Prosperity Spell and Altar

Money is said to be the root of all evil, yet, it’s also what makes the world go ’round. Those who don’t have it wish for it, and those who have it want more of it. Happiness can’t be bought with money, but it feels better crying in a mansion than it does a cardboard box.

Unless you were born an accountant, or with a silver spoon in your mouth, chances are you will run into money trouble. We, I’m sad to say, have had more than our fair share over the years. I could blame it on the economy, or the stock market, or the next new financial fad, but in reality- when you’re a family living on a single income these days, you have to be responsible for every dollar you earn. I can say, with pride, that now we understand that, but in our younger days we spent it as fast as we could make it.

Me and Fry have a lot in common sometimes…

Knowing what it’s like to struggle, and finally feeling the freedom of not struggling (as much), I don’t like taking chances with our money. Budgeting, couponing, and meal planning can only get you so far if tragedy strikes- so, as a witch, how do you plan for the unexpected?

If you said Savings Account, you’re not completely wrong- you’re just not thinking big enough.

The answer, of course, is Magick. Now, I’m not a money motivated person. Whoa, I can hear the confusion bouncing through my screen and I haven’t even published this baby yet! Ha! I’m not, really. I like buying things, as all people do, and I like paying my bills- but if I had a choice between wealth and my family, I wouldn’t even blink before choosing the latter. Time is what motivates me- the time I have left, the time I spend with loved ones, the times I cry laughing- those are what drives me. So, when I’m doing money magick, it’s not to get rich or to win the next Powerball- for our family, it’s to live comfortably enough to get to enjoy that time.

There’s also another reason I don’t ask for the Powerball- and that’s faith. For a spell to work, the witch has to know it will work. There is no room for doubt in our craft, as energies cannot discern what you want them to do, and what you’re afraid they’ll do. My logical brain still relies on the statistics, and believing the astronomical odds, therefore, I don’t think I could win the lottery (nor do I really want to) and if I don’t think I can- well, I won’t.

I can’t tell you what this means, but it leaves me with a whole bunch of doubt.

Therefore, any prosperity work I do stems from the belief that all we need is enough to let us be comfortable. Comfortable is subjective, but our family defines it as not having to worry about money. If we want to take a road trip, we hop in the car and go. If we want to buy ourselves something frivolous at the mall, we can swipe that card knowing the money will be there.

And most of all, it’s knowing the roof over our head is secure, our utilities are up to date, and our vehicles are maintained.

We don’t need mansions, or an entire fleet of cars to make us happy, because a mansion is just a bigger house to clean, and we can only drive one car at a time. Appreciating what we have, and what we do buy is what makes us happy.

Which leads me to my prosperity altar. This altar has seen many versions over the years, and this one is- by far- the simplest (there’s a saying about being an old witch and realizing less gets more done, or something along those lines and I, apparently, subscribe to that principle wholeheartedly). I wanted it close to the door, as this attracts money into the home, and since there was only a small section of wall there, I needed a small shelf.

Like most of my witchcraft “simple, but effective”.

Because of the small space, each item had to be careful chosen with a specific purpose. A large chunk of Pyrite, to attract wealth and abundance into our home, a large chuck of Epidote, to protect financial resources and raise our financial optimism, and a Fluorite sphere, to cleanse any negativity surrounding our finances, financial sources, and potential earnings sits on the far left closest to the front door. The Epidote sits on top of a gift I bought myself that I didn’t quite like once it arrived- this represents the freedom to be a bit frivolous.

Doesn’t that pyrite look scrumptious? I like holding it in my hand and just feeling it.

The cup, crafted by me in middle school, represents the tree of life. In it, we store our magnet money. This money is found change throughout the house, our vehicles, or even the sidewalk- it is money that came to us without hassle, and we keep it on the altar to attract more of its kind. This money doesn’t get spent. It doesn’t get rummaged through or used for vending machines- once it is in that cup, it stays there and belongs to the altar.

Next, is my spell workings. This candle- always green- sits on top of a paystub from my husband’s current job. Not only does this protect his source of income (his employment), it provides the spell with an idea of what we denote as comfortable. The paycheck in question is one that would provide us with enough money to live the way we’d like if we received them regularly, therefore we want more of them like this.

Surrounding the candle are three pyrite pieces, to signify the three members of our family. You’ll see me do this a lot, representing our individuals. I’m not sure why it feels right for me to do so, but it does- so I go with it. Next to them is a miniature stone frog who represents abundance- in this case, abundance of money. Last, but not least, a Mercury Dime. Made of silver, they represent magick, abundance, and good fortune; all things we want when it comes to our finances.

My Money Spell on our Prosperity Altar

The candle is currently a jar candle, however this is due to my spending freeze for January- and the fact that I forgot to stock up on candles in December. I prefer pillar candles, as I like to anoint them in oil, and inscribe them, but any green candle will work as seen by the results of our year in this house.

The spell stays on the altar, but the candle only gets lit once a week on Thursdays. Not only is Thursday an auspicious day for prosperity work, it’s also the day before the end of the week- when my husband needs the most push for hours he can get.

I light the candle in the morning when I get up, and it stays lit until I go to bed that night. If I leave the house, it gets snuffed out while I’m gone, and re-lit once I’m back home.

Like all my spells, I light a black and white candle while this magick is working. They stay on my main altar in the living room, but at times, I will use small tea-lights on the prosperity altar if I feel the need (I usually only do this when I’m cleansing the house though).

In two months, this spell will have been going for 52 weeks in this house- and it has not failed us once. We live more comfortably, my husband brings home consistent pay like the one under the candle, and things “fall into place” more often than before to allow us the financial freedom we want in our life. My husband has had ten months of abundance at work, and we’ve paid every single bill on time (even paid off my truck). I like to think it’s the simplicity of the altar, along with it’s nearness to the door, and the consistency of working the spell that has helped us along.

Not to mention, the hard work and dedication of the man who wakes up every day and leaves his family to bring home that bacon.

Both literally and figuratively.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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