The Magick of Your Senses

It’s common knowledge to anyone past the age of two that we have 5 physical senses: Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, and Hearing. I’m not blowing anyone’s mind with this knowledge drop, I know- but what about the fact that you have the ability to enhance each sense to the point that your brain reacts like you’ve had an orgasm?

That scene in When Harry Met Sally

Do I have your attention now? I thought so.

If you’ve ever heard the term eargasm, well, turns out- it’s a real thing. Art (sight) and music (hearing) evoke strong emotional reactions and that same zone that lights up when you’ve reached your peak in bed is also responsible for that involuntary moan when you’ve just bit into something really good (taste). You know the one I’m talking about! Ever feel a really soft blanket that you just want to bury your face in (touch), or a scent you simply can’t stop smelling?

If we think about it, we experience these “gasms” quite often- yet, we don’t intentionally seek them. A favorite color might please the eye to the point that it elicits an involuntary (yet pleasurable) reaction while a piece of sinful chocolate cake may take you to your happy place.

I’m a sucker for a chocolate-covered cherry

ASMR, a growing trend on youtube, has an entire genre of videos dedicated to creating pleasure through sound. Instead of experiencing those shivers that run down your back only when someone whispers in your ear, people are now actively seeking such chills- and they’re praising the effects of such sensations all over the internet. The general consensus in the community, which is made up of all different kinds of people- not just witches, is that ASMR videos are allowing people to fall asleep quicker, ridding themselves of anxiety, and creating nonsexual orgasmic tingles. All from the power of sound.

How does this apply to witchcraft and cultivating magick? For me, it’s a connection between the spirit and the physical- a reminder that there exists another plane between the mundane material existence we all experience and the supernatural one. Stimulating ourselves with an elevation of our normal senses into an otherwordly adventure by purposely focusing on each awareness individually, and creating this bridge between what we are normally and what we have the potential to be.

It’s as if we’re super cars with several different modes of driving: our normal sensory experiences are daily drivers, back and forth to work; human incidents that are usually tedious and uneventful (and often overlooked or overstimulated to the point of indifference). We forget that these machines are capable of so much more, until we press that pedal and they fly down the interstate at 110. Most of us never get to 110, not intentionally, because we don’t seek it- either out of fear or ignorance. We take for granted that we can make it back and forth in our daily drivers, and we never ask any more of ourselves.

Meet the Pagani Huayra the physical equivalent of my spiritual super car

But, what if we did? What kind of magick could we create if we not only used our senses purposely, but enhanced them to the point of transcendence?

Today, I lit an incense that I can never get enough of (when I buy it, I walk through the store with the package up against my nose like a fiend) and listened to some ASMR, not because of a ritual or a ceremony, but simply to ground my spiritual self into this body that is allowed to experience such sensations. Our consciousness has been gifted this physical self, and to not take advantage of its senses to the nth degree would be a chance wasted, wouldn’t it?

How can you enhance your senses? What is an individual experience that leaves you intensely pleasured and wanting more? Can you use it in your every day to cultivate magick?

Until tomorrow…

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