Throwing Stones

I’m the first person to admit that I’m not perfect. I try to be as positive as possible, and I’m often described as bubbly by people who know me. It’s a conscious mindset, and I purposely make sure I’m kind to anyone and everyone that crosses my path. Yet, I’m a real person, and I must admit I tend to find people to be infuriating some days; I have also been known to snap on some fools. Oops.

As a witch, I find this meme accurate af…

Whether in the ether of the internet, or the aisles of the grocery store, there are days when I wish I could just move to remote island with my family and be done with the world. Hell, I can’t even lie, there are days I could just move to a remote island- without my family.

Now, I need to be real with everyone nodding their head in agreement with me- it’s not them, you guys, it’s us.

Yep, I said it. The idiots of the world are not the problem with our moods, ladies and gentleman, they’re just a symptom! In reality, it is ourselves that allow these people to burrow under our skins and change our attitudes. Half the time those people, the ones we get the wrinkles in the middle of our eyebrows from, don’t even know they’re irritating us. Oblivious to anything but their own little world, we’ve allowed them to sink into the waters of our mind and bathe there. Luckily, though, by knowing it’s our doing- we can take preventative steps to make sure it doesn’t continue!

*I must preface the rest of this by saying, for those who will misunderstand my aim, this isn’t to mean we stand silently in the face of bullies, bigotry, -isms, or injustice. If you see, or unfortunately are victim to, someone who intentionally abuses another individual- that’s not what I’m referring to here (and those are most definitely not your fault).

While we can’t control other’s actions, we can control how we take them. The best way to make sure they don’t get on your nerves, is to make sure they’re not even on your radar to begin with.

They’re everywhere!

Imagine walking out of your house with earphones and blinders on- you can only see what you want or need to see, and can only hear the pleasant lullabies cascading from your ear buds. For an entire day, no matter what happened around you, only the positive would settle nicely on your shoulders; while the negative would be ignored and thoroughly forgotten.

It might not be feasible to walk around oblivious to the world like that, because- let’s face it- you would probably turn into someone else’s irritation.

However, we can ground ourselves, letting our energy flow into the Earth- creating a solid connection between spirit and body. This energy flow allows us to remain present in the moment, rationally seeing what’s important and what isn’t, all while naturally shielding us from negativity. It also keeps our feet firmly planted, allowing us a greater sense of control, which means we don’t need to seek control elsewhere (ie: worrying about what idiots are doing).

My favorite way to do this, other than meditation, is carrying stones. Stones, crystals, rocks- whatever you choose to call them in your practice- carrying a vibrational energy that is unique not only to the stone, but to the witch who tunes it. Therefor, carrying them on your person is an excellent way to receive a boost in your own energy and magick without needing to constantly be aware of them.

Not just Bae, but the world. Side note: anyone else hate the word Bae? *shudders*

Now, my most worn pants are leggings, because as a stay-at-home-mom I need to be comfortable to keep my cool- so I sometimes keep my stones in my bra, or my purse- depending on my mood. They don’t have to directly touch you, if you don’t want them too, but for me- I feel like skin on stone contact is the best way to resonate with their energies.

But, with limited space, that means I can’t carrying my entire witchy inventory- although, if you listen to my husband, I’m liable to do that anyway. -_-

Therefore, I want to be as concise as possible in my picks, but I also want them to pack a punch large enough to knock a hole in the face of any negativity coming my way.

Here’s what I carry to keep me grounded, and avoid negativity!

Blue Apatite and Labradorite

These palm stones are too big to wear in my bra without causing some seriously weird shapes, so they stay in my purse constantly. Blue Apatite is an all-around bad ass stone. It cleanses any negativity surrounding you, and brings about mental clarity- allowing you to achieve goals and go about your business like the warrior you are meant to be. This stone is also referred to as The Stone of Manifestation (sounds mystical, doesn’t it?) because it allows you to break through the muck to bring your goals into reality. It’s also related to the throat Chakra, and helps with communication and delivering your intent in conversations!

Labradorite, that flashy stone near my finger tips, is a personal favorite of mine, and I carry one with me everywhere- no matter what. Unlike traditional roles of this stone (psychic awareness and spiritual ascension), Labradorite has always grounded me. It lifts my spirits but keeps my feet firmly on the ground. It’s also an excellent protection stone again negativity and psychic attacks!

Prehnite, Black Moonstone, Malachite, and Tiger Iron

These stones I carry on my person, likely in my bra or in a pocket. Prehnite, the transparent green stone on the far left, is another of my favorite stones. Increasing ones peace and calm, it also heals those of us who are healers, or extremely empathic.

Black Moonstone, the stripy one in the back, is a dark form of Moonstone. It’s known to bring about calm to the holder, but it also signifies the Divine Feminine. As a woman who loves her womanly side, it’s a great stone to carry to feel powerful in my own skin.

Malachite, the green stone nearest my pinky, is my motivation stone. This stone pushes you to be better. It’s often referred to as tough love, but this stone will keep you on track to being your best self. This includes not getting sidetracked by irritation and frivolty.

Last but not least is Tiger Iron. This is a powerful stone, and it definitely packs a grounding punch. This stone is like the more popular Tiger’s Eye, except that it has bands of iron, causing it to be- in my opinion- far more powerful. Holding this stone for just a couple minutes clears my head and grounds me in a way a lot of other stones simply can’t do. It cleanses nearby energy and pretty much puts you in a bubble of protection. It’s a “no-nonsense” crystal.

Now, the lady taking up the entire grocery aisle, investigating every type of cracker while I just need to grab a loaf of bread, will no longer effect me. Nor will the Porche that doesn’t come with a signal light bother me. Not even the know-it-all sitting behind the keyboard judging everyone for not being on their level, you know the ones I’m talking about, will be able to penetrate my bubble. Consider the stones my blinders, earbuds, and stay-out-of-jail card! They’re pretty too, which helps.

And, if worse comes to worse, you can always throw them at people.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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