A Ritual for the New Moon

The New Moon makes it easier to see this month’s Quadrantid Meteor Shower

The New Moon is my favorite moon. Yes, the Full Moon gets most of the magickal credit these days- and it’s when most of us set our crystals out to soak up that glorious white light- but the New Moon, with its dark and powerful energy, signifies the beginning of action. And beginnings are always beautiful.

Every month, our family participates in a ritual that was created and tweaked by all three of us over the last several years. It started as the simple lighting of a candle and has grown into this beautiful tradition that we all look forward to. For that reason, it’s quite involved- but each element is filled with a love and purpose that makes it absolutely perfect for our little tribe.

Last Year’s First New Moon Candle Ritual

On the dark night of the new moon, like tonight, we set out chime candles of every color rubbed in frankincense and myrrh oils surrounding a quartz pyramid or large point, depending on our mood, as they sit on a mirror to reflect the energies up and outwards toward us and the Universe. The colors of the candles represent different aspects of our lives that we want good fortune and auspicious result in over the coming moon cycle:

Yellow: Health and Wellness; so that way we each may be healthy, well, and protected from sickness and disease.
Orange: Energy and Ambition; to carry us into action for our ultimate goals.
Red: For love and passion; Most importantly a love of life for all three of us as passion is what sparks happiness and creativity in our species.
Green: Prosperity and protection of money; this is not only for bringing in new money, but for protecting our current sources.
Blue: Calmness and Family Health; this is probably the most important, behind yellow, in that it keeps our heads cool and allows us to constantly remember that being a family is more important than any disagreement or temporary burden.

Last but not least are the Black and White candles. Every time I do a spell, no matter what it is, I light a black and a white candle- there’s one of each on every altar I have in the house, and when doing spells with other people, I make sure to bring them. I suppose it’s my way of opening a circle, instead of visualizing one. The black gets lit first, before anything else, to rid the area of any negativity (as well as any negative energies that may hinder my spellwork), and the white purifies the area (as well as smoothing the energies to allow better work). To some that may seem like the same thing, but to me it’s far different. Black is like the broom that sweeps all the debris from the floor, and the White is the mop that makes it shine. They are both similar, but have radically different jobs.

After the candles are lit, we take out our box of intentions. I made this with my son about three years ago, and when not used during ritual, it sits on my nightstand as a constant reminder of what we’ve put into the Universe for the month. This box, though simple on the outside, is magickal- and so my son has dubbed it our “New Moon Box”.

Our Magickal New Moon Box

On pieces of parchment paper (just happens to be what we like, but regular paper works just as well), we write and/or draw our intentions for the month- much like a vision board, but in miniature. It’s one of my favorite parts of this ritual, because we all take it very seriously and our drawings are always very artistic and carefully crafted.

It’s important that we write or draw our wishes as if we already have them (in the present tense)- that way the Universe will see our intentions like magnets and send them to us. It’s a physical representation, for us, of the Believe and Receive practice in The Law of Attraction.

The drawing reflects the intention as real and honest as we can make it

Another favorite part of this ritual is the opening of past intentions. Before creating new wishes, we read the intentions of the previous month. The point of forgetting them is to not screw with the energy of already believing we have them- therefore, it’s always a surprise when we go into the box and read what we’ve asked for only to find that it’s been given to us without hassle. Some (larger in scale usually) take longer than others, and for those we treat as if they’re new again and just created. Most, however, are granted and after reading them aloud- we give our spoken gratitude for receiving said intention/wish and then we burn the parchment as a symbolic gesture of no longer needing to ask for it.

After drawing and writing these notes to the Universe (or reusing a past intention unfulfilled), we read the intentions aloud to each other, over the candles, close them up and seal them with a kiss from each of us (my son’s addition a few years ago that has stuck). They are then placed into the box, which is Saged, with a few crystals we pick out for the month. The lights stay on for the entire New Moon, another idea of my son’s, and in the morning they get turned off and we forget about what’s in the box until the next New Moon.

Fairy lights and a box full of intentions

When we’re done with the box, we let the chimes burn all the way down and the spell is done. As I said, it’s not necessarily a complicated ritual- but it is an involved one. It’s a few moments of quality family time doing something we’ve created together and to me, that’s pretty magickal even without all the witchcraft and spell work.

Do you celebrate the New Moon? What intentions do you set with its energy? Is there a beginning you’d like to put into action?

Until tomorrow, my friends…*

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