Tarot Tuesday and Weight-loss Spread

I have an undying love for Tarot. To me it’s a constant conversation with The Universe, a playing of chance drawn at a specific moment to create a dialogue that only time can interpret. It’s a divining tool, if you will, between that which we are (small and finite) and that which we’ve come from (large and infinite).

It’s like Dorothy pulling back the curtain to find that it’s not a man, but an entire Universe packed away behind that fabric, whispering through a mouthpiece in a language it hopes we can understand.

Still the best set of shoes ever to appear on screen

For non-believers, Tarot is seen as frivolity or even the devil’s work. For me, it’s simply a way to find guidance in times of uncertainty. It’s like a prayer with workable intel, or a path (a yellow-brick road, even?) that you may follow.

I’ve mentioned the String Theory before, because for me- science and spirituality must coexist, but in simple terms (that I’m sure are not entirely or technically accurate) it’s a physics unifying theory that states everything in the universe is connected. If it were able to be viewed- in theory- you could follow a string to the future, from a seemingly unrelated incident in the past, and arrive at a destination that is not only related but causated. But, these threads, as if it wasn’t complicated enough- have infinite possibilities at all times (hence the appearance of free will) and can be influenced by the slightest of changes. It’s kind of like the Butterfly Effect and Schrodinger’s Cat had a baby- but it mutated and lives on steroids in a world where there are as many dimensions as there are possibilities. Very scientific- that explanation, isn’t it?

Now, for us normal folks, we don’t have the ability to see these threads. It’s only after-the-fact, or in hindsight, that we can see how extraneous events led to certain occurences; but, this hindsight is often cause for the phrase “everything happens for a reason” and it’s not entirely unfounded.

And in those threads, one day, we’ll find the Moirae just putting along

Tarot, in my opinion- and for everyone it’s different, is like asking The Universe to unravel a few strings and view what I can’t. To peek into the sea of possibilities that lay before me and guide me to the one that is most beneficial to my ultimate goal (whatever that happens to be at the time). The downside to this is that the information it provides isn’t always coherent. It’s relevant, and accurate, but we often don’t see this until the events have passed. This happens because we can’t see everything the Universe can. Then, like a lot of readers I know- myself included, you get that facepalm moment when you realize the cards were telling you exactly what was going to pass and you were just too small to comprehend it.

This is also another reason why I only ask questions that are specific, but in an open-ended way. For example: I will ask “how does my son feel about his gift?” instead of asking “does my son like his gift?” It allows me to interpret the message of the cards in a way that doesn’t leave me erroneously guessing all the little threads I can’t see yet. I, however, won’t ask medical or time questions. The reasons being a) there are too many things constantly in motion impacting such events to be accurate at all times which leads me to b) self-fulfilled prophesy. Knowing isn’t always the best course for us of limited brain capacity (ie: humans)- look at Oedipus Tyrannus, if you don’t believe me.

and I just realized I spelled pursue wrong…oops!

Today, I created a weight-loss spread to help me gain some guidance into my challenges and ultimate goals. I restarted Keto, which is my preferred Way of Eating (WOE), on the 1st of January after taking a few months off; but, abolishing sugar when you’re addicted can be an extremely brutal mind-game. So, any guidance that the Universe has for me is welcomed, and a further step to solidifying my determination that I can do this.

My Cards for my weight-loss spread

In position 1, Mental Strength, I got Justice Reversed- which signifies a lack of accountability. Already, the cards are calling me out! What do I need to remember to get to my goal? I need to remember to hold myself accountable to that goal! I’m doing that at the moment by keeping up with a facebook group, but I need to instill future accountability to make sure I stay on track.

In position 2, Emotional Courage, I pulled 6 of Cups (6oC) which is childhood memories, or revisiting the past. How then, can I best tackle my goal? By remembering why I’m doing this, and being honest with how I’ve gone wrong in the past. Getting real with ones self about bad habits we’ve picked up is the best way to change them for the better.

In position 3, Willpower, the cards gave me 10 of Swords (10oS). This card always fills me with a sense of dread, but not so here. I want to interpret this card as literal- loss. The loss of weight will spurn me to lose more. I can also see this card as painful endings, which is moving past my addiction to sugar, will keep me motivated. This also means I shouldn’t cheat, and go back to sugar, because I might not be able to control the outcome or stay on track.

In position 4, Reality, I drew the Tower (I love this card). How best can I keep my expectations realistic while I pursue (the correct spelling lol) this goal? This card means awakening, or sudden change, and here I see it applied as being awakened to the fact that I need to be realistic about my goals! It sounds redundant, but I have a tendency to expect too much of myself, and a change from that mentality could help me reach my ultimate weight-loss goal by not causing me to be frustrated and give up half way.

Overall, I really enjoyed this spread, and I feel like it’s one of those “you know it, but let me reiterate it for you” types. Weight-loss is hard, and comes with breaking a lot of mental habits along with the physical ones. I know I’m capable of this, and this spread just further proves that I already possess the tools to do what needs to be done. I just have to stay accountable and real with myself, stay away from temptations, and remember that I’m human!

What does the spread tell you? Is the information helpful to your weight-loss goal?

I hope you find this spread helpful, and I look forward to playing with Tarot again with you next Tuesday!

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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