Magick Febreeze

Christmas is over. Repeat that with me: Christmas is over. It’s a sad time, this side of the Yuletide, but it’s also refreshing- because all those decorations that look festive in December start looking real cluttered in January. Putting them away in their boxes and returning the house back to its normal chaos (because let’s be real, my house will never grace the cover of a magazine for its cleanliness) is a chore I look forward to every year.

Weird, I know.

Since I wanted to add a bit of magick to my day today, I knew I needed to incorporate the chores already on my list. My decorations are already put away, but the trappings of Christmas still remain- toys and gifts pile in my living room, and you can tell I haven’t dusted in weeks. To my husband’s credit, he’s been picking up the domestic slack while I’ve been sick and lazy- but no one cleans your home like you do, you know what I’m saying?

I’ve been making this spray for about a year now, but I usually only use it during the full moon. Why? I don’t know- probably because there’s a blockage in my brain that says magick is only reserved for rituals. Well, not today, Sis. I whipped me up a batch of what I like to call “Magick Febreeze” and after vacuuming and dusting- I sprayed the carpet, curtains, and furniture throughout the house. Now, not only does it smell nice and clean, every room has a blend of Essential Oils perfectly intentioned to bring about the peace and calm that is usually only reserved for spas and Adult Only retreats.

This recipe is super simple, and it can be customized to your own liking with oils and herbs (and even stones if you’re feeling a bit extra). The “measurements” below are just guides- remember, we’re not baking we’re creating magick- do what suits you!

Want to use it in the bedroom for some hunka-hunka-burnin’-love? You can use Rose Water, or Ylang Ylang and spray on those sheets you want to ruffle! Need a boost of motivation in your office or workspace? Use Lemon and Eucalyptus for rejuvenation and energy! Again the possibilities are endless, and are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

Magickal Febreeze: In a spray bottle of your choosing (I got mine at the Dollar Tree, I think) pour in 90% Isopropyl Alcohol until about halfway full. Add your essential oils and fill the remaining portion of the bottle with hot water. Add your intentions- shake and spray! If you want to use herbs or stones to infuse this concoction, just make sure they’re large enough not to be sucked into the spray nozzle so you don’t get clogs!

Oils don’t have to be expensive to be effective!

My Favorite Blend:
50 drops Rosemary for protection and cleansing
35 drops Eucalyptus for even and abundant energy
35 drops Clary Sage for clearing energies
15 drops Cedarwood for creating sacred space in the home
15 drops Chamomile for calm
15 drops Spiritual (bergamot, clove, lavandin) for spiritual connection
10 drops Lavender for calming (this particular Lavender is very pungent smelling, or I’d use more normally)
2 drops of Cinnamon for protection

Note on adding your intentions: this is going to be as unique to your practice as you are to the world. For me, my practice varies depending on my mood, my energy level, and what I’m making. Normally, I like to add intention between each ingredient by purposely focusing on the reason I’m using that particular thing, but for this, I feel like they’re all working in simpatico, so adding my intention after the fact works just fine. I visualize the components working as intended and I “push” my energy into the bottle with a quick mediation and visualization of a ball of white light. Your practice doesn’t have to look anything like this- hell, you don’t have to do anything but add the oils to the mixture if that’s what works for you. Remember, it’s your magick- grow it the way you want!

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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