365 Days of Magick?

An idea struck me last night. Like a lightning bolt sent straight from the cosmos, this idea electrocuted my synapses and fired in me a wonderfully giddy feeling of righteousness: I am going to be bringing you 365 days of Cultivating Magick!

One of my resolutions this year is to bring more magick into my daily life, and while talking about it and being about it are two separate things- I know my self well enough that if I don’t have some sort of realistic goal, or method of checking in on that goal, well… it’ll fall through the cracks as life gets into the way. I need accountability!

And no, magick isn’t a chore or something I have to be reminded to do, like dieting or weightlifting, but I forget my own gift sometimes. I forget that at the end of these fingertips dances the power to shape energy and manipulate realities. I forget that my brain and thoughts have the potential to create new existences. I forget that being a witch isn’t just about fancy rituals and in depth spell works- it’s about showing up, every day, and making the most out of those hours you’ve been given.

Magick is something we can do everywhere, in the most subtle of ways, that like a pebble in an ocean can create ripples tall enough to become tsunamis of momentum. For an entire year, I don’t want to forget how much control over my life I have, and to make sure that doesn’t happen, I’m going to blog about it. Right now, I have no idea what it’s going to look like, or how exactly I’ll make sure to add purposeful magick to every day but I know in my heart that it’s the right path for me. I need to make time for my magick, as I do with all other things that are important to me.

I only have one rule for myself throughout this …(challenge? No, it’s not a challenge- my spirituality isn’t a gimmick. Process? Process sounds clinical. Movement? Ah, how delightful and magickal that sounds. Movement, as in moving from a witch who forgets her power to one who refuses to forget her power!) I have one rule for myself throughout this movement and it’s very simple: every day I have to blog about something different. It can be similar, as in if I do a candle spell one day I can still do a candle spell the next- but it cannot be the same spell every single day. There needs to be variety to my accountability- I don’t want routine, I want magick!

That’s not to say every day has to be a spell, because that’s not realistic either. Every day I get the choice of deciding how I bring magick into that day, and I promise myself to do it purposefully. No afterthoughts or “after-the-facts”. I will create moments in my every day, not seek them once the day has passed.

Today’s magick was simple but truly intense- the deciding of this movement. This commitment to myself that I will do this- and publishing for others to see; it is my intentional moment for the day- entering myself into a contract with no one but me to do what I want to do in order to be who I want to be. No need for spell work or fancy rituals, just this time where it’s just me and the keyboard, telling anyone who will listen that I am making me a priority and doing it- not out of obligation- but out of self-love.

And, if anyone out there is married with children who demand most of your attention (that you willingly give), you realize how magickal that sentence can be in and of itself. Being selfish, just for a moment a day, to make your Spiritual Garden more colorful! So, won’t you join me in cultivating magick by planting seeds of intention every day? What does every day intentions look like to you? How would you go about bringing purposeful magick into your life? I’d love to hear from you!

Until tomorrow…

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