once we’ve dozed off.

So, for anyone who sleeps, which is everyone but the wicked and the dead, Sleep Magick- to me, is an absolute necessity. Unless, of course, you were born with the ability to never attract a negative thought ever, and all I ask of you is to come teach me your ways- because that is my ultimate goal in life!!

To begin with, you need to treat sleep as a priority and not an afterthought. A bed-time routine isn’t just a good thing, it’s recommended by sleep-specialists to bring you into Delta and Theta Waves faster (deep and REM sleep) by signalling to the brain that it’s about to go night-night. Our brains love habit and routine, apparently.

Ideas to include in a bedtime routine would be:

  • No Screens An Hour Before Lying Down– our eyes are extremely sensitive to blue light and it has been said to influence our circadian rhythms.
  • A Warm Glass of Decaffeinated Tea (herbal teas are great for this)- warm beverages provide our bodies with calmness
  • Reading (not a book that you can’t put down, either)- reading can turn down the brain’s chatter, allowing us to sleep easier
  • Yoga or Night-time Stretching– exerting any “left-over” energy has been proven to allow sleep to not only come more easily, but last longer and more restful!
  • Journal (brain-dumping)- writing all your thoughts out so they don’t pester you when you go to lie down can also help turn your brain down
  • Meditation– I don’t need to explain the benefits of meditation, because everyone knows it’s amazing!

A part of our night time routine is called “Brushing Out The Pillows” . This is a spell preformed by both my son and myself, and has been something we’ve done for many years. It started after my son, 4 at the time, had a particularly frightening nightmare, and couldn’t fall back to sleep- I pretended to see the dream lingering on the pillow, in all it’s terribleness, and brushed it away by slapping the pillow. He laughed, dried his eyes, and was able to fall back to sleep. The next night, he asked if I would brush out his pillow before he went to sleep- I, of course, obliged. Then, he started doing it for me and his daddy, and I noticed that the love and intent of him knowing his actions would bring me good dreams actually did! Now, every night, we take turns brushing out each other’s pillows (Daddy now does it with us), intent to disrupt any nightmares lingering in their fibers. It’s sweet, innocent, and is a spell filled with nothing but love. It’s probably why it’s so damn effective.

Next comes the addition of spellwork to enhance and amplify our night-time habits.

Spells for Bed Time:

  • Delightful Dreamer: Dream Protection- to keep away bad dreams
  • Deep Sleep: Anxiety Relief (for those of us who can’t stay asleep)
  • Grounded Sleep: Grounding- to keep our minds connected with our bodies and to prevent unwarranted astral travel (and for those of us who can’t fall asleep)
  • Ward of Harmony: Psychic Warding- to protect against other people’s projected negativity toward you
  • Dream Weaver: Lucid Dreaming- to allow us to control or manipulate our dreams into fantasy
  • Fortune Teller: Prophetic Dreaming- to inspire your conscious-self to remember the messages you receive during sleep
  • Dream Walker: Astral Projection- to leave your body during sleep and travel

There are several ways to go about doing these spells, but the most potent I’ve found come in teas and satchels. Teas, already a regular part of a lot of witches’ nighttime routine, adding the herbal element of magick to it just amplifies the intention.

Satchels are little “baggies”- as my son calls them- that usually hang from the bed (or in between the mattress and the box) and are filled with herbs, stones, and whatever other little trinkets might create the magick you’re hoping for.

I have a combination of Delightful Dreams and Deep Sleep under my mattress at the moment. I have all the elements listed above, plus sand from a happy memory (our cruise in 2017), and Sage- which I always put in all my satchels. I activate it with my intention, let it sit on my nightstand for a couple nights to interact with our crystals (see below), then I either hang it on the bed or place it in between the mattress and box-spring. Since we haven’t gotten a new headboard, in between the mattress is where ours currently lives.

For our Bed-time Magick, I don’t just use satchels and teas- but I also keep a dream catcher by the beds, and a few crystals arranged in a specific way. Quartz and Amethyst points face the beds, topped with stone-carved spirit animals representative of our guides. My husband, who has not found his spirit animal yet, feels our guides are protection enough for him at the moment, so only my son and my animals are represented (Elephant and Turtle respectively).

I also speak a quick affirmation before closing my eyes, just to set myself up for greatness the next day:

“I release any resentment I’ve held for this day, for now it is over and no longer lives but in my head. I wake tomorrow with a full heart and gratitude to see a new sunrise. My family wakes healthy and rested, and I greet the day with happiness just to be alive.”

And then, we go to sleep and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

The Satchels need to be smoke cleansed every so often, and the teas can be enjoyed every night for continued effect. I tend cleanse my bed-time spells every few months, but will do it more often if necessary. You’ll know when you need to, I don’t need to tell you.

Sleep well, loves.

Until tomorrow…

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